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Avatar Master Course

I found old friends

When I got to The Master Course, I found old friends I didn’t even know I knew. Some of us couldn’t speak the same language, but all of us spoke the same heart.

Cata Low-Texas

I am not alone

I am so happy that I can’t think of words to say. It was a wonderful experience. I met many kind people here. Just like the stars in the sky, I am not alone. When I look up at the sky, I am reminded of this feeling.


Until The Work is Done

Hi Harry, I was creating my Primaries with Avra tonight and had such feelings of Gratitude to you for having the gift of a lifetime on this path and contributing to an EPC. There are so many extraordinary moments that are experienced working with people on this path and I always feel thank you, Harry, for the gift's of this work that can't even be described...but haven't directly communicated it with you other thank when I see you. So thanks to Avra she made the suggestion...she said of course easy for her to pass it on but that I could also do that. Just so you know we are all here this lifetime and many more until the work is complete.

Much Love Shona

The most important step


It is so amazing. Before the Avatar Course I wasn't able to think that I can fall in love with a girl ever again. After the Avatar Course I fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. ( I AM HERE!) I really can't believe it! One month later after the Master Course we were together and it's still so. (I AM HERE WITH YOU!) now the Master Course is more than 10 days ago. And I can really help my family, my brother and my GIRLFRIEND. every day I fall more and more in love with her .The Master Course was the most important step to enlightment for me.I want everybody to feel the same! THANKS YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE !!! You are not alone --- I am here WITH YOU DELIBERATELY IN LOVE THAAAAAAAANKS.

Nico Recardo-Germany-2009

Tremendous amount of fun

During The Master Course, I was enveloped in a sense of family, support, and unconditional love. Even more, although these people loved me, or perhaps because they loved me, they did not permit me to make excuses or wallow in limiting beliefs. I threw myself into a deeper exploration of myself than I ever thought possible. I had a tremendous amount of fun as The Avatar Materials took on new meaning and new power for me. Those last few biggies that were holding me back just disappeared as I created a new life.

Kristin-New Mexico, USA-2007

Continuing expansion and change

My experience is one of continuing expansion and change. Before, change seemed to come with great effort. Now, change happens easily and with joyful anticipation.

Cecil-Florida, USA-2007

Quiet confidence

I have been back from The Master Course for two months now. I am used to coming home from a course and having all the effects wear off in a week.

The Master Course hasn’t worn off. Even when a lot is happening and my mind is really busy, I still have an inner peaceful knowing.
And to deal with whatever the future holds? The quiet confidence that I had a taste of after Avatar Section III is now a strong flavor on an on-going basis.

Now, what sandbox do I want to play in today?

Ralph-Oregon, USA-2007

It was a privilege

The ripples left behind by pelicans as they touch the water are like the ripples Avatars leave behind when we touch the hearts of others with love and compassion. Kindness has no flight path or timetable or seating capacity.

It is limited only by our capacity to extend it to ourselves and those disguised as others.

It was a privilege to share such days of joy and wonder with such beings. I’ll do my very best to create more.


A long-awaited healing

The Avatar Master Course is the culmination of my long and rugged journey of self-discovery. I am struck by the depth and breadth of Avatar and what it did for me. The light side and dark side work I have been doing in the past few years, which are extreme opposites in nature, are finally brought together and are now integrating. As a result I am experiencing a long-awaited healing. I can feel the chronic tenseness in my solar plexus lifting.

The Master Course has clearly shown me that the awakening process doesn’t have to be painful or take so long. Having gone through many programs in the U.S., Canada, Korea and Japan, I can say with conviction that the Avatar tools can do the job of making a radical shift into the perennial new paradigm of self-mastery and serving the world in the shortest span of time.


All of creation is available

I was working with the exercises, and I had the realization that all of creation is available to us to experience at any time.

It is like an apple orchard with each apple being another experience—we pick and choose.

Lois-Texas, USA-2007

Without any great effort

What was once so far beyond my limitations I am now experiencing.

Little things that I had no idea I was even resisting now disappear with only a few moments’ use of these exercises.

My primaries from The Avatar Course have created—in less than ten months, in greatly rewarding ways that continue to unfold without any great effort.

Matt-Indiana, USA-2007

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