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Avatar Integrity Course

Extra Extrordinary

Hi Harry,

Thank you for an extra extraordinary integrity course. The secrets work was incredible and such a gift to be part of.

Our course starts in Sydney today and everything feels great with the new space our team has created. The student registrations just keep rolling in!
I feel blessed to be part of the sanga.

Thank you for showing up for us all.


Two Different Identities

Dear Harry,

Today is a round on sabotage self to sabotage others. I could clearly see two identities: I act out in the relationship with my husband that cause totally different experiences.

The interesting part for me was that it made me see that I totally forget belief and experience within one identity while being in the other.

I often wondered (when confronted with the consequences) how I could be so stupid to forget and overlook and from that, blame him. And now I see that I create these situations, conflicts and confusion from two different identities so I can be and stay on course.

It feels so freeing to see it is mine and not his.



Dear Harry,

On this Integrity Course, I learned about "receptibility" for the material and that helped me to see what I'm doing.

Finding secrets became easier and more interesting! I feel I''m out of the indoctrination of finding and sharing secrets.

I'm so excited again to create more source being.

Toshiko Kamada

Opportunity to Introspect

Dear Harry,

I am just doing archetypes around staying stuck instead of increasing receptivity and I'm amazed.

My archetypes for desire being independent and not answerable to anyone is someone who lives on their own, chooses when to listen to others, can come and go as they like, overcomes difficulties is my grandmother who raised her family alone after her husband died and who was deaf!

And my archetype for having time out for me, is someone who is cared for, can hang out in bed as much as they like and has everyone running after them is my other grandmother who was bedridden with arthritis and appeared to get lots of care and attention. WOW!

Thank you for the opportunity to introspect with such incredible tools.

Much love,
Suzanne Zammit


Dear Harry,

This is my fourth Integrity Course but I feel this is the most magical one! I come with the intention to integrate, so when I help students and support them, the space is sincere and clean. This is only day four, but my result is huge! I own my bad intention and my pretenses and I feel I can be so much more sincere to work with students and I can carry Harry's intention out and share it with others. This is such grace in my life.

And because of my ownership, my relationship with my family will improve so much helping to resolve old conflicts. The sense of EPC spreading from my family into the world-lt's just the best!!

Thank you and much love.
Pai Lin Carol Wang

Life-Altering Tools

Dear Harry,
I recently went through a very painful and difficult experience. It was such a gift to have these tools to help me get through it without needing to create any additional pain or suffering for myself or others and without needing to create a victim identity.

I have a newfound and profound respect and admiration for how powerful and life-altering these tools are.

Many thanks,
Theresa Jeannette-Palermo

Life Times Have Fallen Away

Dear Harry,

I'm in the middle of Round 3 and it feels like life times have fallen away so I can really be here now, in this lifetime. What a joy!

Much love and appreciation,
Blair Jacob

Liberating Experience

Dear Harry,

That I don't need to create misery for myself and others any more, is the most liberating experience. No resistance.
Just choosing what I prefer. Free. Thank you.

Radi Shafie

Self-Deception Signals

Hi Harry,

I had a huge upset this morning with the bank. I felt totally helpless, powerless and steam-rolled by an immutable object. Then I felt angry!

I took it through the self deception signals and discovered....I get upset to get revenge. Wow! Choice opportunity alert!! Thanks Harry.

Love, Fiona Campbell

P.S. After, I had a beautiful caring connection with the bank, with the result that I'm sending her info on AVATAR!!, and she's looking forward to receiving it.

Protecting Others

Hi Team,

I wanted to share a win with you all which for me is pretty big.

At the same day that the Geelong course started, I decided to do some work on secrets regarding my mother. Things weren't going too well between us and I knew I had a secret. I was stuck. I kept reading the questions, gazing out over the tree tops, reading the questions again. I felt I was in it, but just couldn't get it. I re-read the question, and it talked about what would I want to protect myself from, or want to protect someone else...POP

I realised my secret was that I wanted to protect not me, but my mother from things that she couldn't change or fix for me. I had been holding her and me to ransom all these years, just because I wanted to protect HER.

WOW. And since then, amazing things are happening in my space. I can connect with her. I no longer am critical of her. I can just be me around her. Souaad, you would know - you've seen some of our journey and the work I've done in relation to my mum.

Over the last year and a bit, I've been working through layers of commitment, and my lack of it.

I've worked in the printing industry since I was about 12, working after school in my mother's factory. (I'm now 39). For at least 15 of these years, I've been involved in the graphic design side of things. However, this wasn't always at my mother's factory. I would start to settle into the place, and then want to leave. I've left more times than I can remember. I'm back there now, working for my mother. I wanted to face my commitment issues head on, and had a clear goal of what I wanted to achieve.

I don't have formal qualifications for anything in the printing industry, and have recently found this to be a secondary to my next steps. So, armed with the Avatar tools that I have (many life experiences and reviews of the course, then the advanced courses) I faced it all head on.

Another win is that I set a clear primary about doing what I had to do to get formal qualifications, and have been informed that I should be able to get the ticket (same as apprenticeship papers) by providing evidence that I have done the work. A fee will need to be paid, papers sent off, and ba da qualifications! I'm so over the moon with the whole thing.

I have a new appreciation for my mother, and my connection with her is awesome! Thank you so much for your patience with me. Andrew, remember when you asked me to set 5 type 4 primaries and I couldn't even come up with I know why now. Such a decision. Too many primaries to commit to. lol

Anyway, another success story for the Avatar team. Yay! Thank you all so much for your beautiful support.

Much love and appreciation,
Jackie Mannix
Calliope, Australia

Acts of Kindness

Hi Harry,

Wow, what an incredible experience this past week being with others owning our muck and coming out shinier and feeling more connected! At one point the three of us in our group, John S. and Craig from Australia and myself - Kyna, laughed so hard we were practically in tears. It was amazing to go from tears of pain to tears of joy in just a matter of minutes becouse of the willingness to grow and the loving support of friends there. At the end of that day I had this epiphany about lightening up... "oh, that is what it means to create and en-lightened planetary civilization" as if after all these years later I still did not get it and in that one moment I felt incredible gratitude for you. I shared with friends later that the man that created these materials must be a funny man....thanks Harry, it is so nice to not be so serious!
I also want to share with you some thoughts in reflection of acts of kindness. You mentioned in one of your talks that you and Avra had some different expereiences with your flow back on acts of kindness. This brought me to ponder another perspective of my last year of a sabatoging creation. I was able to trace it all back to an initial act of kindness on my part not acknowledged as that. I see how it may not be so kind to assume others know that is what you intend (maybe they do not want to see the kindness or maybe I have really intended differently). I am now growing in my acts of kindness and am grateful for you sharing your experiences. It really helps to multi-dimentialize kindness. I also find it makes it easier to be humble knowing there is so much more to experience and share. There seems to be some core sence of peace in the midst of being humble.

Thank you for being you and sharing you with the world!


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