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Avatar Integrity Course

Recognition of Others

OMG, there are others!!
That is my biggest win, Harry. And a new reference point - the Higher Self.
I feel I was born again.

Relationship Issues

Hi Harry,
I've been working on relationship issues and my ability to receive - or should I say controlling the receptivity of connection - both ways.  After a bit of ownership and a Walk for Atonement I was doing the Compassion Exercise - and really felt the "Just like me...this person is..."  I had not allowed myself to fully feel much of anything, and now that I I've reached a deeper level of feeling me - I can feel others and compassion for them - true compassion!!
Much gratitude,
Sharon Delong


Dear Harry,
WOW!!!  What a blow-out day!  I've been working on really committing this week.   Today I did the ego program and when I was doing compassion, I realized that I still had a little "eek" feeling with someone that I've done a ton of work on.  I came back in to check with John and he asked me to redo my "I am humble" primary and handle ALL my secondaries (even the super-secret ones that I usually don't see).  WELL!!  It felt like the gates of hell opened for a few minutes, but on the other side, the rainbow was WELL worth the few minutes of discomfort.  I handled some of my biggest secondaries about being real.  This course had opened the crack of gratitude and grace FLOODED in!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am leaving here with new life and a commitment to take my gratitude out into the world to contribute to an EPC from an authentic place.
Belinda Hoole

Best I've Ever Felt

Thank you Harry. I can attend such a wonderful course (integrity), came here and integrate my not integrity part, and can more and more give service to others. Thank you for your material and tools. They really do work on me. After Integrity Course, I felt the best I've ever felt. And for creating students, feels more exciting. Thank you Harry forgiving me such a wonderful job, I can give service to others! Love you. May you be happy and well.


Fault Finding

Dear Harry,

Harry, I have integrate my big creation today, and my life has shifted. I have been suffering from the creation that I cannot believe myself. I have been repeating strict fault finding in others as well as myself.

Today I handled the area that I had completely shut out feeling with Releasing Fixed Attention because I was so eager to do so. First I began to feel it almost dispassionately, but gradually I got to feel it better and better. Finally I could completely remember it with the careful support of the team members.

I had a very deep insight after going through sadness, suffering, fear, regret. I've been suppressing with my mind what I've been feeling resistance to feel and what my intuition had been telling. I also had an insight that I couldn't have forgiven myself. Finally, after I created a primary I love myself, what had been separated melted, and I understood it and aligned with it. Tears didn't stop. I could really feel the primary created! I owe my success to you and your tools. I feel I've got back myself.

Thank you so much, Harry!!!

Chinatsu Fujino

Make the world bright!

This is my first Integrity Course. And I attacked my team-mates by becoming a victim. That was my life pattern and I really wanted to take responsibility for that creation. So I worked on this identity about Avatar, the students, my partner and the parents. I recognized that I did a lot of cruel things to them and I could take responsibility for those things.

I would like to treat many topics in this course. I would like to become lighter and make the world bright! Thank you!

Jun Nishikawa- Japan- 2009

Cannot be discouraged anymore

Dear Harry and Avra,

Today I found my transparent belief at last. It was really "The Transparent Belief". I was always discouraged through all of my life. It was a matter  of course, so I didn't know I was discouraged. In this course I had an "A-ha!" moment when I heard the topic of "Attack people by using discouragement". And I treated "Attack people by using discouragement" in the work with transparent belief exercise. And I found the belief " I am the best." At first, I didn't want to put into words, but it was exactly the belief of myself.

So, I cannot be discouraged anymore. But I am happy because I don't need to be discouraged anymore! The topic my buddy treated was about "Diva". I found that the discouragement and the Diva are almost the same thing. It was great work! Thank you!

Etsuko Sugiyama Nun- Japan- 2009

In service to humanity

Dear Harry,

We had the privilege to work with four Masters at the course that are all stepping up into more responsibility within the Masters network. We spent the whole 9 days together and we are in awe at the unfolding that occured. The connection in the group is amazing. The ownership beliefs we felt were "heavy" beliefs. We were so aware of the "ripple" effects into the world. What an opportunity to do this work and to be in service to humanity.

Thank you so much for all you have created. My Love always.

A.B.- USA- 2009

True Power

Dear Harry,  Today I felt again how I get power by holding people back and I saw how I do it in so many areas of my life. The feeling of power, juice, win.. is momentary and I saw how this "temptation" perpetuates other secondaries and disempowers moving forward.

I am ready to stop this pattern NOW. I realize that the true power is being Source and helping others awaken to being Source.

I am eternally grateful to you, Avra, the Trainers and the Stars Edge Team of Masters for holding the space, for believing in us to participate in the awesome creation of creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

With much Love and appreciation,

Nahal Mishel-Ghashghai- USA- 2009

Life is very different!

Thank you Harry,  Its been a little over a week since I completed Integrity in Orlando and I've been wrestling with the ownership of a creation that has been with me all my life. I've been struggling to get to the deeper level of ownership that really frees attention. This morning I worked with it some more, and with my wife Nancy supporting me with a fabulous serious drill, was able to get to a 99% ownership which I must admit felt pretty good. But it was when I was driving to work that the real ownership dropped in. And it was "I create struggle to get attention,power and control". Man did it feel good to let that go, so good that for the rest of the day Ive felt as light as feather on the breeze. I feel as if I have finally come to a point where, without that struggle, I can now begin to live the life I want to live. Ive since come to realize that not only did I create my life as a constant struggle, there has been a part of me struggling against that struggle. So now all the stress of struggling against my struggle creation has dropped away and man.. what a relief! Its been hard work keeping that creation in motion all these years. Ive felt many creations fall away over my time using the Avatar tools but none as powerful as this. It has taken the cake big time. Life is already very different. Thank you Harry for the wonderful tools and the support of the Avatar team I am forever grateful. Blessing and much love to you.

John Shelton- Melbourne Australia- 2009

Tangles in my Consciousness

Dear Harry,
I had an interesting experience today.
My topic was "Diva" and my friends topic was using discouragement to attack. We together did transparent belief. The situations that we would like to change were for my friend "discouragement" and for me "taking a defiant attitude so I do not take any further actions".
My friends was " I am number one". Mine was "I don't have value". Then we together laughed with each other very much. I realized that "Diva" and "Discouragement" are different sides of the same coin and we try to get some things with different approaches.

With this interesting realization, we laughed again with each other as we cannot use these beliefs anymore.

Tangles in my consciousness untied and I become light. I am very happy, as I can take responsibility for my creations and I continue integration with a laugh.

Mika Sunami- Japan- 2009

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