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Dear Harry,

I definitely need to tell you about what happened since I came back from my first Wizard Course!
Already before I did create primaries with different partners every day (remember: I am a true primary-junky!), but since then I am also working with different partners on some extra subjects nearly every day. And the gain is priceless!! Being in service is so rewarding and of course I learn a lot from my partners,too. They are a reflection of me.

But to top all this, yesterday, I did a Wizards exercise on my mother and today one on my father (both dead). On my first integrity course in Orlando, end of last year, I had made peace with them - a HUGE step for me. But after these 2 exercises, I, for the first time in my life, so it feels, I felt true love for them!!! Doing a primary after this kind of work is pure genius!

I am so grateful to you !!!! The material and the tools you gave us are really priceless!!!! I feel a calmness inside myself I never experienced! Like standing at a mountain lake with absolutely still water, where you can see the pebbles at the bottom of this clear water, reflecting the mountains around! It is truly awesome!

The next task I want to tackle is to finish the Identity Rundowns I skipped at the Wizards Course. Watching the Primary Time Players I had a vague idea how it might feel, had I discreated my attachments to various identities. The little experience I already had in this field I would like to share with you. One night at the Wizard Course we (a rather big group) went to a Greek restaurant which was quite a thing for me:
hard rock music at a peak level, so that you could not understand your neighbour even when shouting directly into his ear - me being a classical musician... - and professional bellydancers and guests (!!!) dancing ON the tables.

I felt so displaced!!! I told the others they might count the number of Wizard Courses I'll need in order to be able to go up on the table myself and dance (never been a great dancer anyway).  I thought about one of your talks about consciousness and about my admiration for the Primary Time Players, playing with different identities joyfully. So, after dinner, when my neighbour said to me "Uli, lets go up on the table! I thought what the heck and did it!!! It was just fun - just doing it , playing with it! For the first time in my life I felt really proud of myself - a feeling I so far had deprived myself of entirely. Of course I know that pride is another attachment of identity... but I am honest. I enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

Harry, I can't properly express how deeply grateful I am to you and fate, that let me discover AVATAR !!!
Give my love to Avra, too! What a great team you are!!! Awesome!

In true love,
Ulrike Kuckuck- Germany