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Avatar Master Course

It really works!

Dear Harry,

This was my most successful internship yet! I am so happy, my student is so happy! I have had the pleasure of watching all of these beautiful beings unfold before my eyes.

Thank you so much for not giving up on your dream and going to the beach. I will not give up on our dream! I am for the first time using the intention tool to create my dreams daily.  My course intention/daily intention:" I stay present and aware. I am in a high  mode of consciousness. I am in service to others. I am happy in my life." It really works! I get it! The best part is I had fun doing this.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work, strong intention and forsight for us. I send Love form my heart that you have created space for me to be happy in my life. What a gift you have given to all of us, me and the others. I will do my very best to pass this on to as many as I can inspire. Love.

Katherine Donan- USA- 2009



I thought I knew this!

Dear Harry, Avra and Trainers,

I just finished my first internship in Taos, New Mexico. After 4 1/2 years of resistance to doing this. To come here, on course, only 10 days after Wizards. Oh my God! I spent most of Wizards letting go of resistance. Then the Master Annie, from New York, suggested I try it. So I signed up to intern as a Master at ReSurfacing. I was afraid of interning, afraid I'd be found lacking, afraid I wouldn't have enough energy, etc. Rebecca and George encouraged me to continue so I went ahead through my fears and resistance and was able, today, to announce a new Avatar! She was another Masters student that I had tracked throughout the course.

My biggest breakthrough was finally realizing that pretense is not what this is about. George helped me with increasing my skills while tears streamed down my face. This was during the interns early morning time before course. How could it have taken me the Avatar Course, Masters Course, Pro Course, 3 integrity courses and 3 Wizards to find out finally, here, that it is not only safe to be vulnerable, it is a neccessity! At age 60 I am yet again amazed at the new learning on each course. And this too, that it is really okay to feel. I thought I knew this! But I'd been really been "ungrounded" and "trying" to do the work and service from just my mind. So to be embodied and in feel again, from that place- WOW!! No wonder this work used to exhaust me.

And then to feel the new Avatars awaken while learning the CHP and while doing the other processes WOW again! Thank you so much for the opportunity to grow, for the tools, for your continued support and vision. Much Love and appreciation.

P.C.- USA- 2009

Moving Forward.

Dear Harry,
During the morning drilling, I had a realization that shifted me. It was the feeling of de-skinning my body. I discreated an identity. The neat thing was I felt that if I went back to look at it or talk about it, explain it, or describe it, that would be like profaning a moment of enlightenment. A practice of keeping my attention on the primary, moving forward. The past doesn't exist! Yahoooo! My love to you.

Trish Deignan- USA- 2005

Lovingly and Firmly Guided

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the gift of Avatar and the safe space you and your team create and hold for all. I Love how I am always gently lovingly and firmly guided back to myself and my creations. I'm integrating many identities around power- how I haven't used it well.

Thank you for creating and holding many courses simultaneously- The Avatar Course, The Internship course.

P.S. I am really exploring my bank account of time and how I chose to spend it. Thank you for that wonderful reminder.

Mary ONeill- USA- 2009

Touch your Consciousness

Dear Avra,

We listened to the Audio of your talk at the last International Course and it was such a wonderful addition to your inspiration of our consciousness. I was wondering if you would make it available to the Masters so we could listen to it while we are off course? I also wanted to let you know what an incredible inspiration you are to all of us. I had several of my students that attended Wizards who wanted to shake your hand and be able to touch your consciousness. They said they had never felt what what they felt with you before. We all appreciate your holding the space for us even with all our baggage. You've helped me see that every particle of consciousness is just as precious no matter how it looks in the physical. My Love to you both.

F.M.- USA- 2009

Sacred Dance

I always feel the same way at the sacred dance. One day, all the people in the world will be able to dance hand in hand, feeling love, happiness and connection. And that day will come soon!

