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Avatar Master Course

Taking Responsibility For The Planet

Dear Harry,
It's an amazing experience. I don't know how to describe it. I learned a lot about taking responsibility. I want to be one of us who takes great responsibility for this planet. It's lovely. Thank you for inviting me to this network.
Thank you,
A. T.


First of all, to many people from all around the world, thank you for helping me. I had a very good experience. Sharing my feelings with others was very good. I was wondering how the Masters have such good feeling. It's so good to learn how to do that. I realized lots of things about my creations against others. I really appreciate the Star's Edge trainers that helped me handle that. Thank you.
See you soon.
I. Y. P.

Feeling Like Home

Dear Harry,
Today was the last day of the Master's Course. I could join the last part of the sacred dance just for a short time. Dancing together with newest and older Masters, I remembered the time when I danced in my first Master's Course six years ago.

I noticed what a great shift I have made. I've become what I am because I met Avatar. I was so moved and couldn't stop the tears. I was feeling like I was home. I'm deeply grateful that I am one of the team members in this network.

With Love,
F. T.

Expressway to Awareness

Dear Harry,

I have just completed my first internship. I completed the circle that started here a year ago when I took the Avatar Course with a great deal of attitude. I had  promised I would take the course a couple of years ago by saying something flippant like " Yeah, I'll take the Avatar Course when you have it here in Taos!" So imagine my surprise when I was here last year and then... I was able to get the money to do the course( a small miracle in itself  considering my issues with under-earning and over-spending)!

I was here on course, but I was so armored that all these happy, smily faces just made me feel angry and uncomfortable. Yes. I thought "they" made me angry. Anyway by the end of the course I lightened considerably! I remembered why I had become a Doctor and Psychologist ( to help people own their own projections, etc. and live a conscious life!). And I knew the best way to do this was to teach The Avatar Course. So I have done Masters, Professional Course and Wizards this year! And now one year later, here I am, interning as a Master in Taos with one student on the way to Austin!

Thank you for these tools. Thank you for the "Expressway to Awareness" and Living Deliberately. And thank you for my life back form the poor health and the other messed up thinking that I let run the show for too long.

Love and Blessings!

Teri G, PHD- USA- 2009

The Path is Clearly Marked

Dear Harry,
I so felt you supporting me this morning on Source List.  It just felt like:
The path is clearly marked
The path IS clearly marked.
It was such a gently nudge forward with absolute certainty.  Thank you so very much.  It's okay to feel so safe and vulnerable at the same time.
Wow!  It's okay to feel like this and share it with the world.
Blair Jacob

Peak Experience

Having experienced and enjoyed a "peak experience" at the Avatar Course one year ago, I returned with some anxiety. Was that an exception? Was it to do with the skill of the Avatar Master? I needn't have worried. This year I achieved the same state doing a solo process and I realize my euphoric state (created by me) will only stop if I stop it. And, if I stop it in reaction to world events, then I have the tools to start it again. I also realized and discreated a lot of old beliefs, attitudes and pains. I will return home to London confidant that this work will change both my personal and working life.

Tom Morley

Life Changing Experience

When I finished the Avatar course, I was already enthusiastic. But, now I finished the Master Course, and the Avatar material really exceeded my expectations. Lots of beliefs that weren't really helpful in my daily life just disappeared. And beyond that, I learned and experienced how to deliver Avatar to other people. I can't wait to inspire other people to open up and live deliberately.
Thank you for that life changing experience!

Marjolein Janssen


Dear Harry, Avra, Miken, and Star's Edge Trainers,

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this wonderful gift of Avatar that is transforming lives for the better. Thank you for the network and all the beautiful people that make it possible for us to help ourselves. I'm this being that started her Avatar journey 14 years ago when my daughter was only 6 month old or so. She was the reason I started, or jumped or better yet, leaped into doing the course when at the time this beautiful baby was resisting her mother.

I've been doing a lot of the work/integrating since then. Guess what, this little baby that's been resisting her mother, did, and successfully finished, the Master Course today. She is a beautiful aware 15 year old young lady. I would also like to share a realization I had during the course around my relationship with my daughter. It was a suffering relationship- I would say. I come from a Native American-Navajo culture. I was imposing the same kind of limitations placed on me on to my daughter. Limitations to keep her in her place. It was very clear it was limitations to keep her/myself from our source being. I'm still integrating it. I had a couple more falls since then, but I am learning. She is really pushing me to be deliberate in my life and intentions. I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

Thank you again, and much love and appreciation to you, Avra, Miken and Star's Edge Trainers.

Irene Valentine

The opportunity of Avatar

This was my first internship and I must say it is amazing. I was able to deliver to my first student (my Brother), which was a gift in itself. I was able to improve my serious drill. I have been motivated to get my whole family involved. Thank you for creating the opportunity of Avatar.


Vince Leone- USA- 2009

On so many levels

Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for such an amazing Avatar Course here in beautiful Taos, N.M. where I am delivering as a Master. I worked on my entertainer identity and it felt like it integrated on so many levels. I felt how it was so irreverant to use the "comic" identity and how it destabilized people. So as soon as I dropped it I inspired a student to the Masters Course who wasn't coming! How Cool! I also am learning about how to inspire people all the way. love you so much.

Elleva Joy was with us the whole time and you and Avra were right there with us. Love. Love. Love.

T.D.- USA- 2009


A Moment of Grace

Hello sweet Harry,

I want to tell you how thankful I am for you, Avra, the team and this journey. I have had an amazing internship. It felt like the last nine days had the kind of integration it took me a year to get at the beginning. There are so many things I could tell you but I wanted to share with you a couple things.

I just had an amazing experience after giving an initiation to my student. She got done and said to me " I want to give this to everyone" and I could feel how much she is going to contribute. It is so beautiful to be part of that gift. The gift we are bringing to humanity.

This was just such a beautiful gift. In the work I did with her I received a moment of grace where I was so expanded I was able to integrate a huge resisted experience that has been keeping me from connecting. It related to your Manta Ray story about how special it was to receive all that the Manta Ray had to offer and then you felt sadness from the loss. That sadness has kept me disconnected and from being willing to fully experience and create. This was so profound.

I love you and thank you for all of this. Way more than words can say!!! XOXOXO

Sonya Davis- USA- 2009

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