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Avatar Intern Course

Rewards multiplied a thousand fold!

Dear Harry,

I have been a Human Resources Professional for over 20 years. I always felt rewarded by participating in employee successes. The reward of being an Avatar Master and watching student successes is multiplied a thousand fold! I know being an Avatar Master is where I want to be. Thank you with all my heart!

Carolyn Hans- USA

Service to others takes less energy

Dear Harry,

Two of the things I realized at this course are:

1. Being in service to others takes less energy than focusing on myself. It is also more fun and rewarding!

2. I have been stingy in sharing my experiences with you. I opologize. I am truly grateful for the Avatar  programs. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Linda Hutchinson- USA

It feels so good and right!

Dear Harry,

My first Primary after this Integrity Course is " I make the best of whatever happens next". My other Primary is " I contribute to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization." This is the first time in my 33 year old life that I actually have a goal. A goal that is not indoctrinated, but made out of free will because.... IT FEELS SO GOOD AND RIGHT! I want to thank you for this beautiful gift. Know you are not alone anymore ever again. But I am sure you know that by now. With love,

Mirjam van der Heiden- Netherlands

A lot of free attention

Dear  Harry

For the 11th time I was an intern and I was so happy that I was able to keep my attention out. I understand that it is just my own story, what I am making important. It is much more interesting to live in the moment and be in Serious Drill. Each time I have an opinion about something, I think to myself  "this is only my opinion nothing more" and I let it go without response.

Also when I am afraid of doing it wrong, I am aware that I am allowed to make mistakes and that it is a good way to learn. Now I have the guts to take the risk of an action that may be not the right one. Now I know that doing something with a good intention is always much better than doing nothing because of the fear of failing.  This gives me freedom.

Also baby-eyes is a miracle. It gives everything the space to be. It gives Peace and care. I thank you for those tools. I thank you for the fact that you made these things not only understandable, but also realistic and available to experience as much as you want. All the things I learned, it is too many to tell, make me feel strong, trustful, peaceful, aware of what happens, grateful and happy. But the nicest thing is that I have a lot of free attention, so I have the space to use my attention for others and create many Avatars. What I know is that there is one thing to do and that is, do it.  By doing it I learn and become what I intend to become.

I understand now that I am in this moment on my place and that I am always on my place wherever that is on the path I am going. This gives me rest. Something very interesting for me is that all my life I have been working on becoming happy and know I am, The funny thing is that now I am happy, the importance seems to have disappeared and in the mean time I know that it is because I am happy.

Lots and lots of space for everybody I meet. I love to tell about the possibility you have created to live a great life. The challenge you gave is already a gift to everybody. Thank You, I love You,

Henriette Wijnakker, The Netherlands

Extraordinarily open and compassionate space

Dear Harry,

I am on day three of my first internship at the Avatar Course in Australia. I feel as though I have learned more in these three days about how to deliver Avatar than in the eight years I spent delivering on my own. What an extraordinarily open and compassionate space that is created on these courses. I feel privileged to be here.

Carmel Fitzgerald- Australia

Re-discovering my ultimate life purposes

Dear Harry,

I'm so grateful with the Avatar tools you created. I was able to see through and confront my patterns in life, thus to bring happiness to self and others. All after taking more responsibility and ownership for my own beliefs. I became more appreciative and grateful to whom I have engaged with in my life and to the circumstances I have created thus far. Indeed they all help me and my spiritual path, growing and re-discovering my ultimate life purposes in this world.

The Avatar tools are the greatest efficient awakening path leading to enlightenment. Millions and millions of Karma points ought to be granted to you, Harry! With this select, growing group of Avatar and Wizards, we are not alone and can move forward in creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Much love and gratitude,

Denise Chang- USA

Useless identities and resistance

Dear Harry,

By attending the Avatar Course this time as an Interning Master I wanted to learn service to others and wanted to increase my conviction in the material and tools. I have learned how to handle my creations I have to handle behind the scenes. I have learned the power of intending the students connect to the material and have good experiences  and to direct my attention out. When I trust the students as Source they can easily get good results from the exercises. I saw two students and know of another that had amazing results with the Body Handle rundown in Section III. My surrounding helped me to increase my conviction.

The feelings of connection , using the tool I learned the first day at the Master Course, was a valuable and wonderful experience for me as a first time intern. I decided to face issues I need to face and I'm on the way to letting go of useless identities and resistance. I decided to move forward deliberately again from the bottom of my heart.  From now on I will work harder to create new Avatars. I received many big gifts. Thank you very much.

Yuichiro Murakami- Japan

Overcoming "ego things"

Dear Harry,

This internship as a Master my gratitude grew for the beautiful intention of all the students, Masters, Trainers and of Star's Edge to do this work together! The willingness to overcome "ego things" so we are as one source, one love. I felt this more and more. Thank you for opening my heart to let this come in. We are never separated. Never alone. What a homecoming experience this is! Love,

Maaike Knoester- The Netherlands

Getting myself out of the way!

Dear Harry,

This internship has helped me put so much together! From the morning meetings, I am starting to get the difference between appreciating someones universe and trying to influence someones universe. Combining that realization with the realization that the true power of my primaries comes from my commitment to creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization (and gets distorted when my commitment is for selfish gains) has enabled me to start really practicing reverence. It is amazing to truly appreciate another as a unique universe and it helps me to stay in feel and be responsible for my own universe. Of course this is what we have been learning, but it is incredible when something really "clicks." Reverence is going to be my new daily moment to moment practice. I see the path to getting myself out of the way!

This will also enable me to create lots of new Avatars since I won't be trying to connect them to me! All of my students on this course have said they had the best week of their life, ever! They all registered for the Masters course and the Wizards course. Thank you Harry for allowing me the honor to do this work. Love,

Ariela Sarai- USA

Money, family and relationships!

Dear Harry,

It is so touching Interning as a Master on this Avatar Course. The attention and intention can be completely directed and used to support others lives. I have done a lot of Discouragement Drills and Primaries. I have also had a lot of insights and seen improvements on money, family and relationships! I have raised up a lot in confidence about creating students. No more difficulty with feel. I am more in appreciation and more playful with others. I decide to create honesty with myself and align with my team. Thanks!!

Peng Chin-Ching-

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