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Avatar Master Course

Expanding a path to world peace

Dear Harry,

I've felt many insights and changes during this Master Course. My primary for the course was to really connect with others and share their joy and sadness. I sometimes got stuck during the course but I could feel myself in others and realized I came here to believe in myself and decide for myself.

If everyone can feel Source and believe and love oneself it will also lead to love and belief in others as well. If Avatar expands around the world, world peace will really become realized.

Thank you so much for this wonderful time and the wonderful tools!

Sanae Iida.

I have received courage and joy!

Dear Harry,

I'm so glad that I came to the Master Course. I'm so grateful to all the Masters who supported me in getting here.

I have integrated the Avatar Course. By deciding to come to the Master Course I finally got the meaning, an understanding and experience of the basic Avatar Course. I had lots of secondaries, but by handling each one of them by applying the Avatar tools, I was able to create a path of opportunity and experienced the wonder of Avatar. I gained a deeper understanding of the material by learning to deliver Avatar to others.

I feel compassion. The highlight of the Master Course was the Drill we learned on the first day. Getting real and putting attention on others to appreciate them and their creations was such a wonderful experience.

I now have companions and a mission. I was so happy to meet people from all over the world. Sharing and learning together, beyond all the borders, was really amazing. Connecting and appreciating to make a better world. It was such a joy!

Avra's talk really inspired me for the mission. I have received courage and joy!

E.N.- Japan

all but indescribable

Dear Harry,

I can't put into words my appreciation for this Master Course. I've been searching for this through books and other courses for over 20 years. A great many word lessons, but I had yet to taste the apple. Well I have now I have and the apple tastes GREAT!! The world lessons I have felt here are all but indescribable.

There is a story that when the student is ready the master will come. And now I know I am already ready  for my students What an awsome experience! Thank you Harry! Lovez,

Lorne Hornseth- USA

I felt such a release of free attention

One thing I realized this morning is that there is no sense of time about secrets, even so-called little ones. I was in the middle of the process and I felt the impact of this shame even though I did the act 30 years ago. I also recognized that saying, "it happened a long time ago and no one cares now" is just one more justification, one more sign that I need to take responsibility for what I did. After this process, I felt such a release of free attention.

Thanks again, and again! Each process is a way for me to bloom and grow more and more!

Love to you Harry,
Deborah Silvey
Berkeley, California

I get that I can receive love and give love

Dear Harry,

I could really feel your love and care at your talk on Saturday.

I love you and the Sangha and it is a stretch to trust and acknowledge that. I get that I can receive love and give love. I am amazed, thank you.

Warm regards and love,
Linda Dean

Learning to control my attention is so amazing

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for trusting us and empowering us through the domains so we can empower the students with the tools!!

I have learned that Serious Drill awakens. I am in awe. It seems to empower the consciousness the attention is focused on. Wow. We can sure change the world by really empowering each other.

Learning to control my attention is so amazing. I can use my will to put it where I like.

I choose to put my attention on the mission in alignment with you and the whole team!!

We can create an EPC, we are on the way.

I love you,
Rob Falconer

I want so much to learn to be able to pass this experience on

Dear Harry,
I am so grateful for the support I have received since becoming an AI. Rich is my new QM. I am so grateful. His presence and unconditional caring support helped me melt away definition and with it so much suffering.
Once again on my Avatar path I have landed in a much broader new version to me and that is also only temporary.
I want so much to learn to be able to pass this experience on, there is no greater joy on this planet.

And compassion and feeling all the way is the key. I'm so thrilled to finally get the mission.

Avra is so amazing. Her teaching us is the greatest school in the world. I will pass care and compassion on and spread the mission in Canada and wherever I connect.

Love you much
Neela Falconer

This is just so amazing

Oh, my God. This is just so amazing.
To truly understand the mechanics of suffering. To literally understand how it works and to be able to enable people to learn how to shut it off. To literally be able to write someone, and show them how to turn it off!!
In love and gratitude,

Chris Burbridge

Changing their lives

Dear Harry,

I feel inspired to see the network of Masters and Avatars expanding so tremendously. I am touched as people introduce themselves. I can feel confident that many people are changing their lives using your tools and accelerating towards an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I feel happy to meet again a friend from my Master Course I have not seen in 6 years. Thank you for creating this wonderful network. I love Avatar.

Monoyo Kinoshita- Japan

No other place on the planet

Dear Harry,

Here is my attempt to translate experience into words. Today I went into the main room to be in service with the new Masters. After a moment of doubting myself, I felt the importance of this moment- this person-this exercise. They are all important. This moment, this person and every Avatar exercise is an awakening experience. An opportunity to connect the being with the materials. Once again I am so thankful for the structure and path of the Avatar Course. There is no other place on the planet a person can get this kind of awakening! Thank you,

Pam Cyganik- USA 

I was treading water without direction

Wow Harry,

I have never known how to begin to share my appreciation for your development of this course. So, for a year and a half of attending courses, bringing family and friends along, and completely restructuring my life, all the while with you in mind, I've never sent you a note to say hi, or... thanks.

At 27 I was becoming devastatingly appalled by the rules of the world my peers seemed to have already adjusted to - sinking into a sea of "the way life is", indoctrination that constricted every moment, other than private ones. My life alignment was way off course following a disappointing degree in psychology that seemed to be the study of self obsession rather than relief from it, and I was treading water without direction-no ice floe in sight.

My sweetheart, Callie Thompson recognized it, her mom Harriet Huss, recognized it, Dev Kirn and Shakti recognized it, and finally, I recognized you, and thru you, myself. I can't thank you enough for the overhaul my family has received. The depth that all of my relationships have gained, the pleasure of the responsibilities I now hold, and the incredible joy of living a life with purpose. I'm thrilled to be swimming into the current with you and your team.

Eli Robinson

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