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Avatar Intern Course

A gift that is marvelous to see

I've had a very good week during my first internship. My student has also had a good week, and that is a gift that is marvelous to see. What a great organization the avatar network is! To be in present time with all the lovely students, Avatars, Masters, QM's, and trainers is the greatest gift I've ever had in my life.

Ingrid Van Brummelen

I'm so thankful for the materials...

Dear Harry,

I'm so thankful for the materials that you have given to the world. I can see the changes in people's eyes and in their consciousness.

Every time I work with the materials, either as a student or as a master, I grow in my ability to really be present and I can truly feel my personal responsibility grow.

I have no words to describe my feelings.

Christien Avemaet

I have been waiting for Avatar all my life

Dear Harry,

This is an overdue success story from my first internship last month. I was entrusted with a student who wanted to reclaim her power of choice and success. I realized I had to clear this issue for myself to give her the space and trust she needed. I kept backing away from it, but in the end I so much wanted her to succeed that her growth became my motivation, and I started to clear the issue.

In this process I discovered "the promising student" identity in myself -- backing away when it becomes time for action and responsibility, disappointing my teachers, because I don't live up to my promise. Then I thought: not this time, not where the Avatar!

I have been waiting for Avatar all my life, so here's my pledge: I will dedicate the rest of my life
· to apply the Avatar tools and help improve them
· to strengthen the Avatar network, and
· to contribute to the growth of avatar in the world.

Giselle Gouverne

I can't imagine anything more filled with joy

Dear Harry and Avra,

This was my first Internship as an AI; it's late Friday night and I'm "worn to a nub" but loving every minute of it.

My ego and identities have had a run for their money, but I'm in the process of integrating a pattern I picked up from maybe one of my earliest memories.
I came into this lifetime specifically to be in service.... I've always been very clear on that. I did, however, hit a resistance when I was 4 and always had to be the one to take care of my 3 younger brothers. I wanted to, but didn't want to (Persistent Mass). Since then, I took on service as a burden or chore. WOW.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to integrate this. I can't imagine anything more filled with joy and grace than delivering Avatar.
Thank you!!

Much Love,

Committed to showing up

Dear Avra and Harry,

I am so appreciating the high standard and consistency being upheld on the Avatar Courses. I have been in the network since 2002 and every year I experience more love and care shown and given to each of us - students and Masters, that ensures our getting the highest quality courses and learning for our individual personal growth.
I feel deep appreciation and gratitude for your being with us in the "trenches" guiding and supporting all of us in creating an enlightened planetary civilization, and that you didn't just leave us at the door with the materials but invited and encouraged us to create it together with you both by our side guiding the way.

Your presence has exemplified my realization of the importance of this mission. The words "Thank you" pale in my expression of gratitude for the two of you, these miraculous materials and this loving network. So instead, I offer a world experience to replace these words by staying committed to showing up, staying awake and sharing my connection and the Avatar Course until this mission is complete and our world lives and exists as an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude,
Deborah Wirth
New York

What an interesting course

What an interesting course. The new tech (flight lines) is amazing and such a chance to correct my tech and learn from the QM's.

I also integrated a nasty identity. I never felt it before and it was a wake up call. I kept surrendering so I could get to appreciate. A tough lesson but I know it will make me more me.

Thanks for all your love and support!


Avatar makes me feel that it's all possible

Dear Harry and Avra,

I wanted to share how inspiring it has been to have Avra share her experiences with us from "the early days."
Thank you Avra for sharing those moments as a Master. It has been the best "discouragement drill" for me because I've felt discouragement in not being able to inspire students to course.

Thank you for sharing this. Knowing that we can achieve the skills, caring and personal responsibility, feel-its and integrity that you maintain for and with us through Avatar, makes me feel that it's all possible and within reach for me. I decide.

Thank you for your inspiring morning talks and thank you Harry for your inspired vision and your love.


I have just had an incredible experience

Dear Harry,

I have just had an incredible experience taking my student through an initiation... Wow!

I have a much deeper understanding of the gift of the materials. I feel so much gratitude to be able to do this work and support other beings to awaken this experience has pointed out the reverence for the materials hat I now have and the times when I haven't had this reverence.

Thank you so much Harry for showing up for this planet and all the beings on it.

Much Love---
Jan Duncan

It is a wonderful world


This is my second Internship. I joined with my wife and child (12 years old) as my students. I had been thinking of waiting for another year to invite my wife but now I am so glad I never gave up. Both of them say to me that my " mind began to be light", so I thought that I could give them this precious gift. Thanks to you Harry.

As for my experience here I kept on being connected with my students when stuck and empowering them. So, both of them, became Avatars on the morning of the ninth day. I am so happy! This is quite different from being comfortable with being an Avatar alone and with my family. Now I feel the reality of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization, in my world version of this feeling. I am sorry I understood so slowly. It is a wonderful world isn't it? I would like to contribute in the future.

Y. Murakami- Japan

It is so much fun!

Hello Harry,

This is my first internship program and it is so much fun. I appreciate you, Harry, for creating such a wonderful world. I am so happy I could encounter Avatar. During this course, as many as three friends of mine joined the introductions and each had a wonderful experiences. All of them are my age, eighteen! I am going to communicate the wonderful things about Avatar to everyone I know.

Thank you Harry! I like you a lot. I love you!

Momo Ando- Japan

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