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Avatar Wizards Course

I am still amazed...

I am still amazed how the Avatar mission works as a magnifying glass on my life.

Doing internships I've noticed much more easily how I behave in life and I have the opportunity to handle that without interfering with the process of the students.

Now in this wizard scores, I experienced that how I commit to the EPC mission is the same as how I make commitments in my life. Really committing to the mission improved success in all aspects of my life.

With great appreciation,
Erwin Dykstra

Just a delight

Dear Harry,

Your last talk on the course was so light, so light! Just a delight. I feel the space in which something is allowed to change. More awareness, more compassion, and respect. There are no more words.

In gratitude,
Chautal Bernasconi

I am ready to live boldly

This is my third Wizards Course and by far the most revealing! I have realized that although I often feel grateful and gratitude, I withhold expressing it to the very person who I'm grateful to. So, it is long overdue to thank you, Harry, for the truly amazing Avatar tools you have shared with the world. It has given me the opportunity to "get real" with myself and I know the journey must continue. I finally got that I must face my absolute personal responsibility and how not facing it creates my struggles and drama. I feel such gratitude and appreciation for your willing heart and commitment to this vision of an EPC. I have not been as courageous as you, but I am ready to "live boldly" and find my courage. I have been afraid to stay connected to my higher self and have allowed myself to give my source power to others or to vices. It is time for me to commit to being a source being consistently, 100% of the time. I know this will take practice and focused attention, will and effort. But I'm not getting any younger and the world doesn't seem to be getting any better. So I guess I better start being a wimp!

I also want to express my gratitude to Avra for her commitment not to stop. I admire her perseverance. She, the trainers, and the QM's have the patience of saints.

I had amazing results this course with the archetypes and the Float rundown. I have been able to clear so much mental space. Thank you.

Ingratitude, peace, and love to all of you,
Michelle Szebo

It was more than expected.

Dear Harry,

First of all I'd like to express my sincere appreciation and congratulations on the 20th Wizard Course.

This is my third Wizards Course and it was more than expected. I'm very happy to be able to give service to others as a translator, and a supporter for the "catch-up group". Being a translator for one of the trainers, I learned a lot of lessons. I'm committed to keep aiming for the stars with this wonderful sangha. Thank you for such a great opportunity.

Sanae Iwase

I feel it is an eternal harvest...

Dear Harry,

I want to send you my love and gratitude for what you have created for us all. I feel it is an eternal harvest that will nourish the world and all creation. I feel a deep belonging to this mission and I feel the best I have ever felt. I know it is possible to extend this feeling to all people. Thank you for your love and care.

Luisa Santaella

I was living in the victim mode

This was my third course and I'm finally taking responsibility for my creations. I did it. I do it. I was living in the victim mode and now I see much clearer. I feel I understand the exercises on a level not felt before. I had been letting myself off the hook in life and in resisted experiences, now I'm willing to look deeper and could feel how all my resistances are interconnected and the real root of my sense of failures of life. I was afraid to show up. I use smoking pot for years to feel bold enough to appear to show up. But I should see how shallow my connections where, and how very self absorbed. Now I appreciate others more. I even appreciate discovering my discomforts because they point the way to where I need to look to find my answers. It is a beautiful cycle. I now want to share myself with others, I'm no longer afraid. I'm excited to live.

Thank you with all my heart,
Joan Abbott

A breath of fresh air

Dear Harry,

Once again, the Wizards Course has awakened and opened a deeper level of discovery, safe exploration, but most of all a deeper level of responsibility with the world.

The archetypal exercise gave me a whole new perspective for my life. I discovered a huge pattern of selfishness, ego, and not helping others because I was the most important of all. With this identity I committed a lot of transgressions and created suffering for the world.

Harry, what a breath of fresh air in relief to let go of it. I don't need it. I just need to feel the good intentions within my own heart and follow them until others feel blessed with my intentions. I decided to deliberately plant seeds of compassion and love. The same love I feel every time you talk to us at wizards.

I am so happy to be here, so grateful to be part of this awakening in the world. Thank you so much from the deepest part of my heart.

Love and appreciation,
Anaa Vseche


I am a Shaman

Dear Harry,

I am a Shaman, one of those you talk about in lecture eight at wizards. I have a drum and a rattle which I both made myself and I use a process that I call shamanic healing singing. (My body hygiene is good, I don't use psychedelic drugs, and in my normal life I work as a lawyer.)

I was deeply impressed by lecture eight. This is my first wizards and since I started avatar, I feel a connection between Avatar and shamanism, and now this lecture and the E. H. P. finally put it all together for me. Avatar is really the most profound modern shamanic training you can get on this planet and the E. H. P. is a wonderful tool.

I deeply respect and honor your work. Thank you!

Cris Suemenicht

Trust in myself

After this wizard's course I feel so much more confident trusting my feelings and intuition. And what a gift it is to use it with others.

Jaap Jan Huisman

I felt an immediate release of stress

During the E. H. P. session I felt the sensation of always having to hurry myself. An inner urge. The entity which showed up appeared to be in a past life thing, probably created there because I felt that in life I died not having been able to finish all of the task I had set for myself. That created such an emotion that it attracted an entity, which was up to now, still with me. After the process I felt an immediate release of stress and pressure, and felt calmness. I am sure I can enjoy my partner's slow pace in walking now without the irritation of wanting to make a faster tempo.

Hans Brak

Wouldn't it be nice...

Dear Harry,

First I coached J. on creation list one. Then she coached me on creation list five. It was so much fun. Afterwards I felt like having had a session and we had such a beautiful, clean, and silent connection.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could more often just cut all that ego/communication-crap and simply connect. I can imagine.

Jan Nienwenhinzen

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