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Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for your loving guidance and the exquisite tools of avatar. I am so happy to be back on my path, to be healthy and able to share with all, my Love and what I have learned. You are awesome. I feel deep appreciation and awe for your work. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve others and realize my goals.

I started Avatar in February, Masters in March, M.E.W. In May, Pro Course in October. My (pregnant) daughter, Anneke, was on course in June, and her partner, Chris joins us on Saturday. With great pleasure I inspire more students to my second internship later this week. With amazement, appreciation and understanding, I widen back to allow others space to realize themselves. What an awesome way to be able to teach and work and dance towards world peace.

This has always been my path, but now the way is clear and I know how to deal with any obstacles that come up, easily. Wow! After my partner's death in 2004 and my own death experience in 2005, I was barely able to walk steadily or speak clearly on a consistent basis, focusing on pain, suffering, fear and death. Falling down, forgetting, worrying, and stuttering were daily obstacles.

Now, I am focused on living and playing every day, embracing my path to world peace and happiness for all. The big change came during February's Avatar Course.

Thank you so much!

Thanks to Avra and the trainers too, and to all the Masters and students. So happy to be a part of the Avatar network, smiling and dancing, learning and Teaching, giving love and spaciousness on my way to Contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

You are amazing.

In love and appreciation,
Michelle beach, Avatar Master