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Avatar Integrity Course

My whole feeling changed

Dear Harry,

I just finished the first round in the Integrity Course at Masters with the Compassion Exercise. I started crying, because I could feel. The person in my life, where I was so upset, so angry, so disappointed of, is only somebody who did the same like me. I could feel that there is no separation anymore. My whole feeling changed into a big feeling of compassion and caring. A man, who really hurt me, was now only a person that came into my life with a lesson. At least now, after the first round of Integrity work. I hurt him; he hurt me, but actually we were only connected by the fact that we learned something from each other. For the first time I can really understand and feel, how he feels, and feel compassion and love. I feel gratitude for knowing him. Love,

Christina Klein

I can change this now!

Dear Harry,

In the first exercise of this Masters Integrity Course I felt and already found my winning points for this course. My course goals are working on relationships. I started with the topic of no commitment or follow through. When I was writing down all the beliefs about the topic I found three Transparent Beliefs. Finding these three Beliefs gave me so much free attention. I could see and feel that these three beliefs cover a lot of patterns in my life. The bonus came when I found another Transparent belief, "When I drop out, I control you". This is what I have been doing my whole life with the people around me. I am so happy that I can change this now! With love,

Jorien Van der Ven- The Netherlands

My impact on humanity

Dear Harry,

I have been using people as pawns in my game all my life. Little or no connection and no regard for them or their feelings. This last round of work at the Integrity Course has my games busted for all to see. My level of distain for humanity and my impact on humanity was profound. I am very grateful to be able to see this. Thank you. Much love,

Lin Walden- Australia

Resisted bits of no responsibility

Dear Harry,

This has been the most powerful Integrity Course I've done. I came with an intention of really digging into some core patterns. I have to thank the teammates in my groups for supporting me to feel the those last pieces of ownership beliefs that were creating the experiences. I found I had bad intentions, resisted bits of no responsibility and just plain childish maliciousness. If you have ever been around a two year old that just wants to be destructive you'll know what I mean.

I feel different, and it also feels like the skies (and my consciousness) are starting to clear. Thank you so much for creating this course for us. It has relieved so much suffering! Love,

Linda Hauser- USA


How To Explain Everything

Dear Harry,

What can I say to let you know just how incredible the tools and materials are. I've taken ownership of some big pieces on this Integrity Course and I know I will use the creative energy to create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards. As you have said Harry " This is the task that has fallen to our shift" and I'm up for it. Your talk this week, "How To Explain Everything" really brought the message home to me that we have work to do. How amazing, from one vertical line written on the board, you simplified in a few minutes what felt like years of accumulated wisdom and spiritual practice. I love your humour and when this talk comes out on a DVD, I'm sure it will really speak to everyone, especially the younger generation coming through.

Thank you for holding such a high intention for all living beings whoever they may be time and space. Love and hugs to you,

Shirley Greer- USA

Cleaning up my space

Hello Harry,

I wanted to share my experiences of evolving. This is my fourth day at Avatar Integrity Course at Masters. I am having a bit of fun with this, except when I hit resistance, which I find interesting. What still fascinates me is how the things we don't want to see about ourselves are sort of obvious to others. When we see it ourselves it is like " Oh. Yeah... I do that".

I had a thought that I would like everyone I love to do Avatar and that feeling inspires me to align my life and work. But for now I am cleaning up my space, so the people I inspire can have an accelerated Avatar experience, fully integrate the value of these tools for themselves and move forward where they want to in their lives. So I am half-way through my course and having the most interesting creations with the groups I am choosing. We are very creative people and I can totally appreciate that. This is my first Integrity Course and I am really seeing the things I do and the effect it has on others. With love, light and blessings,

V.C.- Brazil

I can be more present and patient!

Dear Harry,

I have had the awesome pleasure, honor, treasure and gift of observing Avra and John, The Stars Edge Trainers, be present with all of us here at the Master Course and the Integrity Course I am attending. Avra is so very patient and answers question after question without a trace of impatience and with such grace and humor. I watched John spend a long time helping a Brazilian man with a translator so he could take more responsibility for some ego driven identity he was experiencing. He was so patient and present. It really inspires me to clean up my own self-sabotaging identities so I can be more present and patient!

John said he learned from you and Avra. So thank you both for the work you have done in consciousness to create the safe space for us all to grow in consciousness. Much love and gratitude,

Linda Dean- USA

My life's greatest blessing

Dearest Harry,

Thank you for the clarity, humility, sweetness, laughter, connection and tears of relief, gratitude and joy. All this and so much more after just two days of the Masters Integrity Course. My enthusiasm and inspiration for Avatar is rekindled after 4 years of not doing any Avatar courses. My Avatar companions welcomed me back with tears of joy. My teammates in my Integrity group have been honest, gentle and supportive.

The Integrity Course is so gentle,  powerful and empowering AND I have 7 more days of it! The Avatar tools remain my life's greatest blessing. I have witnessed so many miracles in my own life and in the lives of others. Thank you for making my life worth living and creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Love,

Nancy Lester- USA

Whether consciously or unconsciously

Dear Harry,

While doing Integrity work at the Masters Course it occurred to me that every primary I ever made has created, whether I made it consciously or unconsciously. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring to awareness those primaries that I have made that continue to create hurt for others so I can discreate them and create ones that nurture instead. Thank you. Lots of love,

Debra Fraser- Canada

Where you need to go

Dear Harry,

I have done all of the Avatar Courses except The Integrity Course at Masters and I was very much looking forward to it.

The materials are really brilliant! It doesn't matter what angle you come at the materials from, they are cleverly designed to get you where you need to go. Even if you have a secret intention to avoid feeling too much or taking full responsibility for what you create. I am very grateful to you for your contibution to an EPC. Much Love and appreciation,

Debra Frazer- USA

The shift I have been seeking

Dear Harry,

Thanks so much for the Integrity Course for Masters. I have been working for four years to get a handle on my ego. I know it really gets in my way. Yesterday I "popped" a Transparent Belief that has really created some space for me. In the 1970's a rock band released a song titled "Love is like Oxygen" and it went "You get too much and you get too high, not enough and your gonna die". My Transparent belief was "Acknowledgement is like oxygen". It feels like I have had the shift I have been seeking for so long. Thank you and with much gratitude and love,

John Toomey- Australia

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