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Avatar Mini-Course

Totally transformed.

Hi Harry,

Just a brief note to say hello. Today I brought my friend to an Introductory Belief Management Mini-Course that totally transformed him! I see how important and crucial are the small and big efforts we make in the direction of elevating awareness in everyone (including myself) at all times! I feel so good for having found Avatar! Thank you,

Carlos Roche- USA

Now I am free

At first I discovered I could not easily help others and say or do what I wanted. A Master helped me find the resistances and beliefs that were connected to my Father, who was a Priest. I used the tools to change that feeling and it vanished. Now I am free to offer myself in service to others when I choose.

A few days later I have realized what a great experience an Initiation is. Thanks so much! I really don't find a lot of words now, but I know when I do my beloved work in Germany,when I dance with so many people, I will be a shining Avatar. I am certain there will be a lot of people who will go this way with us, become Avatar and we will work together for an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Hugs and kisses,

Aunegret Koning- Germany

I Can Do Anything

Whoa. I've just finished the course and I feel! I am 17 years old and I realize I have my whole life ahead of me and I can do anything! In nine days here I've reached a place I wasn't even sure existed. I am happy to be me!

Azalea Gusterson- USA

A Wonderful Space

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful space for us. The whole experience has been wonderful. There has been such a shift in my consciousness and my realness. Living from this space is aligning my intentions with the good of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization and I can't express how that feels.

Thank you for all you are and all you do for us all. With all my love.

Dick Carlson- USA

Personal Power

For 39 years, since I was three years old, I have been dealing with the same issue. By using the forgiveness mini-course exercises and other tools of Avatar, I have been able to truly "feel" the issue and have found personal power from it. I no longer feel afraid of the issue and I know I can use it in a positive way for the future.

David Janek- USA

Really relieved me

Dear Harry,

Felt miserable yesterday, slept the whole morning and still didn't feel okay. Pieta advised me to do the minicourses will and attention. That really relieved me from the heavy feeling. I could feel source again because I had the insight that I created the "Killer Guilt". I could be in service and I feel good again!

Annelien Scheele- 2009

Of The Highest Order

During the Forgiveness mini course, I experienced a great break through. When doing the compassion exercise, I cried when I felt a connection with my dad, a connection I have not felt since I was a girl - I never remember feeling this for my father. I felt him, his fear and sorrow and humanness and understood from my heart that he was avoiding suffering and seeking happiness the only ways he knew how.

After almost thirty years of victimhood, I now, in place of that blame and hurt, feel an overwhelming love embracing his heart from my heart. And something tells me he feels it - and is really happy right now and does not know why and does not need to know why. Thank you Harry, thank you, thank you for guiding me through doing work of the highest order.

June Vasilis- USA- 2005

Powerful Stuff!!

Hi Harry,

I had the opportunity to do an Introductory Mini- Course at a Unity Church here in Florida on the Saturday before the International Avatar Course began.

25 members of the church showed up. 8 other masters came from miles away to help out. Still there were too many people without Masters when it came time for the Transparent Belief exercise. Masters from around the U.S. were put "on call" and we put them on cell phones to work the exercise on the phone.

It was neat to see the power of the Sangha, the family. As a result three board members came to the course. One is already signed up for the Masters Course and another went home to get his wife, so she begins the ReSurfacing Course tomorrow.

All three students are talking about how to get every member of the church to take the course. Powerful Stuff!! I'm happy to be part of it! Thanks!

Carol Dodge- USA- 2009

Pure source creators

I came to review the Avatar Course with my Wife who was doing the course for the first time. I was surprised to discover  reviewing Masters instructed to do the mini-courses instead of sections II and III. Hmmmm, why wasn't I told that ahead of time? My ego was not pleased!(LOL). I've done mini-courses many times on my own back in New York, but I got so much more out of the materials doing them in a group. The mini Course really is a major course in itself! The mini course helped me deepen my understanding of the core principles of living deliberatel!

Thanks Harry! It's exactly what I needed at this moment in time as I buck conventional belief systems and launch my new business in this economic climate!

P.S. My wife, Liz, is doing the Avatar Course and having fantastic results! She loves the materials and supportive Masters. She already has signed up for the September Masters Course....and has some secondaries about attending Wizards in January. We are both very excited about creating the relationship and lives as pure source creators. What could be more exciting???

With love and appreciation,

M.R.- USA- 2009

Brought to my knees

Dear Harry,

I have been working on the Will Mini-Course a lot this week with students and two Masters, George and Dick. I have been brought to my knees so many times with exercise #3- turn it on and off. I have been working with students on creations that seemed to big and out of their control at first and, by the end of the exercise, they felt so empowered and like they could handle any creation.

Thank you so much for your Love and Care!

Belinda Hoole- USA- 2009

I was stuck in a bog


I found myself struggling to get through the mini courses I felt would help me further handle some issues in my life. I felt like I was stuck in a bog, and became more tired and unable to focus over a period of several days. I realized that I was stuck in seriousness (resisting experiencing and feeling) created by thought patterns, and that I could sit in it or get out of it. I saw and felt how being serious in my life has created the same situations of not being able to move, decide, think clearly, or complete simple tasks. I decided to give up seriousness because I have a choice in how to use my mind. I can discipline my will and attention to create what I want and to stay out of the danger zones in my mind. I am much happier being myself at source and not being at the effect of my thought patterns. Thank you for giving us the tools to be "out of our minds".

Tracy Robert- USA- 2009

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