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Dear Harry,

Let me give you a bit of background so perhaps this letter of great and deep gratitude will ring and resonate in you especially amidst the collective chorus singing gratias agimus tibi.

I am a type III kind of a guy. I know and love math and science. I need facts, proof. "Trust me" doesn't cut it.

I am a man of high standards. My friends have at times kidded by with the name "el exigente" (the demanding one).

I have been to seminars (often on scholarship) including several of the most enlightened people of our times but Avatar was in a class by itself.

I loved your daily videos. The intelligence. The wordsmithyness. The philosophical underpinnings. The wisdom. The playfulness. The humor ("How many of you know Plato's classical allegory of the cave? (very few hands) It used to be a lot more classical than that.") Those 20 minutes a day often gave me as many notes as the whole rest of the day.

For me the Avatar Course was a cross between applied Aristotle and developed Descartes. I have long since embraced Aristotle's emphasis on the potential rather than the actual (provable past and present evidence). I had written about truth being a series of beliefs about the future that will eventually create an actual present in the future. Developed Descartes: Avatar is a development of Descartes': "I think, therefore I am." translated from the philosophical realm to the emotional and worldly realms. Descartes paraphrased in a powerful state: "I am source." Descartes paraphrased into "I think, therefore it exists."

As a teacher, one of my main lessons to students is "think for yourself." As a proud ACLU supporter I can smell repressions of individual beliefs and indoctrination in parts per million. My experience in the Avatar Course left no doubt that the charge that Avatar indoctrinates is vacuous; Avatar cultivates exploration of beliefs and personal authenticity of belief.

As a child of the 60's I loved the style and content of your peregrinations in "Living Deliberately." You also reminded me in style of my best friend from that time who left us 18 years ago but has a continuation for me now in you.

The theme of "platitudes" made real was endemic to the Avatar Course. So many other groups mouth pretty ideas and self praise, but Avatar makes it stick. And what makes it more amazing is that the things people discovered and taught in the last 20 years, you said in l986!!

The Avatar Course was nothing short of miraculous.

At the Avatar Course I had a feeling of "welcome home" to the me before all the nonsense, the traumas.

The Avatar Course feIt was like falling in love with life and the Avatar community.

I am a classical pianist and heard the Beethoven sixth and ninth in the air. I confess to doing a few feel-its from the point of view of the Beethoven fourth concerto or even the Pal Joey song, "All I need now is the girl." One exercise changed the tempos of everything and brought out the slow, peaceful and tranquil Mahler fourth symphony's third movement. The early exercises on attention and perception were a gold mine for piano practice and concert preparation. I heard Gershwin paraphrased: "I got the Avatar Course, who could ask for anything more?"

There is hardnosed wizardry in the Avatar Course. Transformation. Magic. Real healing in the twinkling of an eye (after some work in a process.)

(Wow)^n (to the nth power) for the Avatar Course.>
May you basque in the glory and may the wondrousness you have given me and thousands of others rain upon you now, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...

P.S. Of course hundreds of others in Avatar deserve great thanks too: Avra, John, George, QMs, Masters and the "Third Estate" that makes it run. I would like to bring to your attention a star in the galaxy of Avatar: Tammy, my super-gifted, and inspiring Master!!