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Avatar Intern Course

A luxurious present you can give

Dear Harry,

It is really a big joy to deliver these tools, especially section III tools, to somebody! It feels like a luxurious present you can give for life! What greater gift could you ever give? A sort of new born human arises. It's an inspiration in my life to always continue with. Thank you for receiving it first!

Hilda Beckers- USA

A sense of calm and gentle appreciation

Dear Harry,

Once again I am in awe of how these tools work. I am doing my second Internship as a Master in Holland. I brought my good friend, who is a beautiful, intelligent woman as my student.But she has been so weighed down by anxiety and trying to be right for so long. She has emerged this week and has lost her weight of creations. She says she feels physically taller!

As for me, I use the tools every day and have gradually become clearer and clearer about my direction. Gradually my beliefs that have limited me have emerged and finally I realized how hard I am on myself, how strongly I push and how hard I fight! I handled all those beliefs and now have such a sense of calm and gentle appreciation for myself. I am ready again to move forward in flow. Thank you. Lots of love,

Vanessa Loughlin- Holland

Joy, energy and clarity!

Dear Harry,

During the Internship as an Avatar Master I experienced how I could be in service to others. A remarkable experience. The realization was that I have a lot of energy despite the long hours I was available and at night I was happy and alive!

This is quite a realization that when I have my attention outside, and to be in service to others, it gives me a lot of joy, energy and clarity!

Joost van de Moosdijk- The Netherlands

A new day to me

Dear Harry,

Great experiences here at the Avatar Course! I have had a lot of awareness in this my second Internship as a Master. Everyday is a new day to me. Thank you so much!

Keiko Takahashi- Japan

The feeling I longed for

Dear Harry,

I came to ReSurfacing as a  Master for the first time. I felt your love in the materials. As I realized how much love was flowing from the Masters, Qualified Masters and Trainers, tears came up to my eyes.

It is amazing how peaceful you can become by putting attention out on others. It is the feeling I longed for. I love to have the students become friends with each other. The world becomes peaceful as people's consciousness focuses on safeness and joy. I realized how arguments arise from negative beliefs. I am going to let go of negative beliefs and create harmony.

Harry, thank you for your love. With appreciation,

Mariko Kitayama- USA

Appreciation and love all around me

Dear Harry,

This Avatar Course has been very powerful. I experienced, as I interned as an Avatar Master, so much appreciation and love all around me. This love you feel comes together here and I see more and more how this all works. It is so nice to guide the students and to see them grow! Many thanks,

Elisabeth Keyes- Germany


More self-confident and successful

Dear Harry,

I am an Avatar Master interning at the International Course in Germany. For me it was and it is essential to exercise my will. I have very good opportunities to do that here. I thank you for your simple and genial exercises you have created. I have become more self-confident and successful in the little things and so it will be with the bigger ones! I hug you!

Michael Pilliger- Germany


Able to control his attention!

Dear Harry,

Today I worked with an older student that has had two strokes. We did the "Attention Mini-Course" together. He was much more able to control his attention!! I feel such deep gratitude and feel humbled by these tools. All my love,

Kahlil Burkehart - USA

Tears came up to my eyes

Dear Harry,

Thank you for providing this wonderful space. This is my second internship and I could really relax and enjoy. On my first internship I recognized I tend to create walls between myself and others, make judgments and felt lonely. I felt like a victim, projected onto others and had a hard time. I realized that I haven't been interested in others at all. This time has been different.

The vibration of the Trainers, Qualified Masters and Avatar Masters were from a very high intention. I was impressed by the experience of getting along well with the students, feeling them and supporting their awakening. Tears came up to my eyes. I'm really glad I could connect. I'm really glad I got to know Avatar! Thank you very much.

Mami Kozuka- Japan

It helped me get through!

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the awesome Avatar tools. I've had an amazing time as a Master on this course really holding the intention of awakening possibilities and now my student is going to the Orlando Course. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be in service this lifetime and help create Source beings. It helped me get through my Grandmothers funeral on the Friday before the course. I really hold a space for others to feel their hearts. Lots of love,

Erika Hong- Australia


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