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Avatar Integrity Course

I just had a life perspective changing...

Dear Harry,

I just had a life perspective changing column 4 on my burdens of life worksheet. I had a situation with my brother for years, we have been emotionally disconnected. I just realized that I could have prevented this situation by inspiring him to do Avatar in the mid-90s. It would have changed everything with our larger family.

I am so glad to be able to deceive us now. Time to inspire him and the whole big family. I just felt that we might even be inspired to do it together. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for your love through the materials.

I love you,
Rob Falconer

Laser like precision of the materials

Thank you Harry for the laser like precision of the materials, cutting through all of the out-of-integrity fluff, and letting me awaken as a source being. Freeing up attention is a precious process and it's humbling to see with what patterns I forsake the mission. Thanks for providing the tools to realign and joyfully contribute whatever I can to an EPC.

Hein Kray

Harry is not done...

Dear Harry,

Thank you, sir. This integrity course has been an incredible experience. I feel like I have been at Orlando's "other theme park" with the toughest roller coaster there is.

I want to acknowledge you for your incredible courage. You have cleaned up your life using your own will and good intentions -- with a great deal of self-discipline. When I allow myself to feel it, your journey really inspires me.

This week I have been able to reflect deeply on my own life as they seek to unravel this tangled ball of string I call my consciousness. Then you appear and raise the bar two more times in one day and I'm reminded, "Harry is not done and probably never will be."

While your words educate and guide me, Harry, it is your actions that inspire me and call me the duty. So, more Avatars, Masters, and Wizards!

With much love and deep gratitude,
John Toomey

The knots in my Integrity

Dear Harry,

I feel that out of the knots I have found in my Integrity, I now feel reverence, love for all and a reconnection with my true nature. Deep Peace and love,

Graham Macdonald-USA

Big life stuff

Hey Harry,

The other Masters said to write you my experiences even if they aren't profound insights. I can see now that it keeps you connected to us, your little troopers! I have been going through some big life stuff, like breaking up a 61/2 year relationship and losing my job. When I interned recently I was really wanting to bring all this stuff into the classroom. Thankfully I didn't! But I have realized now that I totally brought in all my crap here at the Integrity Course which, I reckon, is the right place. I had been totally thrown off, feeling like this was my first Integrity Course and I wasn't really owning and feeling my beliefs, etc. But now I guess it's just really nice to realize what patterns I have been totally playing out. How I use shutting down, locking down, to disarm people.

Thank you Harry for creating the most amazing thing ever. It really is a blessing to be on this planet with you. Love,

Kat Zimmerman- USA

Share our gifts with humanity

Dear Harry,

Your primary is so sacred for me. I really want to be able to contribute to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank you for allowing me to belong; thank you for your humble presence and guidance that keeps a safe place for all of us to unfold and discover ourselves, so that we can allow ourselves to come forward and share our gifts with humanity. I thank the universe for warrior souls like you and Avra. I send you both, and all the Trainers and Qualified Masters, my reverence, respect and gratitude. I will keep on walking the path.


I don't think I ever felt this sense of peace

Dear Harry,

It's Tuesday and after 2 rounds of Integrity everything slowed down and got quiet in my mind.
I don't think I ever felt this sense of peace.
I feel different, calm, without the turmoil-an amazing space was created.

Thank you so much for this work.

Love always,
Astrid Brouwer

The opportunity to dig

Dear Harry,

Thank you for the material you created. The Integrity Course is one of my favorites because it gives you the opportunity to dig and find my own oil. It is sticky, messy and my first reaction has been to disown it! As I work through my stages of drama about it and process this crude oil it transforms into a hidden treasure, The faith in the Avatar material allows me to collect this priceless gift with humble appreciation and use it as an inspiration to share it with others. With love,

Helena Andrade- USA

The time to make bridges

Dear Harry,

I wanted to say I have popped the biggest piece in my life. I was always at war to protect my magic. I am 34 and a Shaman, musician, professional body worker, Qigong teacher, Yoga teacher. I have been inducted into Egypt Mysteries School and more. We all have these stories, but 5 years ago I was in The Peninsula De Osa in Costa Rico with a vision to just drop out and connect with Nature Source. I came to Avatar instead after a Chief did a ritual with me and sent me back to the west.

Today I came to Integrity with a piece that has kept me in a qualifying space with Avatar. You see I have spent me life gathering the tools for my E.P.C. affinity, however because I was at war with qualifying the integrity of spiritual organizations, like the Sufi Order, Amerit Des. Yogi, Dao and Qigong(Sup. Science), they all failed to build the bridges necessary to create the E.P.C. I believe we are in a time where the patriarchal male and its order needs to step down and allow the Mother ( Goddess/Matriarch) to rule compassionately. This is the time to make bridges between all these organizations that I have been working with.

I feel I have finally qualified Avatar in the mode of the Bodhisattva of compassion and integration. I have also dealt with the identity around testing organizations by strategically dissecting them. My humblest apologies to Avra, the Trainers and Qualified Masters. However I must report finding a compassionate and authentic desire, in the form of the strongest Sangha and Primary I have ever seen, to create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I am now fully integrated with the Integrity Course and with becoming a Qualified Master. This is my destiny and I thank you one million times for your primary creation and for playing the part of my initiator and teacher. Warmest feeling to you, Avra and Star's Edge.

Neal Henegar- USA

More powerful each year

This Masters integrity Course is awesome and is more powerful each year. I thank God and Harry Palmer for the course, for myself and for the world. This course contributes greatly to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

J.J. - USA

An amazing way to live!

Dear Harry,

I am at The Integrity Course, day four and many miles from where I began. What an incredible course and what an amazing way to live! In this world, in this way with all my dearest friends close by, I CAN be the change I seek. Primaries from long ago are arriving and I so love this work! I am blessed to be able to share these materials. Thank you,

Graham MacDonald- USA

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