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Compassion Project

I decided

Dear Harry,

I boarded the 14.5 hour flight the other night, and met the guy I who was to be my neighbour for that time. He was drunk and talking derogatorily about Aborigines and New Zealanders. After my initial reaction, I decided to stay in the spirit of the Compassion Project. By the end of the trip we had the most beautiful connection and he was grateful for the Compassion card. Thank you!

Fiona Campbell- New Zealand

So much possibility

Dear Harry and Avra,

I just want to share a magic moment I had yesterday. I am stretching to be at The Wizard Course and inspire my buddies, who have not yet done Wizards, to be there too. I could not see how I could create this, having just come back from Integrity and all sources at their limit. Yesterday morning I was feeling discouraged, again, and decided ENOUGH of sitting in this and the idea came to me to put ALL of my free attention on doing the Compassion Exercise with attention on the buddies I would like with me at Wizards. One hour later another idea came to me to go to the bank. So I just went, said what I wanted and they gave me what I needed without any questions. Wow!

It took me till later in the day to realise IT WAS THE COMPASSION EXERCISE that had created the money. I had no attention on money at the time, all attention on being in service to others. My heart just burst with gratitude. Amazing. Also, everyone I have had to notify so far , 2 managers, the bank, work mates, have been cheering me on, more certain of my success in getting there than I felt. I am certain they are feeling, at some level, what this offers the planet and I have high intention to share it with them more effectively so they can have this experience too. Thank you so very much for just keeping going, never giving up and for these exercises that are allowing so much possibility in my life and on the planet. See you soon. Much love,
Judy Grayson- New Zealand

Mummy let's do "Just like me"

Hi Harry,

I want to share Compassion exercise win with you. This morning  I noticed my car had a tire going flat, parked at home. While I was creating my daily primary I had a secondary come up about the hassle of having to get that handled ... then a sudden viewpoint shift, realizing that whoever came to fix it was a potential Avatar : )

The guy came to change my tire and we did the paperwork. Then I said I had something for him and I gave him a Compassion Card. I knew he was in a hurry, as he'd said he had heaps of jobs on this morning, but I asked him if he had 30 seconds to do the exercise. He said "yes" and I took him through it. Then he told me that his 2 year old daughter, who was in the car, loves the Avatar movie picture and always calls out "Avatar!" when she sees it. I shared with him about a student of mine whose 2 year old daughter had had a fever and popped out of it when her Mum did the Compassion exercise on her a few times ... and every night at bedtime she would say "Mummy let's do "Just like me".

He gave me his email address so I could email some info to him and his wife. And said he is going to share the exercise with her.This all took less than 10 minutes. Thank you Harry for giving us the Compassion Project, it makes it SO easy to connect and inspire people to compassion and to do Avatar! Love,

Lizzy Mellick- Australia



Connecting the purpose of this work

Dear Harry,

As an Avatar Masters team here in Australia we have set up Compassion Project booths at expos in Sydney and Melbourne in the past weeks. We did the exercise with as many people as possible. For me what has happened is that it has reconnected me with the purpose of the work as I was connecting others to the purpose of this work. I felt my own reconnection with the materials and the work! Thank you for this project and as always these tools! Love,

Souaad Jabbour- Australia

This is what I need!

Dear Harry,

I recently had my most powerful experience ever with the Compassion Project. I was working with a student having some trouble getting to his belief about his lack of patience with others. Before leaving, I gave him the Compassion Card, and led him through the exercise. At the end, he was close to tears, "Oh, this is what I need! This is what can help me be more patient. Can I have a card for my fiancee?" After many hugs, he left with several cards and a more open heart.

Deborah Silvey- USA

Compassion in life and death

Dear Harry,

I have wanted to share the following story with you since my trip to Hawaii for my Son's funeral. I finally created enough time and space in consciousness to do it. I really want you to know how much your work and life has made my life's most challenging issues so "doable".

I am often amazed at how powerful the exercises from ReSurfacing are in changing life's experiences. This time it was the Compassion exercise and the Compassion Project especially. Although this exercise is one of the first tools learned on the Avatar path, the effects are profound in regards to "shape-shifting" experiences. I have realized how important it is to have compassion in life and death.

My 36 year old son, David, recently died in a motorcycle accident on a borrowed racing bike. He was loved by many people and the loss of his presence was devastating to family and friends. I repeatedly used the Compassion card and did the exercise on the plane ride to Hawaii. Several times people and flight attendants, noticing my strong emotions, asked if they could help somehow and also wondered aloud what I was reading. After thanking them, I told them my story and how this exercise was already helping me. I gave them all cards to use in their life also.

As I rejoined family in Hawaii I could feel the suffering and even anger, especially for others that were involved with his accident and death. Some of the family felt the individuals should be made to pay, to suffer for their involvement. That somehow, because we loved David so much, we needed to punish these people, or perhaps at least frighten them by showing at their door up as a group of large angry Hawaiian males bent on restitution. Prior to my Avatar training I would have likely agreed.

