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Hello Harry,

I wanted to share my experiences of evolving. This is my fourth day at Avatar Integrity Course at Masters. I am having a bit of fun with this, except when I hit resistance, which I find interesting. What still fascinates me is how the things we don't want to see about ourselves are sort of obvious to others. When we see it ourselves it is like " Oh. Yeah... I do that".

I had a thought that I would like everyone I love to do Avatar and that feeling inspires me to align my life and work. But for now I am cleaning up my space, so the people I inspire can have an accelerated Avatar experience, fully integrate the value of these tools for themselves and move forward where they want to in their lives. So I am half-way through my course and having the most interesting creations with the groups I am choosing. We are very creative people and I can totally appreciate that. This is my first Integrity Course and I am really seeing the things I do and the effect it has on others. With love, light and blessings,

V.C.- Brazil