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Avatar Integrity Course

I have lived a fake life

Before I came to the Integrity Course I thought that I was a quite alright and honest person. As I was finding ownership beliefs, I felt so much remorse about my past life. I feel like I have lived a fake life. I am ashamed to see the drama I have used for ego-gratification. I confess my deeds and ask forgiveness.

I will do the real work form now on. My highter self already knew where to commit my passion and effort. I am excited to have the future!

Really Thank You very much!!

Kim Bok Tae- Korea- 2009

You'll know then you'll realize!

Lao Tzu said "As you go and go and go, you'll know and as you do and do and do, you'll realize!

And I see that means " keep going to the courses and you'll know and keep doing the exercises, the 'tech', then you'll realize!

It is really a powerful 'Tech'! Hew! Thank you!

Shin Ji Won- Korea- 2009

We are so lucky

To Harry,

I realize that not taking responsibility for money is a deal with cultural archetype. Under patricentric culture, I made a deal! Bread for obeying and taking humiliation. If things didn't go my way I would use it to attack my Father, Father-in-law and husband.

I saw lots of my dramas and I feel a momentum to switch the direction of my power. I thought I was a victim, but with great drama. Really I was an offender who destroyed everyone.

I am so lucky to attend this course. As Shona said " We are so lucky."

Thank you,

K.M.Y- 2009

I feel more faith and relief

Dear Harry,

This is my first Integrtity Course and the best course ever, the most powerful course ever.

I realized that the reason why I couldn't have a real connection with others was because I was dishonest with others, shutting myself down in order to serve only myself, getting benefit from others and only hearing the things I wanted to hear.

Now I can contribute to an EPC having more connection with others fulfilling my life goal of helping others to awaken.

I am grateful for everything and I bless myself also to grow and decide further. I feel more faith and relief in Harry's tools. I send gratitude to every being and to you Harry.

Park Young- 2009

I became more source

Dear Harry,
Harry, I always feel your love in the course.
I felt I became more source as I took one more step in every course, but this Integrity Course was the best that allowed me to see how I had lived, was living and going to live my life confronting myself. I felt the power, love, and the preciousness of the Avatar network, trainers and fellow masters, again. I'll live my life as awakened source being, loving myself, manifesting primaries.
Thank you very, very much.
-love, Michelle(Yoo Ji Young)

Gratitude Continues to Evolve

Dear Harry and Avra,

As time passes, it is such a gift to be able to realize and be able to keep raising the bar on what gratitude feels like more and more for the pure beautiful space of your definition of love that you hold for all of us and for humanity.....I could feel love as a sea all around each of us everywhere on the planet during this last Integrity course....

Life feels beyond amazing now.....Since this last Professional Course, I now experience myself, life, and others from a peaceful, sustainable appreciative space, which is new for me.....

During this last integrity, I owned how I have been "faking Feel-Its" for years.....Now that I finally feel feel-its in my consciousness and the experience of being able to deliberately observe my mind, I feel more "rock-solid" about offering Avatar to people than ever!! Also, I integrated my negative/sad sack identity, so I don't feel "fake" anymore when I feel happy and successful!! Another identity that exists no-more, thanks to creating the primary, "As a model for my children, I live my life in service to others and align my life with delivering Avatar." is my former, empty "spiritual" identity~It was so absolutely devoid of any service to others~what struck me at such a core level was how absolutely empty and for show it was-oye!....Now I show up....Also, my children are AMAZING!!! They are doing so well, and my oldest daughter, Jocelyn, is like a different person!!

Continuous heart & soul-felt gratitude for the gift of Avatar, you and the Sangha in life.....I am amazed and grateful beyond anything words can convey that you both have never given up on any of us. You live and exemplify love. My gratitude to you is off the scale...

With Love & Gratitude to Finally Feel What Service to Others Is,
Your Companion,

Free of Any Impulse to Express Counter-Opinions

Dear Lori,

It's now Monday,the 20th,and today was my first day back at work. I had all
kinds of fun playing with integrating the lessons of the Professional course
into my existence at work.I had a marked increase in my ability to create
rapport with people,and a marked increase in my ability to enjoy and to
appreciate the originations offered by others,just as they were. I felt
refreshingly free of any impulse to express counter-opinions,even when
they shared viewpoints which were quite contrary to my own.I just enjoyed
the moment with them,and went on to the next thing. Another neat thing I
discovered was that I've been using the Serious Drill while dreaming.Wow!
So anyhow,I'd appreciate it if you could send me the dates for any
upcoming Resurfacing workshops. I look forward to taking part! Thanks
again for all your support and encouragement!
Talk to you again soon.


Dear Harry and Avra,
I appreciate so much the materials you gave all the love and trust and us that we now are able to integrate our transgressions and to really connect with people.

I had today my trust initiation given from my heart.

Thanks for the time and patience you gave me.

S. L.

Nothing Behind it

Dear Harry,

Feels like fear is a boundary on its own. There is nothing behind it.
The last few days I did some actions with connection I normally don't do. Feel the resistance, feel through it for a moment and then do it. That moment the fear disappears, and I have a wonderful and warm connection.
So steering into the wind and see what happens. Life is fun.
Thanks as always.

This Hurts, But It Is Good

Dear Harry,

During field trip I found that I only go to a certain level.  After getting rid of the comfort zone issues, I hit a layer of darker stuff where I realized I use people, keep them dependent on me, and punish them.  Not nice, but as I write it down, my pain tells me that's what I really do.  This hurts—but it is good.  Good to feel through it. Good to know that now I can handle it.

Thank You

Dear Harry,
I just finished my second Integrity Course. Thank you for this precious and marvelous gift. I feel privilege and honor for having access to these tools and for being on the Avatar path.
From the bottom of my heart - Thank you.
Joaquin Mendez
Avatar Master, NM

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