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Avatar Master Course

Powerful quick tools

I created the primary: "I trust the Source Being of everyone." I am well trained in observing people in a psychiatric setting. And I realized that I was searching for the 'spots' in someone's universe; searching for the problems. Today, I felt what that can mean for the other person. That it has a great negative response for them when I am scanning for problems. This is something I realized earlier, but Thanks to the Avatar materials and the guides, I could feel it into my bones.

When I go back to work again, I am going to make contact from that primary. I hope that I can contribute to an EPC by creating it in a psychiatric setting. In this course, and all the other Avatar courses, I saw the amazing result when people make contact and connect in this way. I have a great admiration for the quality of the work and how great it feels. For 14 years, I am busy with consciousness, etc... but I have never experienced such powerful, quick, integrating tools before.


Beliefs create my life

I did the Avatar Course three years ago, then Masters and three Internships. At the beginning, I was so confused and had no primary. I almost gave up my PhD program. Three years later, I finished my PhD with a lot of success. I explore self-efficacy and social support. In the first chapter, I wrote a Thank You: Thanks to Harry Palmer and all my friends on the Avatar Path that remind me that my beliefs create my life!


Realizations help me feel

During my first Internship, I was pointed out my identity of 'Helper'. After feeling from this identity towards other people, I felt anger and fear from those people reflecting on me. Then I also felt the anger, by and in, myself. I start copying it as a secondary and then I realized that I wanted to belong to groups. That I felt alone. That I was looking for attention. This realization helped me to stay in feel again. Now I make contacts far more easily and I have all kinds of attention. I really do not know what is happening with all the attention I have now.


First delivery a blast

Hi Harry, This is the first time that I have delivered Avatar and I'm having a blast! Everyday during the course, there's things falling into place. Identities shed, secondaries discreate and realizations come. Most important realization: I have found that I have been creating my own enemies all of my life. I can let that go now and fully appreciate everyone as they are. The world really is a reflection of me. The integration of that has led to all sorts of things happening- it's like wishes being granted without having wished for them! So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Success and great training

Dear Harry, My success is that I can really feel the great success my QM, Marit is. After re-entering the network in 2005, she never, ever, never, ever, left me alone. She was loving, persisting, directing, silent, demanding, listening and always such a good contact that I can now be that for my students in good contact. Thank You Marit! Thank You Harry! For having such a great training on and off the job. I AM. Much Love.


Shining family at Internship

Together with my two students, my daughter and son, we started the course. For me, it is an Internship as a Master. During the ReSurfacing, they became more enthusiastic. My daughter had a lot of resistance with Source List. (after Mini Course #5, Forgiveness Option.) She cleared up. This feels very good. My son did very well through Source List until his 7th List, when he hit resistance. He also did the mini course and cleared up, but some resistance remained. Both went on to Section 3, Initiation and cleared up completely. They feel very light and their eyes shine as the sun, so bright. For me, this week, it became clear that continuing my own path of enlightenment by doing courses and creating students, is the only way to fulfill my primary, "I contribute to an EPC." I had a wonderful week. Harry and all the people from Avatar, Thank You Very Much. With Love.


A Most Important Lesson

I finished my first Master Course yesterday in Egmond aan Zee. It was "awesome."

You say it! My son had an argument with one of his best friends, two days ago. They were playing some kind of computer game and disagreed on the outcome of it. As they were at my home, my son said to his friend: "Go home!" They had not talked to each other since. Two days after the argument, I asked my son what do you want to do (holiday period)? He wanted to call a friend to play with. All of his other friends were already engaged, so I challenged him, why don't you call M? His answer: he did not feel like it. I asked what is wrong? He told me the story. I asked how are you really feeling about it? In the end he said: I was afraid that the argument would escalate.

So I started the exercise on Transparent Beliefs. (I see now, I forgot to ask about: how do you prove your belief, however the process was OK). It took some time for him to understand the exercise, but in the end he obliged willingly and trusted me completely in directing the exercise! It turned out he was afraid to loose his friend "forever" if he would not have sent him away (after some: I don't knows, amongst others). I asked: do you still feel mad at him? He was! I told him: FEEL it! He was afraid it would last forever. I assured him, that it will go away very quickly if you really feel it (my serious drill!!). Very shortly, he told me: IT'S GONE! I asked, "What do you feel now?" He said: empty. I went over to him and cried on his shoulder, I have never been prouder to be able to help somebody in this way!

The word lesson and the life lesson coinciding! However he was still reluctant to phone his friend. The same transparent belief drill revealed: he was afraid to be rejected by M. Once this was clear to him, he objected no longer and phoned M. (to face the music!) Friends? M obliged, but was nor prepared to play with my son! Half an hour later M called back: "Do you really want to play with me?" "Yes, of course." They played together the rest of the day without any discord! My son and I kept hugging all day, unprecedented! After he phoned M, I told him, remember this for the rest of your life, it is most important! This I stated as a primary! He will never forget it!

P.D. 2009

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