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Hey Harry,

The other Masters said to write you my experiences even if they aren't profound insights. I can see now that it keeps you connected to us, your little troopers! I have been going through some big life stuff, like breaking up a 61/2 year relationship and losing my job. When I interned recently I was really wanting to bring all this stuff into the classroom. Thankfully I didn't! But I have realized now that I totally brought in all my crap here at the Integrity Course which, I reckon, is the right place. I had been totally thrown off, feeling like this was my first Integrity Course and I wasn't really owning and feeling my beliefs, etc. But now I guess it's just really nice to realize what patterns I have been totally playing out. How I use shutting down, locking down, to disarm people.

Thank you Harry for creating the most amazing thing ever. It really is a blessing to be on this planet with you. Love,

Kat Zimmerman- USA