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Avatar Professional Course

This beautiful consciousness

In the Professional Course, I found myself. I am so happy about it!

When I did Avatar I had a hard time because of resistances. Frustration and agony. But after handling the resistances with the tools, I realized I am source and the world is a reflection of me. So I registered for the Wizards Course to create a better consciousness. I will maintain this beautiful consciousness to have all of my family go to Wizards and to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization!

D.H.K.- Germany

I can now laugh much more

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the great Professional Course. I go further and further with all the tools. I feel more free, connected and I can now laugh much more over my identities. The "Rat List" exercise was very helpful and I have no more resistance against this tool. Thanks for all. For all the people around me, so much friendship and happiness!

With much love,

Ruth Stuetzel- Willingen- Germany

I can feel others again

Dear Harry,

The greatest Gift I take home from the Professional Course is the exercise "Rat list". To experience emotionally what I do to others almost tore me apart! Now I can feel others again. I thank you so much!

Kerstin Brachaus- Willingen, Germany


The best thing

I am so full of gratitude for the experience I have had. Until now Avatar is the best thing that could happen to me!

In gratitude and love,

Renate Brzek- Willingen, Germany


More than I expected

I expected a lot of this Professional Course after the Master Course. I feel satisfied more than I expected.

I came here with a goal of  more connection and I found I could communicate with Swedish, Dutch, Belgium, Italian and German friends very naturally. I feel we are not seperated from each other. When I followed the course I felt like I overcame one big barrier. Wow! Such a surprising course!

I have never known for 24 years that I can connect with others with my eyes. I want to review every Pro Course!!


Lee Dae Ro- Willingen, Germany

The beauty in people

Dear Harry,

My journey during this Professional Course has been ground breaking and I am growing so much with the material. Thank you! I feel so lucky to have shared this experience with so many different Masters.

My awareness of the beauty in people has expanded and I realized that creativity lies in the front. Outside of us; beauty is in the diversity, people and the movement. And I have realized that creativity comes from ouside of us and not from inside of us. Just being aware. Ha!

Thank you Harry and thanks to all the trainers for their never ending care. Now I also am primary in service to others.


Yuliati- Willingen, Germany

I feel connected

Dear Harry,

Today is the last day of this Professional Course and I have integrated so much, especially concepts about love, relationships and connection. And since I integrated cruelty on the " Rat List" I feel connected to my Father again. This is big for me!

I am very grateful for your work and you can count me in. I am totally on my way to first creating many happy new Avatar and from there I will go on to become a Star's Edge Trainer. See you then!

With love and deep appreciation,

Iris Suemenicht- Willingen, Germany

I've never laughed so much

Dear Harry,

I have done a lot of courses but this one was a joy. I've never laughed so much. This has been a great vacation.. you could extend it for 10 days. I am now a woman from Sweden that can enjoy and except her feminine side.

Suzanne Bungum- Willingen, Germany


The most natural state

Dear harry,

Thank you for the Professional Course. I understood as many things on this course as I did on all the other courses together. I had been struggling with real appreciation and connection for 2 years. Now it seems so easy and the most natural state in the world. I will see you at Wizards 2010!

Best regards,

Olav Heckles- Willingen, Germany

Never felt so whole

Dear Harry and Avra,

I have never felt so whole, so relaxed, so quiet in my mind. In this "rat list" I learned what the Professional Course is about.

Thank you,

Thomas Probol- Willingen, Germany

Big fun in the playground

Hi Harry,

At the beginning of the course I felt a huge resistance towards the course. I thought it wasn't that interesting because I had already done it once. I felt very tired. But I just carried on and day by day it got better and I felt less and less tired.

I had a great show time experience. The group was great with wonderful cooperation and the result was amazing as well. It felt like I was floating at the end of the day. and seeing the others havving a great time, like a child who is having big fun in the playground.

As I came to think of it, the resistance is a big theme in my life. Fighting my huge resistance against getting up in the morning, doing the job right, doing the right things in general. And the Avatar exercises teach me how to overcome all the resistance. Since my first course a year ago I've beccome lighter and lighter!

Thank you Harry and Avra also for your amazing energy. May you be able to continue for a very long time!

With Love,

Cecile Poelsma-Holland

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