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Avatar Professional Course

Love and Connect with Others

Hi Harry,

I just completed the Pro course two days ago, and it seems that the course is continuing as things just keep integrating. My intention for the course was to love myself, love and connect with others and to ‘show up’ for myself and others! I feel that I achieved this.

I really integrated self-sabotaging victim beliefs that “I don’t have a say” and “I can’t have what I want” and how I use this to set up and blame others. I have also taken ownership for how I have sacrificed myself (and my moral code) to control; dominate and crush others. I can see how we have been doing this to each other for thousands of years and I can feel how the ripple effect of doing this goes out into the world and forward in time. I do not want to do this anymore and I want to help contribute to stop the cause and effect sequence of events that has this continue!

Thank you so much for your leadership, and for providing the tools. Thank you to Avra and her skilled team supporting humanity to awaken.

Mark Hensell - Australia

Reaping the Rewards

Dear Harry,

Thank you! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reconnect with..well...everything! Now I am not fearing to explore; I can keep looking and enjoying the search. Now I am reaping the rewards!

I am so up for the easy approach to life. Who ever coined the phrase "life wasn't meant to be easy" had never met or studied Avatar! I will write it again, Thanks Harry!

Simon Smith- Australia

My Reality Changed

Dear, dear, dear Harry,

At last! My mother came to this Avatar Course!!

It is thanks to my attending the Professional Course,because during and after that I kept using the Professional tools to inspire her to join us on this International Avatar Course.

On the Professional Course a Master I was working with said to me "Hey, don't you ever think about bringing your most important person to the Avatar Course in Orlando?" And I did use the tools on that question. As I intensified my attention my realization was that to bring the most important person, to the most important course is the easiest thing to do. My reality changed using the tools!

Thank you Harry. There really is not an impossible thing out there. I thank you, Avra, the trainers and all the Qualified Masters that helped. love,

Momoko Matsui–Japan

Heart Compassion and Love

Dear Harry, Avra and Star's Edge Trainers,

Thank you for this wonderful amazing exploration/experience on The Professional Course.

Self Acceptance with heart compassion and love is the key to service to others. I experienced beautiful, warm connections by starting with self acceptance. I feel what an amazing gift it is to give another this space. Being present with the other is the most beautiful gift you can give and get!! Thank you, God and the Universe for giving us this exploration! It's Waaauw!

Marieke Senesoel- Germany

Mixing up feeling and thinking

Dear Harry,

Yesterday I had a really great recognition. I have been using the Avatar tools for several years but still have lots of trouble feeling. Yesterday a friend ask a question and while I was fuly in my head thinking, I heard myself saying " Well, from my gut feeling I would say...."

And in that moment I realized that I often mix-up feeling and thinking! I "think" I am feeling instead of "feeling" I am feeling! Wow! What an insight. Thank you so much. See you at Wizards! Love,

Jocken Koesth- Germany

Joyful, exciting moments

Dear Harry,

I really understand what you mean through this Pro Course. This is my second time to translate at a Professional Course. I appreciate how you designed the Pro Course, experiencing full of gratitude and amazement.

I don't know what I should share with you first. There are lots of things to share. I would really like to share this gratitude and the joyful, exciting moments I am having with you. Thank you Harry and Pro Course! I love you,

Choi Eundan- Korea

Everything works out

Dear Harry,

We recently learned many things about the power of Primaries. We created
the Primary that we go to the next Avatar Professional Course. The action
would be to get on the plane and fly to Orlando from New Zealand.
Then the Secondaries showed up. There was a severe regional storm with
high winds and flooding. The local airport was closed by fog. The road
heading south was blocked by a ‘slip’ (landslide). The road west was
closed by another landslide and south and west were flooded. Soon the road
north was closed by ‘slips’. The road going north to west through the
gorge was still open but marginal.

