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Avatar Professional Course

25 years of struggling vanished!

Dear Harry,

This has been such an amazing week! On the first day of the Professional Course we learned how to be present with others. It felt like my eyes had been opened for the first time.  I was so shocked how easy it was to be present once I learned how. I had to check with a Trainer to make sure I hadn't taken any shortcuts! 25 years of struggling being present just vanished in one afternoon. Then to be given the rest of the week to integrate this during the rest of the course has been awesome.

I feel so energized by this exercise alone, I almost cannot wait for what is to come next in my life! And then the rest of these exercises. WOW!

I realize more than ever what a gift Avatar is and I am so thankful to you for creating it. Doing the courses is so much fun, but the real work for me I know, is when I get home. To be present with people, to be an inspiration to them so they can feel me and be moved to take their first step on the Avatar Path.

I will think of you...and the work you put in to put Avatar on the map, if I ever get discouraged. Thank you once again!

Neil Harnett- USA

Up and down within my marriage

Dear Harry,
I so much appreciate your materials. I re–read the Professional Course materials and, through the exercises, I felt into my marriage. For ten years, I was always feeling up and down within my marriage. Often, after feeling great again, suddenly I would want to run away from marriage and sometimes, in my imagination, I even saw my husband die, so that I would no longer suffer in my creations.

Now, after using the tools of Avatar, I am very grateful that I made the right choice for myself and that I am married to my husband. Now I realize that it was me having a strong desire of wanting to look after my husband. This thought is what had brought him to me. Wow! What a great insight. For the first time in my life ever I felt so aligned my life goal of wanting to look after him. Just realizing this in my being, I felt the space of life and the quality of my love. Feeling the ability to have this love is Awesome for me!! I was always blaming myself for having no love, believing "I don`t know what love is or how to love people". Here, now, with just this discovery of myself , I know I want to look after him.

I have felt never so great or so enlightened. I discovered that I am a great human-being, having this love and compassion. I love myself, I love Avatar, I love my husband! So thank you for your great materials. I love you and thank you for sharing your dream with us and letting us have the chance to change our life and world.

Julie Tu- Australia

I won’t gives up on myself

When I created my primary "I won't gives up on myself" completely, my eyesight got brighter and my way of thinking has changed.

Intensifying attention is interesting. When I did "You ain't my Mama", I could see things from that standpoint, which is both from the past and present. I enjoyed it when I did the work, but also enjoyed it when I coached the work as I could have realization.

When I did walking, the final work of the program. I had a mysterious experience. I felt the time in which an object was moving. It was not the concept of time I used to have.

I also decided to do the rat list plenty of times.

Harry, thank you so much for teaching me the pleasant way of connecting with others. I have been looking for the right way of connecting with others and have been afraid of it. In the morning, during the "taking back your body", I slipped into my body. I felt I was not alone. I also felt I was forgiven. I was glad I was born for the first time in my life. I am so happy I could find you, Harry and the material. I am also happy I could meet everyone who has been supporting me and who have worked with me.

Mayako Umezawa

It's amazing and unbelievable what you can do in 7 days

After my first Pro Course in 2007, I did two Wizards. Now I did Pro Course again. The first time was horrible, I couldn't take responsibility for the darker identities in particular. At this Pro Course everything came together. I integrated some identities that were already visible since last Wizards. Especially, the Rat List was a great experience, but also the "intensifying attention" brought awesome results that have dominated the bigger part of my life. It's amazing and unbelievable what you can do in 7 days.

I'm really grateful for the Star's Edge Team to create this awesome course.

Regobert Eijkelkamp

I never thought I could be this in feel

This is my first Pro Course. It's been amazing! At first I thought the present with others and other beginning exercises are mild. Yet, toward the end of the course, I realized how powerful these exercises are! I could feel a lot more and was able to upgrade my serious drill in a relaxed state. I never thought I could be this in feel, since I had been a person who suppressed everything that I feel and say. Now, I've transformed into a person who can be myself and still be in feel.
Thanks Harry!
This is amazing.

Allison Chang

The Rat list unlocked memories I had long forgotten

Dear Harry,

Thank you for your determination and perseverance on creating an EPC. I'm so glad you didn't give up, drop out and go live on some beach in Costa Rica. I've had such a great experience doing the Pro tools. The Rat list unlocked memories I had long forgotten. Also I took your suggestion on creating the primary "I have no expectations", which helped me move a mountain. Thanks for sticking to your intuition and creating this sangha.
You are amazing!

Vince Leone

I feel great!

This was a great course. Though I couldn't make it out until Tuesday night, I still feel I got a lot out of this course. I can see why people were telling me this would be an excellent course for me- I am a composer / songwriter just starting out, so networking is paramount. I'm very excited to get back and start using what I've gained here to further my successes!

I especially loved the Rat List-it helped me in such a way that I couldn't have imagined. I truly didn't understand my resistances until this course, but I've been able to context all my beliefs, thus better understanding them.
I feel great!

J.L. - USA

Now I know how to handle

All of my previous Avatar Courses have been excellent, but during the Pro Course, I am beginning to see a 'coming together' of it all. I am able to see how I sabotage myself and my goals - and now I know how to handle them.

Polly Black

I've had amazing realizations on this course

I am amazed at how easy it is to be present and connect with people now, an such a joy to do so!

I've had amazing realizations on this course, and the tools make it feel so much more gentle and easy than the other courses I have done.

I have confronted quite a few of my demons this week, only to find that they were phantoms with no more reality than I had given them.

Things are often very different (and much more pleasant) than you might imagine, if you just look.

As amazing as it has been, I think I'm going to see my gains much more clearly when I get home.

Chris LeMaire

Peace has begun

I've owned some big creations that I've done to others. I've seen patterns-over and over under different conflicts. I'm still integrating and feel grateful. I had decided a while ago that this is a gift to everyone who I bore a grudge against. By the end of the year I wanted PEACE in all my relationships.

Then came Pro Course-surprise! I was able to take each of these grudges through the list to experience responsibility, remorse, and healing.
Peace has begun.
Thank you.

The opportunity to empower others

Dear Harry,

I am blown away by the incredible results people get on intensifying attention. I love the moment when they / I say something and there's this moment of (well it takes different forms) and the "pop" we get. We are source of these huge life creations.

Thank you for the opportunity to empower others with these incredible tools, and also for creating a course where we learn to feel and to create gratitude, awe and amazement and then carry these gifts forward into the world.

Much love,
Suzanne Zammit

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