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Avatar in Life

What life Trauma's I have handled!

Dear Harry,

I can't believe what has happened to me in the last month. I started the Avatar " experience"  in Berg En Dal (Netherlands). Today, a month later, I am a licensed Avatar Master. Unbelievable! What life Trauma's I have handled in a month!!

My Father had Epileptic Attacks before I was born until I was two years old. It had a great effect on how I was raised and grew up. Now I realize everything/every identity I had, I created them. Now they are gone. I had a car accident in 1991. I didn't get the right medical treatment nor any Psychological support. Now the pain has gone. The crash doesn't have any effect on me. I was "victim" of a hold up with heavy violence. The robbers shot at me. I had 5 years of Psychological/Psychiatric treatment. Nothing was solved. Afterwards I became ill with chronic fatigue disease (CFS). Five years of medical treatment and two years of psychological support even made me sicker. Last year I went to a psychologist because a family situation appeared I couldn't cope with.

All of this is gone now in less than a month. And I did it myself! Thank you Harry. Without Avatar I couldn't say this at this moment. I am self-assured, self supporting and independent. My traumas are gone. My health has improved. I don't feel sick anymore; there are just some "inconveniences" left. I have the feeling I am born again. And I know I have confidence in myself.

I hope I can contribute to the Avatar network and give other people the opportunity to have a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the Masters and students who walked with me.

L.M.- Belgium

51 years to discover inner peace

My dearest Harry,

I have lived with anxiety my entire life. For the first time ever, I know this is my creation and that it has "served me and protected me" all these years. I now know I don't have to feel this way anymore.

Through Avatar I have created an inner peace that took 51 years to discover. I did it in 9 days! Thank you for the gift of Avatar. With deep appreciation and love,

Lauryann Aldon- USA

It's finally possible!


Oh Harry!....I am finally getting a glimpse of the person I want to be. It's finally possible! Thank you. I love you,

Cathy Pearlman- USA

What we have been waiting for

Hi Harry

I want to acknowledge you for having the courage to work through all your stuff, all the discouragement and attack -  to bring us the Avatar tools. For giving us this path to enlightenment, for bringing it into the world, for the gift you are giving me, us and the planet.
It is a pure wonder, and I am just so blessed to have found Avatar, the team and your tools. It is such a profound and graceful path for our growth and reconnection with ourselves and each other, and the pureness of it has such beauty and grace that it brings me to tears.

You have created such an amazing team around you - I am so grateful for everything you have done to have been able to bring us this grace and relief from our own suffering. I know you are very humble, and gracious and will flow this directly outwards to the team and humanity - but I do so feel so much gratitude for what you are giving us. It is what we have been waiting for - and without it my life would still be meandering along in a dream of confusion and ego centric 'give-me's.

Thank you so much for this path - it is really like giving us a new life - the one we were meant for. Thank you a million times over. Love,

Derek Browne- New Zealand

Gold medal downhill ski racer


I thought it would be fun for you to know that I have two daughters who are Wizards and 4 of my 12 grandchildren are Avatars! Pretty darn fun to have that many Hensels speaking the same language!

I am a gold medal downhill ski racer. I have had 63 surgeries as a result of my passion for skiing. My first broken leg occurred in 1953 and my entire life has changed as a result of that experience. For 55 years I have felt that my body wasn't good enough. I've had all those surgeries as a result of the original break. I have osteo-arthritis and have had lung cancer caused by grief over my husband's death.

While being at the Master Course I created as a primary " I have a great body"! I've already shared many of my secondaries with you. It was real shift for me to realize that I have a great body! Think of all my body has been through and all the surgeries it has recuperated from. I am 77 years old.

I teach water aerobics three to four times a week. I had 13 people here yesterday at Lake Mary in the pool at lunchtime. I had three fabulous ski trips last winter ( Brighton, Vail and Big Sky). I only retired from racing a year ago. Last June I sky dived out of an airplane at 13,000 feet, and thought the experience was so positive and fun, I'm doing it again in two weeks! It was my Avatar training and knowledge that caused me to discreate my fear of jumping out of an airplane. Thank you Mr. Harry Palmer for teaching me how to "feel the Best I've ever felt!"

