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Avatar ReSurfacing®

Gentle and powerful

It was wonderful to review Section I of the Avatar materials and to realize how many of the exercises have been internalized in my life. Avatar is gentle and powerful. Thank you.

David B.- USA- 2209

This is what I see... What don't I see?

My first day of Resurfacing, I lost my camera on my way to lunch. I was very upset. I retraced my steps, asked others at the course, even talked to the hotel staff, but no luck. I told my Avatar Master (Maria Styles) about the situation. She used exercise Releasing Fixed attention. I calmed down and came to the conclusion, "I will either find it, or not."

After lunch break, we began the exercise Minding the Edges. When we went for our walk, I began going out the closest door to our chairs. Suddenly as if guided, I turned left instead and began tracing the steps I had taken when I lost my camera. As I watched the floor in front of me, I asked myself, "This is what I see... What don't I see?" Suddenly, I saw the edge of the table draped in a table skirt. I quickly lifted the shirt and found my camera all within abut 20 seconds of starting the exercise.

Wendy Elkes- Maitland, FL- July 10, 2009

A challenge!

After the 1st day of ReSurfacing, I was thinking all kinds of reasons to quit. But I felt I was afraid of discovering things in me that I would rather want to hide. A challenge!

And after the 2nd day, I felt enormous relief and joy. And you know what? The day after at work, it immediately helped me in a way I could never had imagined and the company noticed it and decided to pay for part II and III, the Masters and Professional Masters Courses. Sensational! And after completing part II, I felt so good, tranquil and so connected with everybody present! And this feeling lasts and grows, now I'm doing the 3rd part.

Thank you Harry for inspiring people, inspiring people again and so on. With Love.

Lou Manders- Holland-2008

In Gratitude for ReSurfacing

Dear Harry, Avra, Miken, Susan, John, Kathy, SE Trainers, QM's, and Sangha,

We just completed the sweetest ReSurfacing Course led by A.I. Joanie Kirk, with Juliana Witte and Amber Stong.
Our students, one new and one reviewer, were amazing. Our new student registered as a joyful Full student for the
International Avatar Course here in Orlando, in January! He's so excited, grateful, and in awe at the power of the
materials. In his own words, "I see myself at all the courses, all the way to Wizards. How could it be any other way
after what I'm experiencing."

Our Primary today: In reverence and gratitude for Harry and the power of the Avatar materials, all of our students
go all the way to Wizards.

Our reviewer is a new Master, just having come off last week's Master Course not stopping all the way to Wizards 2009.
He bonded with and supported the new student so beautifully, in essence, helping to create a full student by his connection and love
for the materials. We acknowledged him for the co-creation which moved him to tears.

Thank You. Your continuous, unerring empowerment, belief in us, and love, flowed to the students through us every minute all weekend...
it was effortless. WOW!

No words,
Maria Styles

These amazing people

I came here with my best friend, Aoife, who was my Master. She had attempted to explain to me what the course would be like but I didn't fully grasp all she had said. I came for the ReSurfacing course and had an amazing experience. I am now, very reluctantly leaving as a result of timing and lack of money, however, from my time here I know I have the power and ability to make my want to return become reality. I won't miss out on the next opportunity. I have increased my courage and positive attitude so much in such a short space of time and am determined to continue this. Avatar brings out the best in people and I have never felt so comfortable, safe and happy, just being around these amazing people. Thank you so much.

Orlaith Doherty- Holland- 2008

Blown Away

I am completely blown away...and I know this is only the tip of the iceberg. My husband and I came together which was a very good move because to both have an increased awareness is such a gift. We can't wait to begin Section II. Thank you so much for brining this into our lives. Rebekah Tainui


Hi Michele,

Thank you for spending such quality time to work through Resurfacing with me.

I am completely convinced that I definitely experienced some shifts over the weekend which have modified my outlook on the world.  I don't know how my new outlook may or may not change my life - but I expect time will tell.

My goal was to work on "making connections".  I can honestly say that making connections is now so much easier - I don't know why, but I'm loving it.  In addition, some barriers between myself and men, in particular, have definitely been lowered and I seem to connect with men on a platonic level I don't ever recall experiencing before.  It just feels good to connect!


Renée Remy

A simple place to be

I have found a new trust of the exercises and how powerful they are. I have embraced myself during this course and learned to love and appreciate all aspects of myself. My one great hope is that I won't resist doing the exercises in my daily life. To love life and to be free of the need for love and acceptance is such a wonderful bright simple place to be.

Mary Dolan Watters- USA- 2004


Pure Clarity

I am reviewing ReSurfacing this weekend. Have made huge shifts in my consciousness. Life seems/is so much easier. I am able to make decisions-to direct my life flow with greater ease. New awareness this morning: I have the ability to go from a murky consciousness to one of pure clarity in one single instant choosing to do so, i.e. I choose clarity!

Mary Jo Knight- USA- 2005


Deliberately changing

I set out to gain some insight into deliberately changing the way I perceive myself, my relationships and the world around me. I wanted to become cause rather than effect.
Through the exercises in the ReSurfacing workshop I gained practical tools for looking at any challenge I have, determining where it comes from and more importantly, how I can make the changes that I choose for myself.
I gained a perspective of myself as an unlimited being—through actually experiencing it. I was able to work through two of the most powerful challenges in my life right now. It has been a liberating and empowering experience.

R. B. - Arizona

I had a great time.

I had a great time. Very challenging-personally. Experienced shifts and some alignment of goals and mechanisms for achieving them. The doing is now up to me. I can go as far as I choose. There is a lot to fit in in 2 days; my brain aches, but not in pain. Will now take time to soak up many of the insights and ideas.


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