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Hi Harry,

As I was unpacking from Austin, repacking to fly to Alaska, (defining, labeling, and sorting), I came across a love note I had started at the Austin course last week.............

As an advanced intern, I was asked to do mini-courses with some folks who were heading to section ll but needed a little time with will and forgiveness. I love the mini-courses and was happy to assist.

And for the next three days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I did Basic Will and/or Forgiveness Option with 5 different people! As we moved through each exercise, I witnessed the will awaken slowly and mature to the self-determined will and then transcendent will. Gestures on autopilot, worries, and anxieties dropped away. When we got to the Forgiveness Option, each person moved through old grief and grievances and restored themselves to a source viewpoint regarding issues that had the best of them.

One woman I worked with shared story after story on her burdens of life worksheet of betrayal, loss, betrayal, loss. ...... When she was done, she said she had the energy she had had 15 years ago. In the next few days, situations she had created and experienced (and resisted) in the previous 3-5 weeks began to resolve in the most magnificent manner. Each day she came in with more evidence for her intention and goal.

Another woman, a friend from where I live in New Mexico, did a forgiveness option in which, she restored her stuck attention from a recent breakup, felt more energetic, had more direction, it set the course for her section ll and lll. Physically she looked different after her Releasing Fixed Attention.

I felt so blessed to witness such courageous work done by these 5 women.

The effect this activity had on me was also remarkable, I felt my will awaken, stronger, softer, less push and pull, more intention and being, less doing. There was an ease and a relaxing into enjoying being with the beings.

Thanks again for these wonderful tools for living a spiritual life........

And thanks to the QM's and Kathy for paving the way for me......

Love, Joanie