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Dear Harry,

Each time I have been on an Avatar Course, beginning with my first Avatar Course in May and my Master Course in June and the Professional Course in October, beautiful changes have happened to me. But also, harmoniously, have happened to the people closest to me in my life, despite the fact that they were not on course.

It’s been incredible to hear the creations of the people closest to me and how much in synch the lessons they learned from it were the lessons I was learning while on course! Whenever I am on course I feel so in alignment with every goal I have that it seems as though it touches all of collective consciousness and I FEEL it is, because my closest people are picking up on my realizations and vice versa, without talking or even being near, Ever since I began Avatar all my relationships have grown in the quality of the connection.

It is so neat! I now know that by caring for my personal growth, I’m naturally in alignment with others growth. Just beautiful to be aware of it, so I can appreciate it and be in awe.

I just finished my first Internship as a Master and brought my mom as my student! It has been a gorgeous exploration all week. What a gift, for me and her! I feel full. Thank you,

Katrina Naugle- USA