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Avatar Master Course

Better than any holiday

Dear Harry,

I am 14 years old and I wasn’t sure if I actually wanted to come here because it had been so long since my first course. But now I am so glad I came. I now feel like I can tell my friends about it with confidence and use the exercises whenever I am in a creation.

I was so amazed by the powerful tool I  learned at Masters. I can use it to help my friends. I used to have a self esteem / confidence problem but I have finally discreated it and I feel much more confident. I also use to judge people a lot and now I can just see people as they are and have less or no resists on people. This is so much better than any holiday by the beach and I feel like a much better person. I am so glad I came. THANK YOU,

J.B. - USA

Deep felt Avatar experience

Dear Harry,

Over the past few days a team of Masters have been contacting people who have done the Avatar Course a long time ago to invite them to do the Master Course. We notice how deep-felt the Avatar experience has been for them, and how the tools are still supporting them today,  even if they have done the course in the early 90's. There is a lot of gratitude in them, awakening a lot of gratitude in me. Thank you!

Patrick Kools- the Netherlands

A different level

Dear Harry,

I reviewed the Avatar Master Course after 10 years and even after 8 Wizard Courses. It was very helpful! I got some new insights about many of the tools and I am now able to do them on a different level. I can feel how some of my attention was always on me before and now I am able to keep my attention fully out on the other person. I am also able to fully relax when doing the exercises and this relaxing is new.

I also discovered a deeper level of a very old and strong identity. I learned how to use the tools and fully feel it even when I am on stage talking, appreciate it and feel how it disappeared. So it is always good to review the Master Course even after attending Wizards. I am very grateful about the techniques,  about your gift. Like always, thank you Harry!

Adele Landaner- USA


A state of amazement!


I received my Initiation after becoming a Master from a friend and it left me in a state of amazement! I could not believe what happened after. I was looking out of the glass window and I started appreciating the sky outside.Then I looked up at the ceiling and I saw a beautiful pattern.Then suddenly it occurred to me that I was not wearing my glasses. Yes I am very shortsighted! But as soon as I realized this, my eyesight returned to it's previous state. But now I feel that, yes, I created this shortsighted eyesight because I used to look at people with glasses and think they looked so intelligent and I wanted to look like them! So now I know I created this reality. And, yes, I can change it too and I will. Thank you Harry for the Master Course. I hope to see you at the Professional Course soon.

Gaurav Kandpal- USA

Inexpressible sense of life

Dear Harry and Star's Edge Trainers,

Thank you for creating and spreading Avatar! You've touched my life and now, using the tools, I'm changing. What I become feels so good... It's interesting and a bit unbelievable for me, that from being miserable and experiencing "there's no way out" and "there's no future" I moved to a place where I can feel great potential of life and see immediate results of my primary (of my will). I feel worthy now, I have great wife and good job. To be honest - it's a great step for me. I'm suddenly experiencing inexpressible sense of life. Also, I thank you Trainers for my Master Course that brought me to the most extraordinary experience of ME ever - think you understand. Hugs.

Anatolii Tytarchuk- Ukraine

15 year old mastered many problems!

Hey Harry,

I'm a Master from Germany and I'm 15 years old and your network is so great. With the materials from Avatar I have mastered many problems!!!!!!!!! You are a big favorite of mine!

S. B.- USA

Decide to awaken

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the gift of the Avatar tools. The gratitude I have for the work has helped two more people decide to awaken this weekend. We all are flowing at this course and have the intention for all to make it to Masters in a few weeks. It is incredible to feel people wanting to take more responsibility for themselves and humanity. The Enlightened Planetary Civilization is definitely creating! Lots of love,

Erika Hora- Australia

Walls have gone

Dear Harry,

I am at the Avatar Master Course. This feels like an extension of the Avatar Course. The amount of time that I'm able to be Source has increased! Between me and other people walls have gone, understanding has increased, it's lighter and boundaries have expanded. When I did the Persistent Mass exercise, several childhood memories came up. I realized that the many fragmented, momentary memories were the moments when I had a new faith in what I am. Thank you!!

Takeshi Kimura- Japan

I felt safe

Dear Harry,

I became an Avatar in Kyoto, Japan late last year then came to Orlando, Florida to become a Master. I attended the Wizard Course and returned to The Osaka Avatar Course as an intern Master. I have hit many secondaries, but this experience will be helpful for my life in the future. I feel real gratitude for that, especially my fathers participation in the ReSurfacing was big progress! My main reason to become a Master was participation with my father. So my primary was realized and it was a big win!

My fathers patterns came up and normally I would have reacted totally. But the tool learned on the first day at Masters helped a lot and he finished the course with great satisfaction. I will continue to have the intention that my family, which is discouraged, continue to integrate and move forward.

Since many of the Avatar Sangha gave me realizations and courage,  my father as a student and I as an intern will be finishing Section II and III during this course. By attending now, my pattern of life showed up again and again. I'm surprised so much because I am ready to give up those patterns!

I have practiced true service to others. I can proudly say "I can create reality", with the discovery that everything else is secondaries. I felt like I was lapped with something warm in the course room. My mind became quiet and I felt safe that everything is okay. It was like I can see that I am connecting. It was a wonderful experience.

Saya Sakuma- Japan


Power as Source in real life

Dear Harry,

While I was in The Masters Course I could see all my creations in me. I also spent time cleaning up those creations I had made. It was a good opportunity. I was able to restore the power as Source in real life.

Lee Chae-Young- Korea


Nothing we need to add

Dear Harry,

I'm so happy. Your tools work alone. There is nothing we need to add. I say with a smile "I have tested it." This was the most successful internship ever because I managed to shift myself out of any creation no matter how small or big. I had reviewed the Masters Course and the very first exercise, applying it and the appreciation to myself, has changed my life. I just appreciate it all! Through this I am able to really be there for the students and they have such beautiful experiences! Love,

Sarah Notter-  Switzerland

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