I feel love and compassions toward all the work. Thank you so much! Feeling this love and connection. I am coming back together with lots of consciousness in front of me.

I am thrilled so much!


I Came Out Stronger

Dear Harry,
I want to thank you very much for all the materials and its power of change to anyone. Today we finish the coop course in BergenDal in the Netherlands. It was an awesome course. I felt very privileged to be here and keep on going, although I created a bumpy ride for myself. I feel like I came out stronger, more committed and connected.

The trust given by the student to work with them ...oh all those topics, even some very sensitive ones for them puts me in amazement. I just finished a forgiveness option with a lady and I feel very thankful and privileged to have been able to work with her. Especially since I violated her trust earlier this week. I thank you for your commitment, your standing up, and the power to give this material to the whole of humanity.
Thank you.
Henk Rossum

An Awakening of Awareness

Hi Harry,

This is my first internship. It was a wonderful experience to work as an intern master and feel the appreciation and the respect of the QM's, without judgment and with the dedication with which they work with their interns, helping us, supporting us and teaching us how to integrate the Avatar materials so we can be one of the most successful masters in Avatar.

I came with 2 students, my husband and a friend, and to see day by day how their hearts and mine met and we felt such a nice energy.

I want to thank you for the work that you did for a enlightened planetary civilization, for your DVDs, for your dedication and for the respect and appreciation that you transmit and that we can feel.

I did the Avatar course in October in Holland: now I am in Holland doing my first internship. There is a before and an after and the now is an awakening of awareness. Thank you, Harry and thank you Avra and the whole team. We will see each other at Wizards. Namaste.
Elva Roca


Dear Harry,

This has been the most powerful experience I've had in my entire life!! Me, Na'ama, Belinda, & Astrid are moving forward together in the A.I. domain, so we stayed in the same group, with each other the whole course.

Usually, I do a group, then go to a different group with different people and play out dramas. It has been the most beautiful experience because we all learned each other's patterns and TOTALLY supported each other. I realized I was living through the filter "I'm cute & gay & everyone loves me!" I thought this identity got me close to people, but after this integrity work, I use the identity to separate and, well...take the world down.

At one point, I was in the middle of processing an ownership belief...and I will never forget this moment: I look out at my 3 partners and they refused to connect with my identity. The identity felt threatened, but I dropped it and we all connected. Vulnerable. What an amazing experience. They totally support me. For my whole life, I thought support was "having people like me", but I realize now:

Support is awakening someone.
Support is lightening the space.
Support is not giving intoyour friend's secondaries.
Support is falling in love with someone in one moment.
Support is inspiring people to contribute to an EPC?

I have a whole new reference point for care & support. Harry-thank you for these tools. My mom did Masters in March and said that me coming to Avatar changed our whole family's LIFE! I love my mom and she totally feels you and how you love to garden...and what you are creating.

Much Love,

Loving Relationships

Dear Harry,

I have had the privilege of witnessing a new Master who has been my roommate, go through the course, and completely blossom and unfold her wings. I feel the reverence and joy of awakening as a Master through her presence- and I am grateful.
It has been an amazing roommate creation as I held the intention I would end up with great roommates, and asked Nixa to set us up with 2 roommates and I had already arranged one-normally I control the situation, yes, I'm letting go! I felt so loved and cared for in my room, and it was such a space for me to grow in a way that is a new reference point. I have always created being on the outside, and I feel it integrating, which I am grateful for to be there with everyone.
I also realized I had a primary I created on my Masters Course 7 years ago- "I have a loving relationship with my brothers," which I felt was impossible, it's truly type 4-there was no evidence whatsoever I could have it with all of them. Through all the work I have done over the years, I have a loving relationship with them, and in a way I never imagined could be possible.
Thank you so much for these tools and for the ability to change how my family interacts.

Recovered Knowledge

I have the feeling that I have not taken a course but I have got back a knowledge that was mine forever.
I believe that I have modified the waves of my brain.
A. S.

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