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Avatar Master Course

Making the Shift

Dear Harry, Avra and the star's edge team

The first thing that I filled the space with was we are successfully delivering avatar to millions of people and creating and enlightened planetary civilisation. When I made this shift I could feel the space in which it created. Everything occurred just as you said it would occur.

I have aligned with the integrity of star's edge and have already experienced relieving pain and suffering by being present, appreciating and creating a sacred space for the consciousness of others. I am noticing a heightened sense of awareness when communicating with other people and the connection between what I am creating and what I am experiencing in the present moment.

You have opened doors Harry. I am now operating in another dimension of consciousness and assisting others within that dimension.

I would like to thank you all for being there. I noticed and could feel your presence. In particular to the person who gave me direction during the time I had needed it most. Thank you also for coming to speak.

This is way cool, Harry! With love Andrea Heal

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