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Dear Harry
Just finished doing the International Avatar course which was held in Geelong last week and each day I attended I did the mini-courses and had some awesome results which I wanted to share with you.
At the end of the integrity course you finished it with the compassion exercise. At the bottom of the exercise it says that it can be run on other life forms so as I am going through the creation of cancer, I did the compassion exercise for the cancer. The result was a big shift in the fear and resistance to it as we know what we resit persists. I no longer viewed it as an enemy to be fought and conquered, but just another life form for which I felt compassion and gratitude for. It was an amazing shift in my consciousness..
I then did the compassion exercise for my body and from that, judgement, criticism and blame was replaced by compassion and gratitude for its amazing healing abilities.
This past week I have noticed many limitations that I was placing upon myself prior to the course have gone back to awareness.
I finished the course with such a deeper feeling of gratitude and appreciation for the tools/exercises, for out of their simplicity emanates such profound insight and shift in consciousness.
I mean I really did the exercises and allowed myself the space to integrate each insight. In other words it was about the journey and not about reaching a destination. So cool!
One of the qualities I chose to develop during the course was patience and so I deliberately took my time with each mini course and out of that intention manifested some amazing results.
I could see so clearly how a life pattern/drama was emanating simply from my impatience. So powerful.
I am now feeling a new passion for life and am very excited and inspired to share this amazing course with others.
Sending you lots of love and gratitude.
Roslyn Benson
Avatar Master/Wizard