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What an inspiring article in Ode, and also nice to see that it refers to the Compassion Exercise from the Avatar Training. I also think the quote from George Bernard Shaw is very sharp: 'Care for the world is what remains after care for yourself.'. This is exactly what I experience after following the Avatar Training ( In the past I used to think that 'taking care of myself' meant that I had to obtain more things: more money, a better job, more leasure time, more holidays etc. But that never stopped, and to be honest it did not really make me happy. Then I got interested in the question: "What does make me happy?". I followed the Avatar Training and it gave me insight in how I did not allow myself to be really happy, right here and now. The tools that I learned in the course allowed me to take better care of myself in this respect, and I simply started to feel happier - just with that which I already have and with who I am. This created much more room. I noticed that this room automatically filled with compassion and respect for the other, and that what really interests me is care for the other and care for the world. I notice that helping others to take steps gives me real fullfilment, not because this is expected of me but just because it feels natural. I am less concerned with survival, more with giving and that is really nice!

Patrick Kools