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Avatar Integrity Course

Real Victim

Hi Harry!

When I was one year old, my parents divorced. My grandparents took care of me after that. When I was 6, my parents got married again. I've been strongly believing I'm "real victim". Real one. One day in course, I realized that the reason they try to get back to family again was me! And I started feeling grandma's love, mom's love, family's love. That was big gift.

Thank you very much, Harry. I'm so lucky to meet Avatar. I had been pretending, attacking, and so many more things, using being "victim". Now I can see what I've done to the world. I have tools, I have Avatar friends, which is nothing afraid of.

I promise you that I put this gratitude to the world.

Michiko Nakamoto

Amazing Week

Dear Harry,

What an amazing week! It is such a gift to be able to free-up so much attention. I realized that I have been holding, stealing and abusing power all over the place. I had the pretense of "helping" as a perfect smokescreen for disempowering. I am so grateful to have a mission to align with, rather than to keep controlling people. Avra also empowered me to use my intention to win and be successful for an EPC, rather than pretend to shut it down! So I am flowing all of this juice to empower students who are ready to awaken to the International Course in July.


Committing to Honesty

Dear Harry,

I want to tell you how grateful I am that you've persisted and devoted your intentions and care to these tools- to the people who use them.

John helped me clear a shockingly huge, broad pattern that I've been doing for almost 40 years-and I am 44! This pattern I've created abuses people constantly. I'm so glad I found it, because I really disliked doing it, but continued to do it.

In gratefulness to you, I am recommitting myself to using the tools honestly, starting to connect with others honestly from right where I am, being honest in all of my communications, and being honest with myself about my goals and where I am on the doing scale, and most importantly for me, being honest about not withholding any secondaries to sabotage others.

Thank you Harry, for modeling and persisting.

All the love you can imagine!

Nancy R.


Many Secrets

Dear Harry,
There were many secrets.
There were many things that I have done. But I could take responsibility with tools.
I'm going to keep on doing integrity work and come back as Master who really can contribute.
I feel gratitude from my heart to Harry, who created this tool, and the support of Avra, John, Shona, and Yuji-whom are full of compassion.
And I feel gratitude to QM team and Sanga.
Thank you very much.

Chizuru Fujiwara

Suffering is Optional

Hi again!
Just a note to thank you for these fabulous tools!  Without them I wouldn't know that suffering is optional.  I have a lot of big primaries creating with work, school, creating Avatars, creating my vision for the arts community in Slidell, LA, and getting involved in the mayoral campaign.  I am excited to feel my passion again, and my new overall primary is that "I move into action and do all that I CAN to align my life with the mission."
Thank you Harry!!
Sharon Delong

Closer to Being Primary

Dear Harry,
Every Integrity Course I do brings me closer to being primary.  The wobble and waiver becomes less and less.  The focus of my attention is more and more on contributing to an EPC.  I'm able to discern when I don't have a skill and am asking for help.
These are all wonderful gains for me and the freedom is priceless.
Thank you for the tools and your care.
Darla Hans

Empowering Teammates

Hi Harry,
Just realized how much time I waste in life trying to control people.  Peter and I were working in a group and we were laughing, joking but going nowhere.  So we chatted to John and he said I had left the building 3 days ago and when I thought about it he was right.  So we took what was happening into the integrity round and I saw the amount of seduction/charm or anything else I use to knock others off their primary.  Not a good skill if you are trying to create an EPC.
My new intention is to empower my teammates, students and family so they can enjoy all the success I have had using the Avatar tools and be part of this amazing change taking place.
Thank you Harry for every time you decided to put your attention on being kind and empowering others and the space that has been created for me, my students and family.
Lots of Love,
Cam Kay


Dear Harry,
I thank you for these beautiful tools.  This course reconnected me with the mission.
With love and gratitude,
Ariane Leanza Heinz


Thank you for creating the amazing Integrity Course.  It is brilliant.  I have begun to understand that I create an amazing person in every moment with the choices I make, supported by realizations I have had on this course.
Eckhardt Tolle says "just allow it."  This course helps me see how much stuff I put in the way of allowing what I decide.  No mas!
Thanks, Harry.
Nancy Magaret

Make a Difference

Dear Harry,
Thank you very much for creating Avatar and Integrity Course.  Thanks to your tool I could change my blueprint in my consciousness and my life and my contribution to creating EPC.  Also, I could evolve toward the goal of creating EPC.  I will increase my contribution for creating EPC and do whatever it takes.  I will make the most of this chance to make difference for the future of this planet.  I will use my rest of life to create an EPC and integrate.
Thank you very much.
With love,
Naoshi Agawa

Integrity Course

Dear Harry,
In the last day of Integrity Course, I saw you standing there, with a lot of Masters around, and in the end, you said, May you be well.
Thank you, for you.  I've no word to describe my gratitude, and for Avatar and all the trainers.  In this moment, I can really feel your love and intention for us.  And I'll deliver this intention, and follow your teaching to work in my life and inspire other.
Love and many hugs and gratitude,
Mulan (Chao, Tzu-Hsuan)

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