So the new intention was we drive to Tauranga with safety and style,
everything works out and same primary 'We go to the next Professional

Our next action was to rebook flights to leave the domestic leg from
Tauranga City, rebook the international leg to leave 6 hours later than
before. We had 3.5 hours to make the connection and check in our luggage.
We get the child-carer a taxi, leap in the truck and drive flat out for
Tauranga City. We were totally focused.

We hit torrential rain, rivers of water flooding the road,‘slips'(landslides),
rocks  and mud falls onto the road. Trees were down on the road.

What actually happened? We made the domestic flight. We got upgraded on
our international flight. We were put up overnight in the Hilton in Los
Angeles and given $120.00 in meal vouchers due to no connections being
available. We were upgraded again on our USA domestic flight the next day.
We got to Orlando and registered for the Professional Course!

We later found out on the internet that 20 people were stranded overnight
with their cars or taken in by farmers for the night and 30 were stranded
in a village. A vehicle was hit by a landslide, a man was injured and many
cars left the road. The newspapers had many pictures of the storm and the
It looks like we were the last to get through. PRIMARIES WORK!!!

Daren and Linda Coulston- New Zealand.

Shift the intense discouragement

Dear Harry,

Thank you for your Pro course, I enjoy it and the understanding in it so much. After a Master friend shared her knowledge of depression, I have been checking with the dictionary and doing the exercise to intensify my attention. Do you know what I found out? I have been misunderstanding myself so much! I thought I was suffering from depression , but now I know I wasn’t. I just experienced intense discouragement and now I have great tools to shift the discouragement.  Now 30 years of burden is released. Thank you to the Masters and all the works we have done to clean up the collective consciousness.

Also through this course I clearly understand what is love. 11 years ago , I fell in-love with a man. My heart wanted to be with him, but my mind was so strong and would not accept it. So I created a lots reasons to convincing my mind to marry him.  Like his money. Then I feel so guilty about marrying him for money that for ten years I was always dealing with this issue, but still not feeling right. Now I understand and I know.  I can be with someone who touches my heart. No need a reason or to satisfy the others rules. I feel love . It is love. The love is so simple, no need for a reason, no need any grand condition, such as good looking, nice face, perfect height, social status or lots money!

I experienced such lightness, so happy and with no reason. And I also love the Rat list and like every Creation list after the CHP, I experienced “Pu Dow” Ten times stronger, like the Initation Session starting Section III. So much gratitude for your great tools. I feel alive.

Julie Tu- Australia

Old fashioned fun

Dear Harry,

In Daily life I felt I was a real peoples person. Friendly, sociable, good at conversation; but I felt like something was missing and I needed to find out what it was. I decided to go to the Professional Course because I was drawn to the expected results. Yeah! I thought I want some of that!

Well, Pro Course met and exceeded my expectations! I was able to connect with people on a whole new level. I felt comfortable, at ease and so appreciative to be in the presence of others. I had so many realizations, exhilaration and good old-fashioned fun. Let me tell you there ain't no party like a Pro Course party! Everybody in the house say "Yeah!"

Tracy Ahitan- USA

Filled my heart with reverence and gratitude

Dear Harry and Avra,

It's nearly time for the Professional Course again and I have been revisiting some of the exercises. I have only put my attention on one or two of them but the results from doing that have filled my heart with reverence and gratitude for the opportunity of being part of such an amazing awakening on the planet. Thank you, thank you for your gifts to us all. with love,

Judy Grayson- New Zealand

No holiday can compare


Thank you for this wonderful and precious gift- The Professional Course. Thank you for the morning program- such an awesome experience! No holiday I have ever taken can compare with the joy, relaxation, improvement of health ( and beauty!), the feeling of awe and gratitude, feeling of connection with others and learning about self and others that I have experienced here.

I don't need two weeks at the beach. I'd much rather be at The Pro Course! The same goes for Wizards of course! Thank you so much for the Avatar materials, the courses, the network and the wording of the task we have! Doing Avatar is like coming home.

Kerstin Grop-Strant- USA


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