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Avatar Integrity Course

Power of Will

Thank you, Harry.
I feel gratitude to Avra's support.

In Integrity Course, when I was in round 3, my topic was taking power instead of receptivity.
When I was supporting as service to others in Master Course room, I felt strong trigger, and I was filled with anger and I couldn't stop my emotions.

So, I had done A and B in self deception signal, and I went to sleep.

Next morning, I could shift by doing source list and reality creation list and after that I finished the round; I felt my perception changed so much. Thanks to the real experience, I could increase my trust to the materials and the power of my will, and I really felt the importance of the materials.

I decide to flow this juice to others in Japan.
Thank you so much

Submissive Respect

Dear Harry,

I did the ego program last night. The walk was amazing. I created "I am humble" and actually felt submissive respect as a gift from power. When I did the compassion exercise I actually felt what these people were feeling. I created :I really like people." And I was on the phone for about 2 hours. It was fun and my contacts were empowered.

I did Diva Entitlement today. Our group was 2 on judgmental critical and 2 mean DE and the other on self-importance. The first two floated in to service and back and ended up together to finish tomorrow. We finished our round. I have experiential clarity of staying connected in serious drill does allow people to learn and grow. I am humble.

This evening I received a call from a young man who took a pamphlet on the plane here. He is interested and we will chat on Sunday and possible intro on Thursday.
I am grateful for the love and support. I have a lot to give and I am doing it now.


Another Layer Peeled Away

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the materials. Another layer of consciousness peeled away, I find a way to generously contribute to the creation and Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I am in awe.

Amy Robertson

The Gift of Integrity

Dear Harry and Avra,

Thank you so much for this opportunity. The gift of Integrity Course is and earth changing. I'm filled with tears of gratitude...I feel, like never before.

Love always,
Blair Jacob

Believing in Me

Dear Harry,

We finished our integrity round today and during the walk of atonement I could feel how my holding back, effects the team and the mission. I ‘m so grateful for the love and support I've received, even though I've been fighting like hell to prove that what we're working toward can't be done.

Avra's talk today about the moment of opportunity we have at the time to contribute touched my heart...It feels like it's now time for me to show up with a bigger intention and in real alignment for what's in my heart. Thank you for believing in me - and all of us -- through my resistance, attacks and doubts. I can't wait for July-and to show up fully in my primary to contribute to an enlightened planetary civilization...



Love Note

Harry, thank you.

At the sight of your bowing to everybody at the Wizards Course, the bell of my heart rang and I heard the inner voice from within, "My boss!". I felt what integrity, compassion, and respect means, with my whole body instead of mind.

The integrity course was the course in which I appreciated emotions and inspirations from the deep quietness. I am going to change the direction of efforts from the past course (destruction, attack, competition, conflict, resistance) to the opposite, (cooperation, compassion, guidance, reliance, forgiveness, integrity and expanse).

I am not going to be afraid of showing-up.

I am going to find a courageous sangha who are eager to contribute to an EPC and continue to introduce Avatar tools.

With smile and appreciation.
Junko Ikeda

Amazing People

Dear Harry,

I have just completed my walk on Imagine something worse than-that-feeling. And I am so grateful for the opportunity you have created to allow me to really feel gratitude for all the amazing people in my life. For being able to feel love and care I have received, to express gratitude for the unlimited care, patience and inspiration, encouragement I have received from Shona, Dave, Kate, Andrew, Mark, Jude, and Dan and Naomi.

I am feeling this and also feeling responsible to flow this forward, and be in my power, create my student primaries and honor and connect with each being I meet.

Much love,
Suzanne Z.


Dear Harry,
This has been an incredible Integrity Course! I really dug in with the intention to integrate how I am blocking myself from moving into the Advanced Intern domain. I found how I was always putting others in second place or below, so I could be the most important one around. I also discovered several dramas that I use to put others down so I could avoid being vulnerable in my connections with others. I am ready to stop these creations and use the free attention I have created to vulnerably connect with others and inspire them to awaken using the Avatar tools.

I am stepping up and choosing to be fully responsible to contribute to the mission by doing whatever it takes to build the skills to create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards.

All My Love,
Michele Beisler

Such Hope

Dear Harry,
I am sorry I missed Wizards last year. Very. I did come across a Bible though in Pitjingakatajara(sp.) which I have at home. The title on the front Thurkupa Palya(sp.), translates to good dreaming. I dream one day of a Wizard's manual with the same erudition, only I guess it would read "SUCH HOPE!!" It has been an amazing journey to come to the realization of how incredibly fundamentally important it is to realize our dreaming. Thank you for finding a way to reconnect us all to ours by constructing a better way by which the universe may work. Avatar is surely a miraculous process not the least of which is evidenced by the incredible example set by the Star's Edge team. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also want you to know that I never lost faith in you and now realize; more integrity created is better than the damage caused without it.
In hope of honoring your trust and love,


I have been looking for reasons that can assure me I can stay here. Now I know that I don't need any reasons or justifications. I am so grateful for the opportunity to realize this. Thank you for all. Thank you for guiding me through. It is my great pleasure for me if I can support my dearest family members and friends so that they can appreciate themselves. Thank you again!!

Yukari Takahashi

Awakening Consciousness on this Planet

Dear Harry,

I woke up this morning feeling very calm, and at the same time excited about the job ahead. Feeling ready and grateful for this opportunity for awakening consciousness on this planet. And grateful for being with the group of people that I was always looking for.


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