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One of my friends, a 70 year old widow, whose husband of 48 years died last May, agreed to come to the free 3 hour intro course. I waited with her afterwards and felt her anguish stuck grief, fear about her finances, (she hasn't worked since and her savings are dwindling). Her transparent belief had been, "Bob died, why bother living."

When I invited her to the course, she refused (no money, no ability to concentrate). But she showed up the next morning to do ReSurfacing. She recovered so much attention and energy in those 2 days, but felt she couldn't go on to the rest of the course.

Beth Edwards invited her to do three more Mini-Courses. Monday she did two. When she came in today, she was smiling and standing straight, and so much happier. She wept when she expressed her gratitude for the love, time, skills, and support she received here in the last 4 days.

I am so grateful to see my friend literally come back to LIFE! Thank You, Harry!

Melody LeBaron- USA- 2008