Using appreciation for my families feelings, and other tools I learned from you as I became an Avatar Master, I was able to shift their attention back to how much they loved him, how strong willed he was and to understand his responsibility for the accident also. I reminded them the people involved knew of our sadness, even knew the likely desire for revenge we felt and also their own involvement in his death. How they would carry that burden always without us doing anything "to" them. Reminding them all how much love we felt for David, how I believed he had now changed but not really stopped "being", I recited them the line from ReSurfacing "Love is an expression of the willingness to create space in which something is allowed to change." I could see and feel the group change viewpoints and the anger turned to tears of love. One of the family still felt some anger, so I asked him to place attention on the man that he was blaming and I read him the exercise. As I finished he sighed deeply and was visibly affected.

Later we were able to peacefully, as a family in loss, go to the shop where the accident happened, where the man had lent him the bike, and where my son had done the work he loved so much. My youngest Son shared how he repeated " just like me" to himself many times that day and how it worked every time. The beautiful range of intense emotions, of all types, expressed by everyone that day will stay with me forever. Thank you.

As the services where prepared that week I needed to use the compassion exercise many times, often towards family members acting in the sometimes "less than ideal" ways people act when they are suffering and I felt relief every time. It did create space in me that allowed the other people to change, become closer, and relationships were healed.

I will always feel the pain of my Sons death. But, thanks to these tools, I have discovered the suffering part was optional. I was able to experience this all with an inner peace that I know helped others and led us away from many negative possible realities we could either create or not. Instead I was able to fully experience it all, as I raised the compassion level in myself and many others. I cannot express the depth of my gratitude to you for empowering me to create so deliberately the love and honor this event deserved. With love, your friend for life and beyond,

Dale Sims- USA




It dissolves everything else

Dear Harry,

I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the Compassion Exercise and the sacred, precious space that consistently practicing it creates. It feels like it dissolves everything else and just leaves a warm appreciation of others and life itself. Thank you that we can share in the magic of being a part of this Project and watching such a shift in our lives and on the Planet. with much love and gratitude,

Judy Grayson- New Zealand

I have changed into a creator


From a victim, I have changed into a creator. I will take responsibility over my life. I always wanted to bring compassion into the world. Now I know how to do it! I feel so much gratitude. Silence.... Thank you very much. With all my heart, Namaste',

Monique Groenwoud- The Netherlands

Givers gain

Dear Harry,

I'm Assistant Director of Business Network International in Switzerland. There are chapters in the USA also. The slogan of BNI is "givers gain". My primary is to reach as many people as possible all over the world in the different chapters because many of this people are entrepreneurs and have already the right mindset to be compassionate, appreciative and support others in their growing and success. They are good creators as well but when they start to integrate their identities and learn to discreate it's a wonderful potential for the world.
Thanks Harry for this wonderful project, that doesn't only increase compassion in the world but also supports your Masters to make easy connections to people. I have sent the link to all directors of the BNI chapters in Florida - and my primary is, that they are contributing with distributing compassion cards as well.. Much Love,

J. P. Canonica- Switzerland

Compassion card and aged care homes

Hello Harry,

We are in the process of all care staff at three residential aged care homes receiving a Compassion card and being guided through the exercise as part of a project at my work. Should be more than 100 given out by the time we finish. The first group loved it. Thanks and lots of love,
Carmel Fitzgerald- Australia

I am now able to work as a team player, being inspiring and inspired!

Dear Harry,
I can't thank you enough for creating Avatar and all the evolvements around it. My first Avatar course helped my feel HAPPY for the first time in my life! What a gift! But it just hasn't stopped being a blessing in my life. It's been 5 years now, and I can really feel compassion (a non-existent word in my life before Avatar). Which brings me to this Internship gift. I can't thank you enough for the Jr. AI program, the WAY COOL Compassion Project Cards!

July 2008 Internship Jr AI Criteria Evaluation helped me realize my huge misalignment with my money (and consequently, my spouse). I decided to teach English as a Second Language in South Korea for a year to clean all of that up, and have a small savings to get started as a full time Master. Upon my successful return I arrived at Pro Course (as I expected, it was just the re-entry I needed) and then you spoke AND gave us Compassion Cards. They inspired me to outflow at home more easily. BUT THEN, I came to this internship and I get to go on field trips AND you GIVE us cards to use. Well, I have been having a BLAST passing them out. And in doing so, I have learned HUGE chunks about inspiring others. Your gift has helped me see that I am inspiring. At first, it was only to other Masters (I was amazed, even a bit embarrassed, but it's just way too fun and easy with these cards). AND, as I integrate my Lone Wolf identity through the JR. AI Morning Program, I am now able to work as a team player, being inspiring and inspired! Thanks so much!

Patricia Juhasz
St. Augustine, Fl.

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