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Avatar Master Course

A sheer delight

My being at The Master Course was a sheer delight. By unobtrusively using the Avatar tools I believe the quality of my present relationships, even those that I have the most difficulty with, will rise to levels of much joy and lightness.


The best investment

Reviewing The Master Course was a great experience especially because I shared these wonderful nine days with my 14-year-old daughter. I consider this the best investment for her personal growth. If teenagers at 14 start coming to The Master Course, imagine how quickly illumination will be. My primary is to continue bringing my family to this course and then to The Wizard Course.


The opportunities are flowing

I took a while to experience my way back to source. During this period of time I was able to recognize, understand and discreate the beliefs that cause my experiences.

This week has been the most fabulous week of my life. Many of the primaries I made long ago about delivering Avatar have magically started to appear—effortlessly.

I am in alignment with my goals, and the opportunities are flowing.

I feel healed and ready to assist in creating an enlightened planetary civilization.

Miriam-Florida, USA-2007

A new understanding

I have come to a new understanding of the depth and importance of the Avatar Materials, both in terms of myself and the universe as a whole.

Deborah-Connecticut, USA-2007

Unbelievable transformations in people

It is so efficient! I never expected to get so much from the exercises with so little effort.

I saw unbelievable transformations in people, shifts in their thoughts to such a degree that I would never expect. Thanks to you all.


Exceeds my highest expectations

The Master Course exceeds my highest expectations. I now have an acceptance of myself that was lacking and I knew it not. It is so good to be me.

Larry-Michigan, USA


No More Searching

The Course was more than fantastic for me as I have sealed my total commitment to this path: I do whatever it takes to be a QM & a Star's Edge Trainer! So be it!

This morning as I was E-mailing my payment details for the Wizard Course, I received a call from somebody eager to buy my van! So, money is now finding its way to me to help me with my huge debts! I had released any concerns
about money, I was not in "need", and my trust and surrender opened up the avenue for money to come in.

I feel so happy, so fulfilled by the shift in me. It feels like an ancient commitment made with others to serve the planet at various critical times.

No more search for the path, no more doubts. Thanks for you all, thanks for our joined dedication.
In appreciation,


Free to feel it all

When I first arrived I experienced many obstacles, and I seriously considered leaving before the course started. After owning my creations, I realized I hadn't made a decision to be an Avatar Master and participate regardless of obstacles. The minute I made the commitment (the primary) all obstacles disappeared. I was completely present. My roommate from Vermont and I were perfectly matched. It was as if we had known each other all our lives.

I learned that all my experiences have contributed to my ability to be present and feel my own life. Perhaps the greatest gift I have received from the course is my ability to absolutely appreciate and love all creations and creators without judgment, effortlessly. I have learned I can be in my feelings of appreciation, and that is enough. I leave behind all the drama (except when I choose to have that experience) and outward frenzy of giving appreciation and know that my unique being is more than enough.

I am free to feel it all and create what I prefer to experience. I trust my feelings, and I appreciate what others have chosen to experience. My entire life has a new point of view.
Elaine-California, USA-2007

No words to describe

There are no words to describe the feeling. I achieved all the goals I set at the beginning of the course. I had and am having a wonderful time.

Valli-Puerto Rico-2007

I now hold the key

Never has there been a more beautiful opening. I feel and see life differently-totally.

Life creations that looked unbearable are now bright, shining new miracles. Loving, sweet miracles. At last, the depth of my self that I have long searched for has arrived. And it is even deeper. My gratitude to you, Harry, for this amazing discovery. I will honor Avatar with continuing this Peace on all levels. Thank you, Avra, for the delivery of this newborn infant to my arms. I will always nurture and hold it dear. Blessings and thanks to all the Masters and Avatars.

In my hand I now hold the key. For that my soul is so grateful.

Sherry-Arizona, USA-2007

A whole new world

I find the exercises to be totally profound. I realize that when my thoughts get on a train of doubts I feel a huge energy drain. Yet when I really feel what it is like to achieve my goal my excitement turns on.

I become alive. It becomes the reality, and when I open my eyes, I wake up in a whole new world.

Teal-California, USA-2007

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