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Avatar Professional Course

Now I know how I can really help others.

I came to this course to learn and experience how to better connect with others and to handle resistances. Every step of this journey from being present with others to the Rat List all flowed so easily and smoothly from one exercise to the next. Each built upon the last to produce and amazing experience and result.

Thank you for not giving up and continuing forward with your primary to create EPC. Your work and perseverance are invaluable to our planet. These materials are what I have been looking for. I have always wanted to know how my consciousness works.

Thank you for finding the technology to do so and sharing it with others. Now I know how I can really help others.

Mary Williams

I now experience appreciation

I have lived a life of apprehension and fear which being in a crowd of strangers or worst of all, a one on one encounter with a stranger. Not now.

Because of this course, I now experience a true appreciation for those I labeled "strangers". I now experience appreciation, compassion, and true desire to help others, if needed.

I now understand that contributing to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization is needed but also necessary if our world has any future.

Stella Hargrave

Becoming my best self

The Professional Course has helped me to continue the process of opening up and becoming my best self. I am more present with others and in appreciation for all the experiences in my life. It's helped me to really focus my attention and effort on contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization with the belief that I am an integral part with a contribution to make.

Nancy Himes

Responsible, but not alone!

I am incredibly grateful for this course. I feel like I'm back! Like I am allowed to enter the stage again and participate in the creation of an EPC.

I feel at home, feel compassion for myself, and feel at home with myself including the identities I once resisted.
I feel encouraged to go on, be bolder, while being at peace with myself and with others.

Most amazingly I feel independent and yet fully connected! Responsible, but not alone!

Xander Peiterse

Someone has to be Source


The experience this year at Pro '09 has been amazing. It feels very expanded here--a team ready to move forward in a big wave of love and peace.

So many aspects of my life would be so different if it weren't for the Avatar work. Thank you--relief from myself--my identities.

Thank you for the opportunity to integrate and open up spaces to help others. Someone has to be Source--it can start with me.

With love,
Mali Arias

I am amazed and I feel gratitude

By creating the primaries "I am amazed and I feel gratitude" I realized how easy it was to shift my viewpoint and perspective of the world. I also realized that this could apply to many of the creations I currently have in my live as well. I realized that many of the viewpoints and perspectives that I was viewing my creations from were not helpful and no doubt were not allowing these creations to progress, evolve, more forward etc.

But rather than remaining stagnant and stuck I recognize that I can easily change my perspectives of my creations and that this will allow for personal growth and progress, etc.

Julie Richardson

It is so simple

The Pro Course is simply amazing. It is so simple and it is so amazing. The exercises help you to willingly let go of limiting behavior. The Pro course lovingly supports you to be more considerate and compassionate of others...

As an example, after using the tools to be less self-conscious, a gentleman who asked about Avatar with genuine curiosity approached me. I was able to answer with quiet confidence. I can honestly say that I have never felt such a state of being incredibly relaxed yet so totally focused at the same time.

With much love and appreciation to Harry, Avra, the Trainers and all who take the Avatar path.

Sandra Tagliapietra

The best tools I have discovered

Avatar Tools, learned and practiced in the Avatar, the Master and now the Professional Course have been instrumental in helping me to shed layer after layer of primitive and conditioned responses. This has been an extraordinary experience - has introduced me to profound states of clarity and pure awareness. These are the best tools I have discovered in many years of searching.

Mia Salavery

Who knew it could be so easy?

The Professional Course has taught me, and given me, an experiential clarity that being real can be effortless.

The more accepting and compassionate I am with others and myself the more I feel the self imposed identities and limiting creations melt away.

Thank you Harry, I have been searching for this for so long who knew it could be so easy?

Justyne Richardson

Full of love for precious humanity

It's my third PRO, but my first one in Orlando.
At this time I was experiencing very profound the persistence mass with the secondary of my students. And of course, I ended up always myself!!! A very fascinating exercise and my shoulder pain is gone (I had it for more than 3 years).

I thank you for the beautiful course-material.
Full of love for precious humanity.

Irene Ibanez

Avatar is for me a sort of coming home


Thinking about a better world a long time ago I thought "If everyone takes care for somebody else....everybody will be taken care of."

Avatar is for me a sort of coming home with this thought. Especially in this course when you mentioned it in your talk.

I feel the courage to live that way.
With gratitude,
Tjipco van der Laan
The Netherlands

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