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Avatar Professional Course

It was a big celebration

Dear Harry,

To be here in Orlando at the Pro Course is a big gift. The present you gave us is unbelievable and expand everytime I do the Pro Course since I follow the Avatar path.

Already the first day I had so many big wins in freeing up attention and gaining skills to connect with people in such a loving way, that it felt for me as if I was here already doing this course for the whole week.
It felt complete.

It was a big celebration to work with the materials which make it so very, very easy to go through creations and handle them with care.

I am drinking in so many good things here and have so many realizations already. It is awesome.
With the Pro Course materials we can do so many things in the world in a compassionate and responsible way.

Thank you for the connection skills. We can do the work now and create together the E.P.C.

Love from David
The Netherlands

I needed to fall apart


Okay. Round 3 of me and Avatar Courses. I get on a roll with my commitment to the materials, attending courses and inspiring students and just when I am at a certain level of responsibility I disappear. I have disappeared twice from my Avatar path. The last time I had been honored with becoming a Jr. AI and was happy to have the responsibility and commitment. Then "poof." What was that about?

On this Professional Course I decided to attack this entity; this lack of presence. Using the exercise to Intensify Attention, I explored what started with "worrying about how I present myself." This issue/creation was totally overwhelming every aspect of my life. I absolutely have to "look great;" have everyone believe I'm happy and healthy and have other Avatars notice I am present.

I have moved up the levels of responsibility in relationships, at school, and in careers. Inevitably I get almost to the top and "poof" I disappear. When the realization of this repeated creation surfaced it made so much sense. Self sabotage! I realized that if I took "the next step" I would have to be accountable and present and would not be able to fool anyone. Well, I was just fooling myself.

Now I am ready to take the next step and all steps after that. Finally I feel that this presence, the real me (yahoo!) is going to stick around.

Early in the course one of the Wizards, a trusted guide, told me I needed to fall apart. Wow. Well, I did. I like what I found amongst the pieces.

Thanks for everything!
Liz Rosenthal
Idaho, USA

Avatar has changed my life completely

Avatar has changed my life completely. Before I took Avatar, I was shy, anxious and unapproachable. I shut down with strangers. I was indoctrinated by some beliefs and lived with those beliefs for almost my life. Slowly I felt the changes after the Avatar Course. I can integrate myself and what amazed me was that I could stand on stage and did the skit. I felt great because that was my biggest obstacle and I overcame that. Now I realize that I have a lot of potentials and I can feel that success is near me.

Paul Tsai
California, USA

Discouraged and shut down

Dear Harry,

I arrived at Pro discouraged and shut down. I wouldn't let myself feel what this work, this mission and this Sangha means to me anymore.

I feel as though I've come more and more back to life as this week has gone by. I created the "rat" "I don't deserve to succeed" today and I know that this has changed my life.

I am so excited to reconnect with my life and pass along the joy, inspiration and compassion. I am so thankful and so proud to be a part of this. What a life!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Much Love,
Ramie Holmquist
Montana, USA

More than I expected

Dear Harry,

I thank you for the experience of these days. It was much more than I expected. The intensifying attention exercises were nourishing, the presence with another exercises was wonderful for me, coaching about the question "What is Avatar" was so deepening!

Since I've known Avatar, my life has become a totally new meaning; I feel for the first time to be able to realize my boldest visions--to become able to dis-create my darkest aspects was/is very comforting. I thank you so much.

Michael D.

Major revelation

Just understanding the machinations of the mind, and all the stories it tells the self, is a major revelation in itself to me! No longer must I allow my thoughts to run around in vicious circles, burning all my valuable energy and fixing my attention on unknown and/or known ovations that don't contribute to achieving my goals/primaries.

The serious Drill is such an amazing tool. It calms the person you're using it for and it calms the self in the process. I used it successfully during the course on a family member (in another location) who was in crisis mode. It was powerful and successful and will be one of my tried and true favorite tools for the path ahead.

Before Pro, I worried that I might not become aware of all my persistent masses. Now I laugh at that fear--after all, that is why they are called by that name--they persist until you experience them, etc. I uncovered one unexpectedly on my way to a break and experienced, etc. and dis-created it by myself in my room. It gave me a surge of energy and more confidence in my abilities to live deliberately.

Susan B. Hale

Thank you for this amazing gift

Dear Harry,

Thank you for this amazing gift you have given the world. What an honor it is to be a part of it.

Intensifying attention--I love it! When doing the exercise today on "getting students", I "popped" the belief "I can't have a life" Wow--it's been a long time since I've had a life! Then the other day, I "popped" the belief "I don't want to know who I really am."

Intensifying interest or attention on different aspects of a feeling is very powerful---it cleans up a lit of layers of the same belief. Awesome.

Thanks again, Harry.
Love Linda

Appreciation, compassion and gratitude

So many people from so many countries, people connected with each other, feels like the enlightened planetary civilization.

In this course, I am braver to face my resistances toward my creations. I overcame my challenges on saying things with my heart by using being present with others add appreciation, compassion and gratitude. Wow, I have 100% confident to present with anyone without running away.

It changed my life

Dear Harry,

I am impressed of the power of your exercises. They helped me very much. I know I will go on working with them, creating rats and intensifying attention. Thank you for your help. It changed my life in so many ways, and I will keep growing with the help of Avatar.


It's magic, it's simple, it's great!

This has been a marvelous week again. I feel now I am part of a team and discovered that inclusion is something you choose for, not something someone else gives to you. Inclusion 'only' needs alignment with that which you want to be included in. So it starts with surrender into the domain and surrendering to instruction and then my unique qualities can be part of the domain and I feel empowered by the domain. It's magic, it's simple, it's great! Thank you,

Ruud van Middelaar- The Netherlands

Free attention started to flow

I had such an awesome time at the Professional Course. From the first day of using the simple exercise of intensifying attention, the free attention started to flow. I looked at so many situations in my life and each one seemed to dissolve and integrate in front of me.

Harry, I do feel gratitude and I am Amazed.Thank you , love,

Joanie Kirk- USA

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