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Dear Harry,

I have integrated life long issues, upsets, cycles and patterns that were utterly sabotaging by using the Wizards rundowns. I can’t tell you how amazing this is for me. I've been locked in struggle, hatred and pain with my father for the last 12 years; which I traced back to my own transgression kept secret from 14 years ago that I had justified away. So well I didn't even know it was there and it was impossible to find until now.

I have been trying for years to shift things with my dad. I finally did it by owning that piece. This is just one example! I have had life changing successes all this week.

Thank you for creating this Course. Working with the tools and the other Master and Trainers. What a blessing! And what a blessing to be able to authentically feel the love I have for my dad again. WOW! Love,

Jenni Cure- USA