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Avatar Master Course


Dearest Harry,

Just wanted to let you know that at a nine hours flying distance in this world I am celebrating my life and everyone who's in it.
I'm happy and that feeling I thank to your never ending will to give the human race the awareness of their true Self.

Avatar will always survive and be stronger every day. People will recognize an Avatar, acknowledge Avatar and become new Avatars.
This is my belief and that's what makes me smile.

Give my true warm regards to your Avra and yourself.
Your spirit is always in my heart, my speech and feeling in my connection with others.

Love, Peggy

Real Heart

Thank you for the support of Avatar. Last year, I kept thinking I'm already a success, in my head, but felt a lot of emptiness in my heart. Until this time intern, I was supporting another Master to continue her intern. I found my real heart. I realize that supporting a group to success is better than my own and I saw a lot of self-limits too.
Thanks for your Avatar helping me to integrate, letting me back to integrity.

Thank you Harry and Taiwan Avatars

Struggling is Optional

Dear Harry,

I would just like to share with you two gains I have made here in Geelong. For the first time I can say that I am really happy with the efforts I made throughout the course and their results, with no "ifs, buts, or maybes". I've done quite a few internships, but always wanted to do or have something to happen differently. Not now. I am so grateful for this feeling of being at peace with myself. "I am happy to be me," has a different feel to it now.

I heard one of the Qualified Masters say: "Struggling is optional." Ahhh...I get it.

I am now stretching myself to contribute to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization, but without the struggle. What a relief! It is a privilege and joy being part of your team, Harry.

Lots of love,
Andrea van der Werf

The Secret to Connecting and Appreciating

Dear Harry,

Love the work!

It is the last day today of the Avatar Course in Geelong. Yesterday was amazing. I worked with a student who was in total victim on the Attention Management mini-course. I was having trouble serious drilling-kept wanting to tell him to just decide. Then I got this realization that I play victim sometimes in my life and that's why I was having trouble connecting and appreciating him-because I haven't owned and integrated that part of me. When I have trouble being interested in others its because of what I haven't integrated, e.g. making decisions! Wow the gift of being in service.

Rod Hearn

Simple Things

Hi Harry,

I did not write on course but I am very grateful for another course this fall. I feel like I handled pieces of "holding myself back" and experienced a big win with a piece of work done in the evening with a fellow Master (at Integrity).

Actually all my roommates were at Integrity and there were times that I felt that their work and mine was enriched from that. One night in particular I dove deep in a Transparent Belief and found layers of feeling "like I was a punishment to my parents" and the final belief "that I should have been born a boy- for my father". Very Transparent, both of them.

It feels like my willingness to live and be a part of the planet has returned. Just now I left my office needing a break and got swept away in the most amazing cloud display-- post rain, strong wind, evening sun.

I am grateful for "simple things" yet profound at my connecting more with people on course-- hugs, dancing, social. I seemed to have left a lot of previous isolation behind or shifted out of it. I really met so many people- have little scraps of paper with addresses.

My love of and appreciation for people really came out strongly in many ways-- this is so me. And I have not been in this space for a while.

At home this week-- I am practicing Serious Drill on myself, with success, and just in a space of noticing myself and thoughts, feelings, creations more. Surrendering more.

Thank you again Harry for the tools and materials that I am reconnecting with. Looking foward to increased awareness and service to others.


Serious Drill Expanded

Dear Harry,

I attended my first Master's course last week in Orlando (nov-dec 2008). It was of immense value and I am sure that it will continue to be. I will come to Wizard in February 2009 as well. The more I read, the more I realize the thoroughness of the Avatar materials and the early stage of spiritual awakening that I am in. Thank you so much for your creation of Avatar!

Here is my contribution to a potential improvement suggestion for the Master's course:

When practicing the serious drill every morning, I noticed that we - the students - practice the drill by just looking at each other, and experimenting with being in contact, praising the creation of the other and shifting the other out of seriousness.
In principle we do this without speaking.

To my opinion it would be a good idea to extend the serious drill exercise (e.g. during the last 3 days of the course) with a skill-drill for the students so that they can also apply the serious drill while being in conversation with another person.

