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We all laughed too hard!

Dear Harry,

Transparent Belief is great! After Class we were playing with the exercise finding different beliefs. During the process we were full of joy and laughter and when we found our Transparent Beliefs, suddenly, the room got brighter and so we kept exploring. We all laughed too hard! Thanks,

Chien Su Chen-

I've been creating separation

Dear Harry,

I did the Personality Profile from The Resurfacing workbook and introspected on  myself. As I did I found an identity which I was already feeling somehow. The identity I found was " a person that doesn't appreciate." I've been creating separation between myself and my Mother. This time I'll tell her my appreciation and connect from my heart.

I'm going to put this work into practice in my life from the bottom of my heart! I'll redirect this energy towards creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you very much,

Machico Adachi- Japan

Nine years old and I have learned to handle.

I have learned to handle my body, to direct my will and also myself.  My goal was to create my Avatar Course the right way for me. I have achieved 35 of the 36 points I planned. I have done ReSurfacing a second time now. I am nine years old. Thank you!

Anna-Maria K.- Germany

A very profound experience

To realize that my belief about a person is really my own creation was a very profound experience with a lot of expansion!
Sigrun- Germany

A deep and peaceful joy

Learning to let go of past hurt by, among other means, accepting responsibility for choices I made, landed me on what literally felt like the sunny side of the street. the road was not only strong, as though concrete, but also smooth, with what looked like clear sailing ahead. Golden rays of gentle warmth felled the sky, bathing the journey in a blessing of a deep and peaceful joy.
Adam Anka
Seattle, WA.

To empower children is such a gift!

Dear Harry,

I did a ReSurfacing Internship and I was at the table with children ranging in age from 9 to 12 years old. I am totally amazed and thankful(!) about this experience. To empower children with the Avatar tools is such a gift! I really would like to give this gift to many more children in this world.

Your tools make it possible to empower the children to reach their real goals- happiness, joy, peace and love! I am so touched again with the magic of the Avatar tools.

Love and a lot of appreciation,

Andrea Reich

Create myself really

Dear Harry Palmer,

I joined the ReSurfacing, Section I of The Avatar Course for the first time. This experience helped me realize I was creating my experiences and ideas I used to have. But what I realized also was the real and unreal me will influence my life in the future so much. I became aware that I had told a lie to myself until now. So I would like to explore more of the real me from now on through Sections II and III of the course. I want to create myself really as I finish this Avatar Course and I would like to enjoy a happy life as just the way I am.

I don't know when this will come but I want to join the Master and Wizard Courses too. Until then I hope you do well Harry. Thank you,

Eri Tsuchiko- Japan

I felt the power

Dear Harry,

I felt the power of the exercise "Peronality Profile" from ReSurfacing. There was a ReSurfacing student who got stuck. I supported him to write his "Personality Profile" particularly. And then he got a good result with ReSurfacing easily. At first he looked lethargic, however after the work he smiled. It was awesome! My conviction in "the Personality Profile" rose. Thank you!

Misae Muroga- Japan

I finally understood

Dear Harry and Avra,

I did ReSurfacing this year and I thought I understood the materials. But I didn't really connect to the tools. I noticed this and re-read Living Deliberately and ReSurfacing. When I read "Self Deception Signals" and "Becoming Real" I cried a lot. I finally understood  I created it all! Finally I understood the wonderfullness of the ReSurfacing materials. Great! These are really great tools. Now ReSurfacing is my precious thing. I sleep with the ReSurfacing book near my pillow every night. I have watched the DVD's a few times, but today finally all Harrys' words came into my space. We can expand the area where we create the realities we want. The meaning of "positive thinking is not enough" became clear. Aha! I'm the creator, finally I can believe it! Harry and Avra thank you!


A big hug from my heart to yours

Dear Harry and Avra:

Free attention, what can I say... thank you with tears in my eyes so many times over the past few days for the ease and grace of the tools, for both of your intentions and courage to carry through.

Thank you for all the integration you both must have experienced in order for such a supportive network and set of tools to be created.

Thank you for sharing such a gift with us -me. I was able to feel freedom from my limiting creations and feel source of them and experience my sister (Rebecca Smith), get real with her feelings for perhaps the first time in her life.

I look forward to being a regular intern and creating many students in thanks.

A big hug from my heart to yours.

Tamara Phillips

I love transparent belief!

Dearest Harry,

I love transparent belief! When they are done, students don't believe me when I suggest they go for another and another.
The energy of the room always lightens up, and now for the expansion exercise ...
Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
And thank you for your care.


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