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Hi Harry,

I have to share this as it bought a tear to my eye! I just talked to a man who rang and wanted to find out more about Avatar, he told me how he picked up the new Compassion Project card at a café today, moments before he was to meet his ex, who he is going through a divorce with. He sat down with her and they proceeded to have a big fight, then he stormed off. He then remembered the compassion card in his back pocket, pulled it out and his words were. "I directed the words toward my ex, and I understood in that moment her perspective and where she was coming from" he said he fully experienced compassion and immediately rang her back with understanding!

I told him about the project and the Avatar Course and he is really interested and is going to look at the website!

It was such an amazing conversation, very touching! And I could feel how it totally changed one (actually two... at least) people and lifted the amount of compassion in the world a notch!

Thanks again for the incredible project.

Lots of love