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I feel gratitude for being able to help others and I feel confident in my ability to create any reality. Now I am moving on.

I achieved what I really wanted to and more on this Masters Course. More than that I feel no more blank, no uneasy, nervous, irritated. It is amazing to see what all the people from all around the world achieve in such a short nine days. I acknowledge them.

It is more than a connection with my old friends. I feel we are deeply connected. We can meet each other in a sense of awareness. We helped each other. We practiced together. We felt empathy for each other. We don't need any language, culture, religion. We don't need what I was supposed to need.

Coming here is a miracle for me and I believe I can create more miracles. My life will be more full of passion and happiness. I am reminded of the Greek dance we did in the last moments of the course. Appreciating my past, being faithful to my reality, being ready for the future. What a touching greeting!!

p.s) I really appreciate you Harry. The course deserves more than I paid. I will share my energy with my friends who are suffering. I want to say thanks to my roommates who cared so much for me.

Jo Hee Sang- USA- 2009