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Hi Harry,

At the beginning of the course I felt a huge resistance towards the course. I thought it wasn't that interesting because I had already done it once. I felt very tired. But I just carried on and day by day it got better and I felt less and less tired.

I had a great show time experience. The group was great with wonderful cooperation and the result was amazing as well. It felt like I was floating at the end of the day. and seeing the others havving a great time, like a child who is having big fun in the playground.

As I came to think of it, the resistance is a big theme in my life. Fighting my huge resistance against getting up in the morning, doing the job right, doing the right things in general. And the Avatar exercises teach me how to overcome all the resistance. Since my first course a year ago I've beccome lighter and lighter!

Thank you Harry and Avra also for your amazing energy. May you be able to continue for a very long time!

With Love,

Cecile Poelsma-Holland