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Avatar Master Course

I am not alone

Dear Harry,

This course is also wonderful! In this time I have the impression, it is clear to me, when I use the Masters tools that I can declare my support to go ahead with my Avatar path with my students and my colleague Sangha (family) of Masters. Accept this wih all my appreciation. I think such compassionate Sangha is not anywhere else in this planet. I am proud to be a member of this Sangha from my heart. I am not alone and can keep on going forever in this network. Thank you!

Mika Sunami- USA


I'm deeply moved.

Dear Harry,

I'm deeply moved. I'm filled with the appreciation of being able to support my friends awakening with your tools Harry. My students next challenge is the Master Course. I think he will be a wonderful Master full of compassion. To you, Avra, the Trainers and Qualified Masters and the Sangha, thank you for your connections at this best course! Thank you,

Maki Fujita- Japan

Introducing myself to me

In this course I got a lot of awareness. I will flow this out to connect with others and create students. I enjoyed introducing myself to me for these days. I am so looking forward to the Professional Course.

Sachie Nomura- Tokyo, Japan

So much fun!

These days have passed in a flash! I was inspired so much by using the tools and connecting with so many Masters. The exercises were so much fun! I got so much awareness which I hadn't noticed before. I noticed my attention kept going toward myself. Using the exercises for creation and inspiration was so interesting. I have spent these days with fun!

K. I.- Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Handle any situation!

Hi Harry,

After 30 years of smoking cigarettes and many unsuccessful attempts at quitting the Master Course helped me to stop. I spent Tuesday Living Deliberately as a smoker. I used skills from Section II & III and many of the Avatar tools to be a non-smoker. I used the discreation tool on smoking and at 2:00 AM I had my last cigarette! I woke up on Wednesday a non-smoker. After many unsuccessful attempts this feeling of being a non-smoker is the most freeing!

Avatar tools work! Avatar tools can be applied to handle any situation or creation. Choose to use the tools! I am contributing to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization by being and Living Deliberately as a non-smoker!


learn to love again!

After returning from Masters I had an effect on my partners Father. He opened up to me and others around him. He learned how to hug people for the first time. it was through Avatar and the love I brought to his heart. A joy to see a closed book open  and learn to love again!! Thanks Harry.

Your buddy,

Alex Soteriou- Melbourne, Australia

Forget any difficulty

Finishing the Masters Course.....

I did my Avatar Course here in Gyeongju in August of 2008, a year ago.

From the second day of the course, I realized the bad experiences I had in my consciousness are the result of my own creation.

My favorites were the Discouragement Drill and Walk for Attonement and handling my own resistances through the discouragement drill. This was really a more advanced course from the Avatar Course and if I have a chance I want to review it. I thank Harry for creating this amazing course and the Trainers for their efforts during the nine days of this course. Especially ,the Trainer, Yuji's demonstration was so hilarious that I could forget any difficulty in the course!

I was happy to connect with various peoples in this course and I hope to see them often. May you be happy! Always!

Han Ma Um- Korea- 2009

No matter what!

In my childhood I always had resentment toward my father about his domestic violence, coming out of alcoholism. But after I found out about his past experiences, I made my mind up to inspire him no matter what! However, I never expected that I could expect it to happpen this soon. It is all thanks to Harry and the Avatar tools and our network.

He did 4 days in March, 8 days in May, 6 days of the Avatar Course in June and another 4 days in June to finish the course! Today (July) he got the his Masters license in the Master Course!

The most amazing thing is he always had alcohol( at least a little) everyday even after his release from an alcoholics center. Except not during the Master Course.

Thank you for returning my humorous and cheerful father to me. And thank you  for giving us the chance to have a turning point from the persistant mass of darkness and poverty which passed in our family for many, many generations.

After his initiation I believe my fathers sense of being the total creator of his universe will continue to go on for the rest of his life.

P.E.Y.- Korea- 2009

Exploration of spirits!!!

What an incredible way of exploration of spirits!!!

When I followed the old sadness deeply but comfortably, everything melted away like snow under the spring sunshine and I met the fresh breeze and flower scent in the clear high sky.

Harry, Star's Edge, my Masters, Thank you very much!!

Thank you.

Moon Sung Chul- Korea- 2009

Deserves more than I paid

I feel gratitude for being able to help others and I feel confident in my ability to create any reality. Now I am moving on.

I achieved what I really wanted to and more on this Masters Course. More than that I feel no more blank, no uneasy, nervous, irritated. It is amazing to see what all the people from all around the world achieve in such a short nine days. I acknowledge them.

It is more than a connection with my old friends. I feel we are deeply connected. We can meet each other in a sense of awareness. We helped each other. We practiced together. We felt empathy for each other. We don't need any language, culture, religion. We don't need what I was supposed to need.

Coming here is a miracle for me and I believe I can create more miracles. My life will be more full of passion and happiness. I am reminded of the Greek dance we did in the last moments of the course. Appreciating my past, being faithful to my reality, being ready for the future. What a touching greeting!!

p.s) I really appreciate you Harry. The course deserves more than I paid. I will share my energy with my friends who are suffering. I want to say thanks to my roommates who cared so much for me.

Jo Hee Sang- USA- 2009

The way to align life deliberately

I would like to share my success during the Master empowerment workshop in Hengelo with you. There are 4 topics I will refer to.

1. I have an almost 22 year old son called David. He is the child of my first relationship which ended in divorce in 1996. Between 2001 and 2006 he lived in my home. Looking for a transparent belief related to the often quite difficult relationship to him, I found that I always believed that I am responsible for the situation in part only. I suddenly realized that I am fully responsible for David, despite the part of him that is his mother. Responsibility can not be divided into parts -- your past, my past, it is always one and I wish to support him as best I can.

2. ‘Til MEW, I thought that inspiring people is selling a product which can be hard and frustrating. During these three days, I was able to feel that inspiring people is basically a matter close to the heart. So, in fact, it is not hard to be in appreciation, and all attention for somebody. Being authentic and honest are the major virtues creating new students.

3. So far, I didn't understand how the primary/secondary story works. I could feel the results, but I always wanted to understand the phenomenon. On the MEW for the first time, I got a glimpse inside, how it might work. For the first time I realized that exaggerating the secondary combined with some emotional process is reshuffling the brain and the beliefs due to their plasticity. This is the way to align life deliberately.

4. Thank you so much for your talks. I love the images you are using. Your words are inspiring, compassionate, and encouraging. With Love.

M.K.- The Netherlands- 2008

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