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Avatar Integrity Course

lots of love and compassion


I was so inspired by one of the Trainers, John, when he said "A miracle will not happen by doing what you are doing now. It will only happen when you challenge yourself with something you haven't ever tried". Now I can fully understand the importance of not making any limitations in my life.

When I was doing an exercise I could really feel your love Harry and I just burst into tears for the first time as I felt that I am connected to compassion. Thank you so much for providing lots of love and compassion for the world.

R.I.- Japan

I've had many realizations

Dear Harry,

I am working at the Integrity Course at Masters. I've had many realizations and found Transparent Beliefs about how I need lot's of people to be satisfied, how I have used people and how I protected having those beliefs. With them there was intense lack of gratitude and no humbleness. Thank you so much for helping me become aware of this and stopping the suffering I was putting in the world. Love,

Fernanda Fernandes- Brazil

A roller coaster in consciousness

Dear Harry,

I have been on a roller coaster in consciousness today. Seeing how litlle I am responsible aware source in my life, how I keep myself and others unstable by not creating stabel reference points and then I am re-writing my childhood stories. Yes, from one perspective my Mother hadn't there for me on a particular day and yes, I had not been there for her that day when she needed me most. Wow! This is changing my life. Thanks Harry. Much love,

Fiona Campbell


I still repeat the same experiences

Dear Harry,

Although I have spent many efforts trying to integrate my relationship before, it seems I still repeat the same experiences. This time I have found that I have been operating through an amazing belief. " I use this relationship as a tool to get what I want." Wow. It's all about what I can get. I truely owned this belief this time. I don't feel good about it. But I do decide to integrate it. Thank you!

March Chung Chu-Yu

A life line


Thank you for creating the Integrity Course. This is my fourth time attending this course. All have been powerful experiences and this course right now has been a life line. I'm ready and re-owning the creations that have kept me from really "showing up" in my life and most importantly as a successful Avatar Master contributing fully to an EPC. There is so much grace in this space and in the moment each belief lands in my heart. Love and light,

Patte Martin- USA

All those things I have missed out on!


Wow! A lifetime pattern has been revealed to me. I had blamed others for "betraying" me and then cast them off through separation. Harry, I have been doing this my whole life, sometimes its been subtle sometimes not. I owned the belief that I use abandonment as retaliation! To think of all those things I have missed out on because of what I was creating! No more! Now I feel compassion and understanding for others. They are a gift to me and they bring with them others gifts. Most of all, what a wonderful gift you have given me Harry, Thank you!

Ken Wenck-

Let those life patterns go

Dear Harry,

Thank you. I am creating the path that I am taking. I Feel the alignment with the mission to create an EPC. I know it took courage to get me here. Now its time for me to power up!

This course has given me so much. A stable perspective, clarification on feel-its, insights into my life patterns, opportunity to let those life patterns go, freedom form holding old secrets, a precious connection with the network and a life worthy to be lived well.. Thank you Harry.

Barb Carlin- USA

I can create even bigger success!

Dearest Harry,

Thank you and I am feeling reverence and appreciation for the Avatar tools and the mission of Avatar. I've decided and I choose to accelerate forward on my Avatar path and contribute to the mission of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I put in a lot of primaries. One primary is about all of my family becoming Avatar. Expect to see a lot of Filipino community showing up. Another primary "I am surrounded by Avatars in my workplace". So similarly numerologists/scientists are fertile ground and ripe and ready. I am committed to doing what I can in my space to support others in their awakening. Thank you. Thank you.

I am finishing my first integrity Course at Masters and I was able to really see how I have been withholding the gifts and blessings of this Avatar work that can contribute to everyone's consciousness. Now I will do what it takes to create 100's of new Avatar and really show up for them in my life.

If I can create the big dramas I have created in my life I have in the past, I have decided I can create even bigger success moving forward....and deliberately create the imprint that impacts our beautiful universe. Love and blessings,

Veronica Carnero



A profound, life giving experience

Dear Harry,

Once again thank you for the power of this Integrity course and the tools you have empowered us to use. I found this course to be amazing in way that is deeper than I have ever gone. I found being in service in the masters room was a profound, life giving experience. I had the opportunity to work with a man from New Zealand on many of the drills that was behind from his assessment because he had done mini-courses. He had worked so hard to read at night, get caught up and work with his roommates. I witnessed he and his buddy handling discouragement with the drill. Never give up, your perseverance is admirable and your courage to do this work. It brought me to my knees to see these "two burley men" sharing so much love and appreciation. I had so much fun working with them and viewing the material through "Baby Eyes" again. And a world lesson about how the serious drill is the elixir.

After finishing more of my own Integrity work I realized I want to redirect my passion, energy and determination for the mission of creating and Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I know I will own up to power up!! Love,

Anne Moore- USA


Real Love, Care and Connection.

Dear Harry,

With this Integrity work at Masters I can really see myself " falling through the basket". I'm really glad I did this work and can inspire others from a different place. Inspiring people is me...staying awake, being interested in feel, from appreciation. That is a loving expression to create space in which something might change. Real love. Real care. Real connection. I feel I can invite people into my space.

M.B.- Netherlands

The empowering freedom

Dear Harry,

I am attending the Integrity Course at Masters. I never realized that owning my actions could be so painful or that I could have kept myself so much in the dark. But the light, the relief and the empowering freedom that follow are profound! With deepest gratitude to you and to Stars Edge for all that you are.

Tim Fowler- USA

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