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Avatar Master Course

A Bright Hope

During this Master Course I learned that I can trust people in taking care of my daughter. It will help her and me to grow and be free. I can help her with patience and a lot of love.

My daughter is diagnosed with ADHD and after she did the Mini Courses about Will and Attention, she became a very competent student at school.

So now she is going to the Avatar Course and maybe she can live without medication, because now she will always have people around her who are Avatars.

Yolanda van Ee

Enormous Power of Avatars

On Friday, while walking along the beach, feeling the endless space to the outermost limits I had an experience. I suddenly felt a very deep connection with all the Avatars in the world. Very warm, very deep and I felt the enormous power of all those creators.

And now, I just close my eyes, make connection with that compassionate power, open my eyes, and I am source.

Ton Knoester

Helping Others

It has been an interesting journey thus far. Today is the sixth day and I feel a bit mixed. I know I am well. I think an identity has surfaced, so I will handle him today. Nevertheless, I feel so connected to Avatar. I spent part of the week helping others who were at another pace than I was. A part of me thought: "They will slow me down!", but my true self knew: "This is the right thing to do." I love it here. I even feel better as I write this. Thanks for listening. All the best to you and yours.

Dellwyn Oseana

A Tough Mirror

Dear Harry,

Today I found a miracle. I've a mate at the table and it was really hard to appreciate him. Somehow I felt that he was too tough a mirror for me.

Yesterday evening I did the Labeling exercise and also the Compassion exercise. This morning I did the serious drill with him and it was amazing. He changed! Wink

There was a real flow between us. He gave me great feedbacks. I learned more in the 40 minutes working with him than the whole day before resisting him.

When I accepted him, I discovered a new part of myself. Thank you for the experience.

Cheers, Andrea Varga

Wedding Bells


At the Masters course of December 06 in Orlando I met another masters student who I found immediate facination with. Using many Avatar techniques, as well as a lot of true heart and soul, although seperated by a great distance (I in Florida and she in Sydney Australia) we slowly discovered there honestly is such a thing as 'soulmates'. Our common prespectives, use of many good self/other exploration techniques and an endlessly deeping Appreciation drew us closer and closer. We began sharing ourselves in spirit and mind for hundreds of hours weekly (in telephone conversations and emails). Finally we had the opportunity to spend 10 days together and things just got better and stronger.

To make a long story short, we will be married next month. I just wanted to drop a note to say 'thanks'.

Jon Wind-Dancer Nelson

Making the Shift

Dear Harry, Avra and the star's edge team

The first thing that I filled the space with was we are successfully delivering avatar to millions of people and creating and enlightened planetary civilisation. When I made this shift I could feel the space in which it created. Everything occurred just as you said it would occur.

I have aligned with the integrity of star's edge and have already experienced relieving pain and suffering by being present, appreciating and creating a sacred space for the consciousness of others. I am noticing a heightened sense of awareness when communicating with other people and the connection between what I am creating and what I am experiencing in the present moment.

You have opened doors Harry. I am now operating in another dimension of consciousness and assisting others within that dimension.

I would like to thank you all for being there. I noticed and could feel your presence. In particular to the person who gave me direction during the time I had needed it most. Thank you also for coming to speak.

This is way cool, Harry! With love Andrea Heal

I no longer feel separate

I no longer feel separate from other people. I know that I create it all, so that any resistance I feel means that there is something I don’t want or don’t dare to feel or experience. The choice is mine. There is no more defending against or fighting for. Now I can play my life as a conscious creator and learn, while enjoying my lessons.


Fascinating and enlightening experience

A bird is hanging on a branch over a lake as blue as the sky, basking in the sun. I am the bird. It spreads its wings toward the sun. I spread my wings. I feel the bird’s freedom. The freedom to experience. The freedom from the bonds of time. Freedom to be in the present moment. The Master Course is for me a fascinating and enlightening experience. I feel invisible ties to all that is. I feel connected and one with my source. I feel alive, joyful and compassionate.

Shoshana-Maryland, USA

The joy and ease

In all areas of my life, I find I operate from a much more expanded perspective. The joy and ease with which I live has grown steadily. My personal goals have become clearer, and I look forward to sharing this gift of Avatar with many others.

Linda-Wisconsin, USA

I am in constant joy

The high wall that seemed to prevent me from being pure consciousness has shrunk to a one-foot high hedge—easy to step over! I am in constant joy and excitement for life.

Now things are so natural that I hardly remember that they have been a different way. My life is well balanced, my job is meaningful and very fulfilling. I have time to appreciate life, friends, nature and art. I feel free to get involved in whatever adventure I choose, but I am no longer fooled by my own thoughts or emotions. I feel secure, capable, and committed to developing a more loving way of living in the world.


Missing from the business world.

In observing Japan intentionally from inside and out for over 30 years, I dare say that spirituality has been missing from the business world. Today, I have a passion for helping corporations recover their creativity, vitality and inspiration by the introduction of spiritual awareness.
I have no doubt that Avatar is the easiest and best tool for the job, especially for business people. It allows them to solve problems for themselves.


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