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Avatar ReSurfacing®

Propel me into the future

The ReSurfacing Workshop has enabled me to know my life as it has been up until now and put in place with a fixed plan to propel me into the future. With the insights I have gained I hope that my life and the lives around me will be richer in every way. The calmness I feel is comforting and serene.

Hayden Goldsack- USA

Safe, anchoring and supportive

I found ReSurfacing to provide me with a conscious awareness of how I have based my decisions up until now on a paradigm of unconscious beliefs I had created very early on in life, even in the womb of my Mother. With this conscious awareness I will now take the time to objectively ask myself when I put myself in a creation, need to make a decision or have created some experience, what beliefs are generating it and then explore them with the tools and exercises of ReSurfacing!

These two days of ReSurfacing were held in a safe, anchoring and supportive space. I thank you. Blessing,

Kate Moody- USA

The vibration and connection

I realized that I thought the things I believed in were so grand. I handled many things and believe I have released them. I am sure Avatar is the start from now forward. The vibration and connection of the network during last few days have made me aware of that. Thank you!!

Makiko Kameda- Japan

Simple and Working with Ease!

The ReSurfacing Workshop was very insightful. I am definitely going further with The Avatar Course These two days took me very high and I can't wait to see how crazy it will go the next time! Simple and working with ease!

Jan Saverstein- USA

Major Transparent Beliefs

I became more aware than ever of the possibilities of my life. I also learned that my attention was scattered and that I could focus it and become more effective, I also learned about some major Transparent Beliefs I can now work on clearing. Thanks!

Emily Lapham- USA

Sustainable Happiness and Bliss

ReSurfacing Revelations in definitions of beliefs and how they originate. Revelations about Transparent Beliefs and their eradication. I have determinism amplified with the identification of helpful and impeding beliefs and the role they play. I can identify goals and have the ability or awareness to realize them in not only the short term but " life" term. I have a sense of lightness. A radiation of light and a pervasiveness of joy. From in and around my mind and body the beginning of sustainable happiness and bliss.


Beyond the Universe

It's an unbelieveable feeling to be one with so many people and we can only grow and grow. Thank you for your gift and I will meet you beyond the universe on my way to Wizards.

Gemma O'Toole- USA

More than expected

I wasn't certain what to expect during the weekend, but I received more than expected. I gained a realization of my belief patterns that create self identity. Letting go and becoming vulnerable was a process for me. I really got it during the Self- Deception exercise! As I progressed through the course, I finally let go and became vulnerable, which opened me to experience self. The goal setting was a process I have always used in my professional life. This was the first time I really felt that I could manifest my goals instead of the just being items on a piece of paper. Thanks for the exploration.

Paula Davis- Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Feng Shui

I would like to thank you for the profound experience I have encountered at The Avatar Course. It's very difficulty for me to verbalize it, because, yes, it truly is an experience. I would like to share with you one of several moments that impacted me dramatically.

After two days of working on the exercises something very interesting happened. For the purpose of illustration, imagine the mind as a living room. At the end of the day I returned to my table and my mind felt
discombobulated as a result of major integrating. It was as if I returned to my living room and nothing was where I had left it. My couch was no longer where I left it. My TV had been moved. The recliner was now on the other side of the room. My coffee table wasn't even there anymore! What was going on?!!

Many aspects of my life had surfaced through this course and sprung forth an awareness that had not existed for me ever. My living room looks so much better now; so much more room and Feng Shui. How about them apples? Thanks for helping me assemble a better living space.

Reza Moheet- USA


Therapeutic Benefit

I sat thinking about the therapeutic benefit of this course, led me to thing about "How much this would have cost me if I were paying a therapist, lets figure it out." Resurfacing cost $295, it is a two-day course, approximately sixteen hours. Average Therapist cost is $150 per hour. So $150 times sixteen hours is $2400. Savings is $2105. With the added bonus of focused one-on-one attention. Progress is not cut short by the tick tock of the therapist's clock. Very helpful. Thank you.

Sandra- USA

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