I noticed several times that we - the students - would fall into some form of gazing during as soon as we start applying our serious drill in a conversation. Often-times that feels quite unnatural. I also experienced it as disturbing and blocking the free communication. Trainers and senior Masters have the skill to also speak and communicate with their serious drill in action without problems. We - the students - do not receive a skills-drill for that.

I can imagine that it is really still my ignorance that is in the way of understanding why the serious drill is just perfect as it is. In that case please enjoy my creation (like a parent who enjoys the drawing of their 4-year old in Kindergarten)!

With love for you, for Avra and for your creation of the Avatar network,

Simon Porro (Netherlands)

PS: Avra held a speech during the training, and I have no recollection of any speech ever with as many injected white worms as that one. Really beautiful.

Everything just flows smoothly

On this course I have experienced 2 major realizations:
1) Avatar is here to stay. It's real, it's not a trend or a fad. It's here now, and I get to be a part of it! And it's getting bigger and better and more wonderful as each beautiful person is touched by doing the Avatar Course and thus awakened. It is truly wonderful and amazing.
2) When you become real, the more real you become the more easily you create what you desire. It just gets better and better.
Also for future Masters: This course streamlines the primary for creating students ands delivering. When you stick with the processes and handle the resistances everything just flows smoothly. And then you can have what you prefer.

Melody - USA

What love I feel

Avatar. What can I say? I swell with joy and gratitude, because I am finally free. I create it all. What love I feel. What joy I feel and what a joy to feel. I can hardly wait to start creating what I want!
I’m Avatared and feathered, now I can F-L-Y...
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D. J. - Michigan

So Simple Yet So Powerful

Avatar shifted my perception of my daily life and my past experiences so dramatically and so permanently I now feel and create the deepest peace (absence of fear or resistance). It has been a year since I took Masters in San Francisco, and the joy I used to read about in poems or hear in love songs is now part of my everyday existence, not so much out of any particular identity as it is letting go of so many stress-inducing, fear-based identities and belief structures. The result is spontaneous smiling and laughter on a frequent basis, getting high on life without drugs by accepting myself, others and the universe as it all is and deliberately creating love from within my heart, and the energy to create the life I desire. All of us letting go of fear, becoming beacons of love, our light shining out into the world continuously creates opportunity for others in that shared space. Those who are ready will feel it and deliberately shift into their own unique identities of love and peacefulness. Sometimes my mind is at such a loss for words to describe the joy that it brings tears to my eyes desiring to communicate the peacefulness. Yet in my soul, I know it is intuitively communicated heart-to-heart.
I am thankful for these tools, so simple yet so powerful, cutting straight to the heart of who we are, and for the shifts in perceptions it has created such that I am filled with greater happiness than I ever imagined in heaven.
Bless all of you so much for co-creating all of this together.

S.R. - Idaho, USA

Gratitude And Appreciation

Dear Harry,
I've just Interned on my first International Avatar Course - what a powerful experience. The care and support here are like nothing I've ever experienced. I am so grateful for the opportunity and space to learn, grow, and be of service all at the same time. What I feel is nearly impossible to describe with words alone, so I hope you can feel my gratitude and appreciation.

Thank you Harry. Thank you for your life's work and the gift it is to the world. With Love.

J. P., Illinois

Avatar Has Given Me Wings


For a few years in the seventies I was into motorcycle racing. I did not follow up on it for a long time. However, I kept on using the motor bike regularly. Then a few years ago I started racing again but now in the ‘Classic Scene.' Last year I even raced on a modern motorbike.

This year, together with my son Tom, who is 19 years-old, we are a team in the SV Cup (Suzuki). This is a so-called standard class wherein everyone uses the same type of motorbike, same tires, same horsepower, weight, etc. At 58 years-old I am by far the oldest guy in the number of entrants, but I can still keep up quite well. It was a pity that I missed two races this year, but nevertheless I came in at number nine in the championships.

I got my best result a few weeks after taking the Avatar Master Course in Willingen. I finished in second place. And then I knew: Avatar has given me wings...!

E. H., The Netherlands

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