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Avatar Professional Course

I don't have to wait

Attending Pro Course was a truly awesome experience for me. I have gained a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude which I had only glimpsed before. It is a level of awareness which I can deliberately create. I don't have to wait for a peak experience or being out-of-doors to feel it. At the airport as I was getting ready to come home, I was able to really SEE the people around me. Like I was looking at people in a whole new way...WOW!
At Pro Course it finally clicked for me how to keep my attention out on others without getting exhausted. It's so fun and easy to be really present! It feels so good to let go of the need to be serious. Like a big old burden I had been carrying around for a very long time. I just set it down because I realized I didn't need or want it anymore.

Darcy - USA

I'm much more relaxed

The Pro Course is wonderful. I smoothly cleaned up things that I hadn't even noticed before. I'm much more relaxed and in harmony with others.

Jim - USA

A euphoric appreciation

The Pro Course has filled me with such appreciation. The tears roll down my face and I am feeling a euphoric appreciation and connection to all of life. The connection of consciousness allows me to realize that I am an integral and contributing part of an enlightened planetary civilization.

Sall  - USA

Tools to unblock myself

There is little advantage to having wonderful tools to unblock myself unless I recognize when I am blocked. The Pro Course has given me the tools to "be real" and recognize when I am in, and how to get out of, a creation.

Matt - USA

Just Melted Away

Amazing! Creations that seemed so solid, so "difficult" just melted away using the tools of the Pro Course and under the loving gaze of the companions. Thank you, thank you.

Beth - USA

WOW!! What tools!

This was the turning point for me in this amazing journey to awareness. I realized the power and true gift that you, Harry, have offered us and the planet - the power to be in a place where the most resisted identities can be created, "tried on for size", played with and discreated at will. WOW!! What tools!

David - USA

Family Therapist

I have been a family therapist for over 20 years. The tools from the Pro Course allows individuals and their entire families to move to higher, more loving and respectful positions. WOW! Thank you.

Pat - USA

My Amazement

Pro Course? It's AMAZING!!
I registered for the course thinking it is just another training course to be a better Master. To my amazement, it not only further amplifies the skills I'd learned on the Master Course, it allows me to look at myself more thoroughly from a perspective I've never thought I had; one I've been resisting all the time - "the negative side of myself". My biggest gain from this course is that it helped me clear a big block, so big filled the entire conference room; a block that has prevented me from being genuine for all these years. At last, I can be true to myself and stand tall. Thank you so much, Harry.

Howard - USA

Strands Of Thought

I have just returned from The Avatar Professional Course in Orlando. Harry, I would like to tell you just how grateful I am that I have attended these courses and how grateful I am that you pulled together the strands of thought on consciousness, higher self and living in the now into a practical set of tools.

I won't pretend that I'm there yet and I'm not leaping from the roof screaming that I am enlightened. It's just the beginning for me to understand how to live deliberately and to take the pain out of my life when things seem not to go how I intended. The Professional Course showed me how I have resisted life at times and how resistance produces pain. It was like being hit with a plank. Suddenly the question marks fell away. It was a tough week in so many ways but there was so much love in that room, so many people there to support me that I do actually feel there is hope for humanity. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

E. P., England

My Heart Is Open

My mother died recently. The four years that I have been doing Avatar made all the difference in my ability to support, accept and love her. I am so grateful that she lived to be 90 years-old, so that we could come to a more peaceful place with one another. All the tools helped me to create this, but the Persistent Mass Handling and Surrender All Judgment exercises were radically transforming.

I do not have words to adequately express my gratitude. Now, I have come to The Avatar Professional Course and released the trauma of her death and envisioned a path to my next steps. My heart is open and my primaries are in place.

J. C. - New Mexico

Pure, Clear and Easy

The Professional Course has been amazing. When I first arrived, I felt insecure about what the course would bring, but by half way through the first day, I felt amazing.
Being in real contact with people is something that I now always want to feel. It is so pure and caring, it's just amazing!

The exercises are so pure and I feel so clear. Things that I made into big issues are, thanks to the exercises, very easy to grasp, and I have never laughed so loud about these things. It makes everything easier.

The Rat List exercise was something. I didn't feel like doing it, but when I finally got through the resistance, it was just wonderful and amazing.

I feel so inspired to move forward, on this great path and let others feel the gift that they can give themselves.

I. K. - The Netherlands

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