Marnie Hensel- USA

My spirit doors exploded

Dear Harry,

In March I took a buy out from my former employer to create an organization for Veterens with post traumatic stress. After meeting with Congress on the issue early in March I was very frustrated. My will to find a path became even stronger. Three weeks later I set out for Taos, New Mexico to find a Native American drum ( a Shaman friend had guided me there). On my journey I stopped to sleep and "Googled" Taos drum. Part of that Google search showed a link to an Avatar event. I called the Masters number and after the call decided to attend a mini-course. Well... I cautiously attended a ReSurfacing. Then my spirit doors exploded, and now I am in the Masters program!

Since leaving Taos my world is brighter and more expanded than I ever believed possible. The Post Traumatic Stress Organization is now a reality and growing. What's more remarkable is the inner sanctuary of peace I am experiencing Daily. Thank you.


The Wizard Mr. Dumbledore

Dear Harry,

I met Avatar for the first time just two months ago. Then I went to the Avatar Course, the Master Course, and now this first Internship at the International Avatar Course with Avra. My two daughters are my students and I can't really feel it's possible that my daughters became Avatar.

I have kept being impressed with this course. And I had a lot of big, big realizations. The most impressive thing was that I witnessed my daughters' transformation. I have never imagined that it was so touching to see their consciousness awakening and flowering in front of me, and I realized that I had made their value down. It was my mistake to think that they couldn't do anything without my care. They are not mine. They are beingness, to be respected as source. This was really a big realization for me. Now I am really proud of myself to have given my daughters the best gift (this course). They are lively and filled with confidence, and they look different than nine days ago. They say " I feel there is nothing I can't do." Their goals for the future were set clearly, and seeing that they can't stop being excited makes me happy deeply. Our relationship will be a wonderful one from now on.

Harry, you are really a wonderful person and so is Avra. A pretty bird and a pin Avra gave us will be my treasure. It was the most wonderful treasure for them to receive a hug from Avra when they became Avatar, to have taken a picture with Avra, and to have recieved great applause from about 800 people from 39 countries.

I love your words "Everything is Alright and "You are Alright". Every time I am in trouble, I repeat singing "Everything is alright...", while dancing like you. I really respect you for having created such amazing tools, and I give you appreciation form my heart. One thing I felt regret about was that you didn't come to the course, but it is alright. I will definitely come to see you with my daughters! You are really the wizard Mr. Dumbledore for us. We will come to the Wizard Course at any cost to learn magic directly from you!!

Eri Sakamoto- Japan

Relieving suffering

Dear Harry,

Thank you for all your loving kindness and compassion. Thank you for all your hard work and devotion in developing the Avatar tools and training and network. Thank you for relieving suffering and helping us to be more compassionate and responsible. Love,

Nancy Lester- USA

I lost my baby

Dear Harry,

Twelve years ago I lost my baby. I have had a lot of help from the Avatar Course to take responsibility of what I had not done to listen to my intuition to save my child. On this course, delivering as a Master, I was finally able to help two other Mothers. One was a student at the course and the other was a prospective student who phoned me during the course. She told me that a second child had died. Positive thinking alone didn't work. I said to her what really helped me are my answers to several questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going to in my life? In my words what is the purpose of life? Why do these things happen? She got very interested about this new part of her knowing, and I must say I only recently discovered what Avatar has really brought me! Thank you.

Tiny deBruin- the Netherlands

I can change the world!

I took the Avatar course last year in Japan. Then I went to  the Master course, Professional course and the Wizard course. I felt great.  At my first course as an intern Master I was moved a lot. I was inspired by the changes in the students expressions, lively figures, their reality and shifting to choose to awaken. Finally I could feel Harry's high intention. I felt I should convey this to everyone. I forgot my childhood when I was always wishing for world peace. I was so discouraged. I wondered what this world was going to become. I looked for something I could do about that. Now I've met Harry's tools and felt Harry's high intention. I can connect with many people and Masters. I feel like I can change the world! I'm excited. Thank you!

Tamaki Masano- Japan

Psychology, Religion and Fortune Telling


I have learned psychology, religion and fortune telling. I thought about and explored them for 15 years. I feel that Avatar is the last one for solving issues for a long time. Harry, thank you for creating this great system. I really appreciate this miracle and the connections.

Masahiro Tanaka- Japan

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