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Avatar Integrity Course

Feeling Consciousness

Dear Harry,

In this Integrity Course I got clear how I've been impeding the evolution of others, myself, and all human beings. There was a moment where I felt where we are really going. Avatar tools are great. I never thought that I could feel the world of consciousness so clearly like this.
Thank you so much.
Ayuko Tsujimura

My World Became so Clear

Dear Harry,

Tomorrow, Integrity Course will finish. This is my second one. Last Integrity Course, I was thinking so much, I could not felt well, and then I became victim, and could not complete the work. But, this time, I joined this course, and I have very good experiences after Wizard Course.
Before, I made things so difficult and serious (because I could get a lot of things), but now, I recognized that consciousness is so light and playful. When I finished the work, I really felt the "Ahhha...", and then I felt a little bit uncomfortable- and then after that, I moved out of my creations. My attention was released , and my world became so clear, and I felt relaxed.
Harry, I love your course.
Next step for me is to create a new reality-the life that connects with a higher self... I am so inspired.
With all my gratitude.

Chinatsu Fujino

The Entire World is Going to Shine Brightly

Dear Harry,

The Integrity Course is wonderful.
I can't express how wonderful it is.
I came to realize how wonderful it is to become sincere and honest - I am so thrilled. My life may change. Everybody's life may also be different. Woops! I made a mistake. It is going to change, that's for sure. Japan is going to change, the world is going to change. The earth is going to change. The entire world is going to shine brightly.
I am so grateful that you have created these tools. I love you so much. I am going to contribute to an EPC for myself, for you, and for everybody.
With my utmost love.

Chikako Majima

Deeper Connection and Broader Happiness

I am always at a loss because I feel so much and have so many things that I want to tell.
If I change, the world changes too. That, I know, but I had no idea how to do that... until ten months ago.
Thank you for giving me an opportunity.

Now I know that if I take responsibility, I will be able to create deeper connection and broader happiness.

I love Perl's (who has initiated Gestalt Therapy) poem and I could practice it at the Integrity Course- and I was so happy that I could learned the true meaning of the poem clearly.

Thank you, Harry.

Hideyo Yagi,
Japan 6/09

Receptivity is Magic

Dear Harry,

This Integrity Course was a wonderful experience for me! I did realize that I created new Avatars, Masters and Wizards not only for an EPC but also for proving my rightness...

I could change my intention, and that made me relaxed and happy.

I would like to create a lot of new Avatars just for an EPC from now on.

And during the meeting, Avra told us about "receptivity." I thought that this is magic! I'll increase my receptivity.
Thank you so much for your wonderful tools!
Love Always,

The Last Thing We Must Have

Thank you for giving us the chance to feel possibilities that we can really change this world.

It was me who choose to experience all events, and when I recognized that viewpoint, I could really feel that I was the creator and I could make everything better.

I will never run away from taking responsibilities, and I will never put my responsibilities on others and I will tell people about Avatar to help them awaken.

I'm telling you about my commitment now, so I have no choice except to move forward.

With Love, Mika Takaya

p.s. The more I work on myself, things are getting simper and I feel the last thing that we have must be only LOVE!!

My Hesitation to Take Responsibility Disappeared

Hello Harry!

This time I'm attending the course with my son. My son is at the Master Course and I'm at the Integrity Course.

We are aiming to be Avatar Masters who can contribute to an EPC and who will never give up.

My son did work and every time he supports others, he was shining. That shifted me. Young students seem to pull us (adults). Young people handle themselves honestly, and that is so wonderful. I really feel gratitude from my heart and my hesitation to take responsibility disappeared.

I'm going to deliver the Avatar tools to the young generation more. And I'm going to deliver until an EPC is achieved and it becomes a better world.

Love from my heart to Harry, Trainers, QM's, AI's and to the Sangha.
Megumi Noguchi

Surprised by My Own Life

Dear Harry,

I took part in the Integrity Course for the first time. At the course, the things that happened repeatedly in my life came out, which surprised me often.

Thanks to that, I could realize I have done so many insincere things. This course has brought me a lot of realizations.
This time, I am taking part in the course with my partner, whom I met thanks to Avatar. The course has turned out to be the perfect thing to kick start the new life for us.

With my partner, I am going to become sincere and to contribute more to EPC. Thank you for introducing wonderful tools and Sangha.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Koji Hashimoto

Thank You to Everyone Who Appeared In My Creations

This Integrity Course has made me notice that what is going on during the course is what I have created as a creator. Now I am appreciating how wonderful the Avatar tools are. I have made up my mind to admit that and appreciate it and to move forward even step by step to contribute to an EPC. I also found the archetype of an Avatar Master and of that behavior. Thank you.

I also want to say thank you to everybody who appeared in my creations, everybody in this network who has created such a wonderful space, as well as Harry and Avra.
With gratitude and love,
Kumiko Yamanaka

I am Really Grateful

Thank you Harry.
Today, I realized that I have been leading very happy life. I have been denying my life all the time, thinking that I am miserable, that I never want to look back at the past. I never want to remember the past unpleasant happenings. And today, Ohh...! I realized that I have been playing a role of miserable "me".

At that moment, my past has changed instantly. Just the way Othello's black piece turned into pure white piece. The person I hate turned into "my dearest friend" who really trusted me. And the place I hated so much turned into the cozy place. The moment I realized this, I could thank everybody in my life and sincere appreciation overflowed toward my dearest mother.

I am really grateful for that.
Thank you

I Will Never Give Up With Discouragement

Ican't quite express in words...

When I heard Avra's last talk I was really touched. That it would be different even one of us is missing. That she feels grateful for the opportunity of working with us. That she appreciates all our small services all these things I felt strongly in my heart.

I felt that my tiny actions, my attitudes filled with ego were so stupid but Avra, Harry, other Masters and all Avatars forgive all these things and give me gratitude. I was so touched.

From now on, I will face with my dishonest creations in me. I will do all things with the trust to serious drill, feel-its, source list and all other tools. I will never give up with discouragement.

Today, I heard Avra's talk, and I felt that "I'm all right after all". I will live my life with self-responsibility, and with inspiration. Thank you.

P.S. I think that she must have been the first person that gave us such an importance, Avra. From now, I would like to become the person who takes care of others.
Thank you so much

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